American "Cuisine"

If the U.S. is such a rich country, why are children in public schools served pic related?

In Japan, the schools have gardens, grow their own vegetables, served with white rice and fish (island food).

How hard would it be for each school in America to have a small farm managed by students and teachers, served with rice (which is so cheap), and chicken or beef?

The students also help to clean the school at the end of the day.

Why are American children eating shit processed food, no exercise, and so fat and ugly with homosexual tendencies? Is it the processed food and fluoride water?

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Cause we cant have nigger field hands anymore.

Have to lower costs and thus the quality of food so they can feed all the niggers and spics can eat their free lunch

Wow, that piece of "pizza" makes me want to cry.

And I'm not even a woman or italian.

Japanese kids also are forced to do janitorial work after school because they're too cheap to hire janitors to do it.

This is a good idea. Too bad it'll never happen.

Michele Obama totaled fucked over school lunches.

They used to be cheap but mostly tasty food that provided decent nutrition.

Not only you can't have niggers making the garden anymore, but keeping a garden with niggers around would be impossible.

It's not about being cheap, you stupid nigger.
Japanese feel that you should clean after yourself, instead of expecting others to pick up your shit.
It's about responsibility.

20 years ago, school lunch wasn't that bad, it wasn't nothing spectacular, but it was edible. Like very good hospital food and a local pizzeria donated pizzas to the school once a month, of course our town was 99% white in those days.

Why should the school provide lunch at all? As a parent you should pack your child a lunch, that way you know for sure what they're eating.

99% of American public schools are now niggers or wetbacks. who cares?

I agree.
I got these pics from Kikebook today.
When I was in school, we got at least what looked like real food cooked by the lunch staff.

To many American parents would be bitching about "child labor".

>99% White in those days
I think that's what it boils down to.
My school had pretty decent food, because most people bought lunch at restaurants or brought home cooking, so the school could afford good food for those who needed it.
Now, parents expect the school to feed their kids, so the school doesn't have enough money to feed all the niggers and spics, thus lowering standards.
Multiculturalism has killed schools.

I had to pick up trash in the fields for calling a kid retarded [he wasn't even real retarded]

My mom is a teacher, and she says some kids rely 100% on school lunch to survive, because they're parents are broke or criminal/druggie degenerates who fail to feed them.


>U.S is rich
yeah... no

Kill all of your niggers, so those that matters can have a better life.

>If the U.S. is such a rich country, why are children in public schools served pic related?

We are not a commie hell hole. Poor kids go to public school and are getting meals comped by government.

My lunches were catered because i went to a private school amd paid for a better education. Public school sucks, pay your teachers or homeschool.
>Why are American children eating shit processed food, no exercise, and so fat and ugly with homosexual tendencies? Is it the processed food and fluoride water?

It doesn't matter because they're not humans anyways and come up with a sob story even though they spend 200 bucks on a pair of shoes

You're in tremendous debt too Sweden. The only difference between us is that your debt is very real and ours can be thrown out immediately, thanks to our military.

Baby boomers sell the contracts for school lunches to jewish companies like aramark who then convince the boomers of ridiculous nutritional standards in order to serve high profit margin food. Also in this system blacks get free breakfast and subsidized or free lunch at school which is another jewish trick

I miss the breakfast pizzas that my highschool used to serve
I buy Super Donuts in bulk online every now and then

They should be thrown in prison then. Leave these losers no other option but to do the bare minimum to take care of themselves and their fucking kids and they'll comply, believe me. We should also look into reducing the population among these classes. Why not pay these people not to even have kids? If you did that, they'd comply, believe me.

if you end social welfare or restrict it then this is a self-correcting issue. The reason for this is jewish social engineering nothing more

>200 bucks on a pair of shoes
Well, that's true, but the school can't just let nigglets be dying and shiet

Half of the schools have shut down in my town, the pizzeria no longer donates, and a city offical was just arrested for stealing money from the schools, but hey at least we are diverse, never mind the increase of burglaries and you can't even leave a bike unlocked anymore. Never mind that the gas stations get held up quite frequently.

Why the fuck does anyone expect the useless cunts at a school to feed their children? Filling their heads with nonsense is one thing, letting the useless retarded communists attempt to feed the is outrageous.

At this point you may as well just throw away the "food" and eat the tray instead. Probably better for you, too.

This is why

Because Trump is killing education, taking money away from schools

Part of the communist vision, outsourcing all aspects of raising your child to jewish led institutions. With all women at work how are lunches made? That is a task for a stay home mom

Remember that this is a country where pizza is a vegetable thanks to lobbyists who protect the frozen food industry's profits over the children's health.

Lol Go back to bed, Hillary. You lost.

kys you faggot

this. Have to keep the profit margins high for the jews

spotted the weeb

> White rice
> easily accessible fish resource
Pleb tier


If each school had its own farm, (((Monsanto))) would be displeased.

>tfw anorexic poorfag literally salivating at that pizza slice

why even live desu

>tfw fantasizing about rationing those carrots slices for the next 3 months


We have a ton of niggers who never contribute any money but are also always looking for handouts. This ruins it for everyone. We will never have anything nice as long as niggers are around.

what in the fuck..?.

I use to love school lunch. Every friday was pizza day and it was good. The steak and cheese with tator tots was fucking awesome and we had chocolate milk/oj. Today's lunch is designed for today's niggers.

wtf is that bro

Venezuela is that you?

>This is lunch time in Japanese schools

fuck I meant to post this video

>having internet/phone internet connection and claiming to be a poorfag
cancel whatever you're using for internet and buy food you fucking idiot

>free food
kill your self

You niggers lack reading comprehension.

Clearly, I pointed out that fish meals is contingent upon Island life in Japan.

I wrote that in the US we could easily have a cheap, healthy meal with vegetables grown at the schools, rice, and chicken or beef.

Fucking defeatists pieces of shit.

INB4 Double spacing on dial up chan since the 90's so fuck off.

then op this right here is a problem
the food sucks because there is so many niglet mouths to feed.

This legitimately made me chuckle hard

That's pretty good. It teaches them to be self-reliant.

I heard that in Northern Japan they feed the kids whale meat because it's popularity is declining in the market, so the government wants to subsidise the whaling industry by giving them a captive market.

School lunches are backdoor subsidies for the agriculture sector. Corn and dairy are both highly subsidized by the government. Everybody already knows about corn subsidies existing because of ethanol and Iowa Caucus welfare. Dairy is the weird one. The US actually has a strategic powdered milk reserve in caves near Kansas City. Here's where it gets screwy, consumer trends have shifted towards low fat milk in the past few decades, so there's an excess of milk fat that farmers had trouble selling. The USDA helps farmers sell it, so they work with companies to increase cheese consumption. The USDA is in charge of school lunches at the federal level, so schools serving pizza was the result. It isn't just schools they work with. I'm on mobile, but there was an article in the (((Atlantic))) a few years ago about how the USDA and Domino's Pizza worked together to design the Wisconsinator pizza that had something like 2lbs of cheese on it.

School lunches could be healthy, but the Feds subsidize high calorie processed garbage and pass it off to children because schools are captive markets. There's not a broccoli or whole grain lobby that has the government working for them like the big boys in industrial ag.

>this is what a homogeneous society can look like

This so much.

he could be just using free wi-fi on his old phone

If I ever have children they'll be expected to help with our home harden, clean our house, and I'd pack them a bag lunch. Only shitty parents would let their kids eat that.

>wtf is that, bro?
American public school lunch for niggers

Thanks. This is what I should've posted in OP to get my point across.

>pizza with a crust

Whatever happened to that sheet pizza that was cut into rectangles? That stuff was grossly tasty..

not caring about your children's food does not equal being poor. it's just shit culture. look at china, they let the school lunch become the standard for national cuisine.

My FFA department in my school had a greenhouse, but we mostly only grew flowers and either used them for the "floral design" students or sold them to the public.

>Government runs schools and provides school food
>School food is shit (and schools are shit)
Makes sense..

Yes, bro.
Agree 100%
This is exactly why Japan keeps resisting mass immigration of niggers.

It's possible, but I haven't read that anywhere yet. Interesting tho.


schools have no business serving food
they need to pack their own lunch

100% this.

>why are children in public schools served pic related?
Because that's what they'll eat. Pizza, nuggets, burgers. If you give them steamed vegetables, they'll bitch about it not being what they want, causing their parents to make a fuss and threaten to sue. That's why.

Half the school children are niggers and mexicans who smoke weed at age 13 and shoot their first whiteboi by 16

>why are children in public schools served pic related?
Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign. I worked at domino's and they have to use special whole wheat dough, low sodium sauce and pepperoni, etc when making school lunch pizzas.

fuck em. if they're eating on my dime they're lucky to be eating at all.

Nice post, bromigo.
President Trump needs to bring school lunches into the competitive private sector.
Kids would be eating Boston Market and shiet

School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!

It was the (((NYT))) not the (((Atlantic))) oops

>Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign.
I love how in America the concept of fighting obesity is still serving kids with fucking fastfood garbage at school

It tasted like cheese on card board, but with ketchup and fries, it was heaven.

What sort of things would a school farm have in Southern Arizona or New Mexico?

I love how this screenshot totally BTFO's anti-wallers. Saved.

You might be joking but having a homogenous population allows Japan to do shit like get their kids to clean the school. That wouldn't fly here due to massive differences in values and work ethic. Then again I'm not against hiring janitors either.

bring your own fuckin lunch then.

In high school, I used to make two sangas and trade one for a deck of rothmans.

Um..what? I lived in China a few months. Their kids eat better, because food in china is so cheap.
It's dog and cat meat with white rice and cabbage, but you get the jist.

nice botes

whoops, left meme flag on.

>How hard would it be for each school in America to have a small farm managed by students and teachers
Inner city schools would be a nightmare in this system.

And the homosexual tendency thing is easy.
Children are observant, and they see that women hold greater favor in the eye of the media, so male children want to be female.

I imagine you like a Vietnam vet scared to leave the house, sleeping with an M16 in the bathtub.'re right.

Public school lunches are typically awful though, and that's being cheap. Of course the ruling class sends their kids to private schools only and they consider it a benefit to starve the commoners of nutrients lmao

Is that some kind of Vegan Pizza.

>letting the government feed your children

>small farm managed by students
I would not touch something handled by the average highschool student.

>How hard would it be for each school in America to have a small farm managed by students and teachers
How hard would it be to have your typical child of 2017 do any manual labor?
>Mah child has them dirty hands! Why tho? I pais taxes for yo' to feed ma' child! He ain't no farmer.

How does a fat nigger run an anti-obesity campaign?

it still works in some places in the east

>he doesn't hang around his local airport's carpark at 2am in the morning for free peak 150 kb/s down wifi speeds while living off raw indomie 2 minute noodles handed out at the midnight homeless soup kitchen

you feed your physical form but not your mind

>make your own lunch.
Public school lunches are subsidized, even at "full price". That combined with time saving means poorer parents will tell their kids to eat school lunches each day.