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From what? Low quality images? Barely.


Play this 10/10 and imagine yourself covered in blue wart hacking down enemies of the highlands andit's people.

The problem is Scotland is surprisingly similar to England in terms of mannerisms that independence often seems pointless.

You shits had your chance and fucked up.

They never wanted independence, they wanted to be an EU vassal and have all the rich diversity they voted for that went to London instead.

The only people that want Scottish independence aren't Scottish.

We can just declare it now or?

Not really relevant whatsover, there are plenty of sovereign states which are near indistinguishable to people of foreign backgrounds.

The only real problem is they don't want it, case closed. They voted no because they were scared of some short term economic uncertainty and unrest.

A people like that are not deserving of sovereignty anyway.



My ancestors fought alongside the English and Welsh to form the British Empire as a union of equals. We are part of the United Kingdom because our king, James VI, inherited the English throne and his descendant united the two kingdoms.
Fellow Scots, we are a proud people with a proud, strong history: do NOT fall to this notion of Anglo oppression, do NOT portray yourselves as perpetual victims. We aren't subhuman Irish niggers.

Do you think the EU will let us back in if we split off from the UK?

>They voted no because they were scared of some short term economic uncertainty and unrest.

Fuck off with that shit, I voted 'no' because I'm British first and Scottish a distant second.

>We aren't subhuman Irish niggers

Being this deluded, you're worse. Ireland actually had to fight a war for their independence. Granted, the UK barely put up much of a fight, but they practically tried to give you independence through the referendum and you STILL rejected it.

The UK does not even want Scotland to be a part of it now, it's a heavily subsidized shithole, and its one vital resource is running out.

Spain will veto it after Queen Haggis' tweets last night, scots truly are retarded

Scotland hasn't been oppressed by Anglos.
We invented everything. What has your lot done, Irish subhuman?

Yes, but you would be in a minority of people there, going from polls. From studies, most Scottish people tend to identify as Scottish only (roughly 60% or so), then a large amount also identify as Scottish and British, but mostly Scottish.

The fact is most of your people voted against it because they thought their country would be slightly poorer for a short amount of time, which is truly despicable.

It's no surprise you seek to distance yourself from your Scottishness.

>This disgusting edit of brofist
Kill yourself.

I fully acknowledge Irish as white nigger subhuman specimens. You are lower than even them, you're a national charity case, near Jewish to your core.

He's not Scottish though, Scots have literally never contributed to the world or white race. Actual subhuman irish spawn

I'm one quarter Scottish but let's be honest lad you would be a third world country without us

Scottish man reporting

Dont want independence, our political parties filled with retarded cunts, if they had more power it would be a fucking disaster

What are you then? He spells "subsidised" with a "z". You obviously aren't very well-educated.
Scots have invented literally everything.

Fuck up, Braveheart.

Go to the current leader's constituency of Govanhill, it's ten minutes from me and it's an utter hellhole that is getting worse every year.

She can't run her own neighbourhood, let alone a country.

Govanhill is the future the SNP will bring to the rest of Scotland.

I use American English as I prefer it. But how very Scottish of you to hone in on minute grammatical differences as an indicator of intelligence.

This is why your people have amounted to absolutely nothing. You are a servile race, much like the Jew, clinging to the coattails of whoever will allow you to.

>amounted to absolutely nothing
Considering our population is about 10% of England's, we have actually invented much more than Anglos ever have.
I bet you're 1/4 Irish. Most Anglos are at this point, alas.

To be fair you could do this with any politician who represents any area of Scotland, it's just silly and fallacious.

Scotland is a depressingly average country with no great resources, culture or people. It would have been far better served being absorbed by England, as was the case with Wales.

I'll bet they tried, to be honest.

>amounted to absolutely nothing.
A cursory google search for Scottish inventors will tell you otherwise

Calm down Bravehart, we invented the submarine

One. Clap! Clap!
All of your inventors have been Anglo-Irish anyway, of the Protestant Ascendancy.

>American English
That doesn't exist, it's just English, stop it.

Isn't something approaching the region of half your country fenian hellspawn from potato nigger peasants fleeing famine?

I have no great love for Anglos either, but compared to your formless people, they are almost godlike.

What do these inventions mean when they were appropriated by other powers to fuel them to greatness?

The rest of the world sees Britain as England, they are interchangeable and British is to English as Soviet was to Russian.

Face it, pleb, your country is shit and you're a slave race. Your inventions count for fucking nothing,

To say the Scots have amounted to nothing is an indication of your ignorance, I'm afraid.

Yeah, this guy is a bit of an idiot, but you're not contributing much of an argument with statements like that. You need to be more sophisticated, bud.

I assume you don't actually care, and are just shit talking for funzies, but there's a decent book called, How the Scots Invented the Modern World, and despite the hyperbolic title, it's actually worth a look.

What the fuck are you then if you don't like Anglos?

The problem is Scotland is it's full of Scots!

How can you spend so much time on the internet and be so uneducated lol

Scottish people are famous for their inventions and contributions to science

Known locally as "Govanhell".
The SNP are actually applauding the fact that there's a school there now with no English speakers, instead of hanging their heads in shame. How can these globalist bootlickers even dare to call themselves "Nationalist"?

Nah, haggis never runs out, don't be silly

This. Most of EU would let it happen, but Spain won't. And trying to bypass the rules to ignore Spain somehow will make the whole EU fall apart.

Laughable ignorance

You're implying that Govanhill is an accurate representation of Scotland, and I can tell you as someone who lives here, it isn't even a good representation of South-side Glasgow. It's a ghetto.

It's a shame, but as you say, with the way the applaud that school, it seems to be what they want.

You voted against it lol.

I live in Scotland, and believe me, the sheer moral depravity and rat-like nature of the inhabitants there is nothing to sing praise about. A corrupt, ignorant, small-minded people.

There may have been a great Scotland at one point in time, I do acknowledge there was a time when Scotland does seem to have been a great contributor to the intellectual world, and when Scotland seemed to have been a bastion of civility and culture.

That time is no more, Scotland is a run down socialist shithole. I think a direct correlation can probably be drawn between Scotland's descent and its increase in white nigger importation, but it has allowed that to happen all the same.

Whatever the Scots were, they are no more.

Scotland could be/could have been another Austria, but in reality it never will be. Scotland could be great, but it remains tied to the Jewish overrun United Kingdom, and it will only continue to descend with them.

I'll fully admit, 80% of the people here are wasters, and perhaps beyond saving.

To put that in to context, however, I've been lucky enough to spend time abroad and all over the UK, people are mostly wasters. Most have the common decency to shut the fuck up, and get on with it.

I'm Scottish and I don't want independence. The majority of us don't.

As a Scot I want us to separate from caliphate of Englandstan asap. And stop being ran from Westminster. Anglos are total cucks.

You'll get a second referendum next lifetime.

Fellow haggis nigger here. I too am fucking disgusted by the state of my countrymen. So many "muh braveheart" snp faggots who are too fucking thick to see past their darling Nicola and how her gang of utter charlatans have neglected this country and run it into the ground for the last ten years. A decade of snp rule, but it's all teh english' fault. I hate this fucking shit hole country.

>Nationalist Party

>ish' fault. I hate this fucking shit hole country.
You're not Scottish; but you are right.
...haggis nigger. FS.

Brofist was an edit

Where did all the catalanfags go?

Used to live there, you're right. They're animals

No such thing as British. What is British?

Scots are fags, they want "independence" but want to be part of mommy europe.

hate u