I wasn't really paying attention. Who killed him?


The Rolling Stones.


Unironically Jewish funded Cubans.

Blumpf redacted all the important names

The Clintons



The US government, and thank god.

In 2019 Trump forces the nation's greatest scientists to create a time machine, then goes back in time to kill JFK, then travel to the 90s and forced Clinton to release the JFK files during his presidency.

But what do I know I'm just future Barron Trump shit posting in the past bitches.

Jack Ruby was running a crew. Most likely paid by rogue CIA. More than 1 shooter, the plan was Oswald and the unknown shooter execute the assassination and Ruby would "meet" with them after and execute them, tying up the loose ends. Oswald blew it when he killed officer Tippit and was arrested. The FBI linked him to JFK and Ruby had to kill him to prevent Oswald from giving up ANY information. Ruby knew he was dead if that happened. He had to kill Oswald, but it got him a death sentence.

That about sums it up so far.

the mafia/cia/vatican

Rubenstein, all the connections are there

Lady Gaga.
Check 'em

You and me.

Let me please introduce myself

No, it was you and me.

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

I wonder why (((they))) didn't publish his real name in the media?

That's a matter of (((national security))), stupid goy.



A Secret Service agent named George Hickey.