Disney Channel Gay TV Show

What's Sup Forums got to say

what the fuck do you think?

Liking Disney post-1980s as an adult was always gay

Will they show penetration?

If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription, this is the shit for which you are paying.

>whats pol got to say?
What do you think?

Do you niggers not even know the premise of this show?

>Andi Mack is turning 13 when her older sister Bex returns home. Andi works through her teenage life, with the help of her family and her friends Cyrus and Buffy, including coping with the revelation that Bex is actually her mother and that her mother Celia is actually her grandmother, and managing her crush on classmate Jonah Beck.

shamefur dispray

why do they always show more men on men homosexuality and not women on women?

Because then you'd have more men jacking off.

I'm shocked.

I'd say post 90's but yeah pretty much. Also stay away from any woman who "loves" Disney, they're entitled cunts

Sexualized children.
Totally radical Dysney Channel.

No but seriously we're going to turn you pedo parasites in soap.


>be male
>knowing the premise of any disney channel show ever

No surprise here.

The Jews are growing bolder.

Don't know

You need to watch it to see what degeneracy is being pushed to future generations.

Omg some people aren't hetero

Fucking deal with it you narrow-minded, inbred rednecks.



Watching television is a bad habit. There are a few shows to watch on the internet, but that's different for obvious reasons unless you're turning your computer into a television.

Sodomy is still illegal regardless of what the State or anti-cutlure says.

>not sodomite
Blue-pilled, aren't you, O.P.?

Hell is for ever!

I'm fag and I disapprove. No need to push this on kids.

For ever!

Hell is for ever!

>being a sodomite
Hell is for ever!

You certainly have more sense than Canada-fag

Jews ruin everything, more on this developing story at 11.


>What's Sup Forums got to say
More evidence of blatant pedophilia? There can't be much more to say.

liking 90s and 00s Disney ever makes you a goy faggot bugman

But user
I am a canadafag

You're a cool Canada-fag. I think. Stance on this?

Get out of here, yellow-flag moron.




What is this fucking child abuse?

Dude you reply to almost every thread here-isn't there missionary work to do or something like that? (Also believing in this shit in 2k17 lul)

Kids don't like looking at crap live action shows, they prefer cartoons like Star vs, they would even rather watch cartoons like Star vs or Ducktales

For a while, I actually thought we had a chance...

GG, kikes.

I think it's good that kids are exposed to this so they can see that gays are just people like everyone else and it's normal and not something to hate.

>10 yr olds totally have sexual awareness, guise!
(((they))) don't even need elsagate anymore

Get out of my country you fucking leaf.

Fuck off to Seattle faggot

I'm gonna have to finally cut the cord soon. I really don't want to have to pirate but I hate paying for stuff I will never watch.

Hey user all I need is a good VPN to pirate stuff correct?

What the fuck?
>median age: 10
these kikes need to burn

their used to be some pretty cash live action shows
>Malcom in the middle
>even stevens