>Bannon is being targeted by a big-money PAC tied to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

>The GOP establishment has, in fact, declared “open warfare” on Bannon and any candidates, for the U.S. Senate on down, that take up his mantel of “America First.” They will find well-funded opponents in the primaries, according to Washington insiders.

I KNEW this shit would happen, Trump and his allies' greatest enemy is not the Democrats or Mrs. Clinton, but his own party

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As a white man who identifies as Han Chinese, I'm of the opinion that the Japs are even worse than the Kikes. We should finish the job started with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

jewish commie trash

Man, the GOP really is infested with RINO's

How the fuck do you get rid of these dumbfucks? It's like every other "republican" is a democrat in disguise

They are afraid. I wish they would just go away, but they need to be voted out of office.

And now they get to learn how big our team is

Bring it on, kike niggers. We are going to obliterate you.

>I KNEW this shit would happen, Trump and his allies' greatest enemy is not the Democrats or Mrs. Clinton, but his own party

fucking DUH.
it started with the tea parties 8 years ago.
I am actually super excited about this, I want the list of congressmen and women that oppose the president.

I've been so fucking high on winning for 12 months and all I ever want is another hit.

Gimme the names of all your allies Mitch, I need to know.


>GOP literally imploding.
>Trump and his campaign about to get BTFO by Mueller, even if he can't land Trump on charges, any indictment of his officials with Russia will make him look like a fool at best, and treasonous at the worst.
>Bannon is not to type to bow out to pressure and will continue to fuck the GOP party unity.
>Democrats are solid as a rock and in possibly the best position they have ever been in to make a congressional sweep in the coming elections.
>Trump has unified them by refusing to condemn NatSoc larpers.
Oh man I cannot wait for the incoming butthurt.

whos jewish, bannon?

Hes a kike puppet.

ya, voting is probably the best first step.
I agree, we should try this first.

His wife said he pulled his kids out of private school because all the kids were jewish.

I feel like you're stretching credulity.

>>Democrats are solid as a rock
top fucking kek

Just wait man.
You are going to feel like a fool when your disorganized, identity crisis having political party allows the opposition to sweep the mid terms.


>and any candidates, for the U.S. Senate on down, that take up his mantel of “America First.”
>fuck "America First"
If America doesn't come first, what does?
Great optics there RINOs.

maybe you're right, even if you are and you care if hes a secret jew. Authoritarians always come to power in times of crisis as a "stabilizing force". if you want to get rid of the jews, maybe you need some jews to put you in power.

Thats how salin did it.

Rationally, in the meantime, steve bannon serves the interest of both of us

imo, we need a revolution. It would be best if would could do it politically, but if we need to.

>For since it can never be supposed to be the will of the society that the legislative should have a power to destroy that which every one designs to secure by entering into society, and for which the people submitted themselves to legislators of their own making: whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience, and are left to the common refuge which God hath provided for all men against force and violence.

This is pure jew divide and conquer propaganda, and you are either a jew or a brainlet jew puppet. Of course Bannon is fundamentally a boomer 'radical' (ie, not radical at all, and ultimately only useful as as a potential stepping stone to the extreme right), but this pic functions to discredit him by conflating a comparison of methodology to a comparison of ideology. This is an obvious example of attempted guilt by association in an attempt to weaken the right.


Judging by the pathetic turn out at your "Rallies", your team isn't that impressive.

So WN set to explode in popularity? Great.

> your disorganized, identity crisis having political party allows the opposition to sweep the mid terms.

there is no identity crisis with the republican party. republicans know what they want, and they know that many republicans in office arnt serving them.

Democrats will go through the same thing after they loose in 2020. Democrats will rig their primary season again, give you another party line candidate with dirt on all their primary opponents and trump will walk away with it... again.

Also, worth noting, nobody will ever be convicted in the trump campaign because muller as a conflict of interest that he never disclosed when he was appointed as special council. If he doesnt recuse himself in the next month or two he's getting his own grand jury..

this board has ID's faggot.

meant for

thenis for you too.

Genuinely, winning what?
Your health-care system is being aggressively defunded and left to rot because they can't actually put anything through, the most polluting industries in your country are in the process of being deregulated, your privacy rights and free access to information are being dismantled along with the FCC, your national parks are being sold to provide a few years of cover for the gaping holes in the budget left by proposed tax cuts to the ultra wealthy ruling class, your education system is being inverted with the seemingly explicit goal of seriously damaging the average intelligence of the general population, and you're fighting tooth and nail to bring back jobs in a low skill industry whose export market is shrinking by entire countries every day as international efforts are made to move in the complete opposite direction from you.

All the while natural disasters tear through your country from every side while the government entity that's meant to be able to provide support in those emergencies lies crippled and corrupt officials sign multi million dollar contracts to underqualified companies as personal favours who then charge exorbitant prices for their services further bankrupting affected states.

Your country has been reduced to a joke to those outside looking in, and an unsalvageable cesspool of corruption and nepotism that will soon rival Brazil's for those inside it


>they think that's a bad thing and will get them hits

Double down.
Always double down.

Yes Bannon is a Zionist. It's unfortunate but at this time less bad than being an open borders anti-white globalist like the GOP establishment.

you just listed 10 symptoms of a bigger problem, that have been symptoms for years. So what are we beating, how are we winning? We are beating the cancer.

and your manufacturing gestalt isnt even true.
US is the largest manufacturer of durable goods in the world, second in manufacturing of all goods, and its been growing fairly consistently, some jobs have gone overseas, but most of them have been lost to automation.

i get what youre saying but we dont need russia to save us m8. we need a revolution but a people's revolution. russia is as kiked as anywhere and they a revolution too i think

>jews create the problem
>jews offer to fix the problem the create
>even bigger problem now

wtf does bannon being a zionist (by your statement, I have no opinion), have to do with russia "saving" us, or being involved in any way?

I agree that the are all symptoms of a far greater issue, my confusion stems from you saying you're fighting against that issue when your government is currently paying lip service to bring mortified at each other's actions while perpetrating these crimes against its own people at a greater rate, more boldly, and more unapologetically than ever before. Hence my question: "winning what?"

There's been not even a hint of a move to so much as slow any of that down, in fact literally the opposite.

>asking why irish are obnoxious and loud in all caps.
pic related

see pic here: Bannon is a Nazbol leftist commie LARPing as a conservative. The Plot is to have Russia "liberate" America because it's too corrupt to fix from within. Which is why you see Nazbol spreading in society: the People must be conditioned to accept outside intervention otherwise we all get our guns and kill invading Russians.

Why do the Republicans not want to be in power? It doesn't make sense.

>Bannon is a Zionist!!!
>Bannon is a Nazi!!!
>Bannon is a White Supremacist!!!
>Bannon is a ZOG tool!!!
Bannon is everything to everybody at this point.

As long as the Dem and GOP establishment and all the shills hate him I know he must be on the right track.

I suppose you are right to a point, that until we see results we should be skeptical. However, things are coming out into the open I think for good reason, I think the churn will lead to arrests, and america as a country needs to see some heads cleaved, literally, at the guillotine. But there are people with significant power that are talking about bringing these people on both sides to trial.

There are senators vacating their seats because they know they are fucked.

The upheaval is real, but I suppose.. until we have heads on pikes we have nothing to celebrate.

".... He's not the hero we wanted"

I see McCarthyism isn't dead you retarded burgers.