I am fighting wih my familly over the fact that holocaust did not happen. Guys present me with some facts pls

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Heres a fact for you, the holocaust happened


Fact 1: the holocaust happened

Where is the list of "victims"?

Why are you fighting about an idea from a position that you can't defend?
Arguing a point that you need help defending makes you look intellectually weak to those you're arguing with.

The Holocaust happened but was over-exaggerated. Anyone who says otherwise is retarded.

thats a fact

>it was real in my mind

Too much pol for you bro. Calm down and hide your power level.

Came here to post this

Plus this

The holocaust did happen you fascist I have my grandmother's sisters remains to prove it.

this should do

I think it's OK to argue wether the Holocaust was OK or not but stop pretending like it didn't happen. Fucking dumbasses.

tell them why the guards at auschwitz didnt die when the so called gas chamber door is only made from wood instead of an airtight pressure door

STOP TAKING POLTARDS SERIOUSLY! I swear to god sometimes I feel bad for baiting you morons so much. If this isn't bait then don't take this board seriously.

i mean i said it was mathematicaly inposible that it happened, and the reason for starting ww2 was the fact that jews where killing germans in poland

Supply routes were regularly bombed by allies.
Only death camps were in Soviet controlled areas. Question their authority.
Zyklon B was used for delousing Typhus carrying lice.
Red cross has documents calling the camps nom-life threatening.

A fucking community pool, rabbit breeding, theatre, and soccer fields at "death camps."

You can't burn as many bodies to logically match the mortality rate with their ovens. Ovens mostly used to burn Typhus infected corpses. Show side by side photos of holocaust "victims" and typhus.

Cite the numerous times the holocaust stories from survivors were debunked but still sold books for money.

Lastly, stop getting into arguments until you have this shit memorized and cited with pictures.


1. Local records were likely not kept in small eastern European Jewish villages, and if they were, they were certainly destroyed by the occupying Nazis. Their intent was not only to exterminate the Jews, but also any record of them ever existing
2. Nazis records were, for the most part, destroyed before the end of the war

I don't like the Jews either, but holocaust denial is pretty dumb

>it's another "OP believed the satire" thread
Jesus, you know all of Sup Forums is satire, right?

>mfw the jews are selling their own dead for cash
You can't make this shit up

>I am fighting wih my familly
>over irrelevant political shit
Literally bestest goy. No matter what ideas you follow, there is no way to be more convenient to jew than to put political shit over blood ties.

Why would you get into an argument where you take a side that you know nothing about? You're just going to look retarded.


This is the only proof you need. Holocaust deniers btfo


Can you prove it "mathematically"?

Using only jewish sources i calculated about 4'500'000 jews in all of german occupied area.
(US holocaust memorial museum)

there is no physical evidence the Holocausr happened.

case closed.

This, mostly
Unbiased educated research tends to agree with this too, surprisingly.
It is less of an issue of lies being spread as fact, and more about the general public's complete ignorance on the topic and a bizarre want to believe the most sensational bullshit they hear

in 1939

kekek my magapede!!

Please bump this thread for some redpills. Thanks.

That is still a lot of people

You have any idea why people say it amounts to 6 million? I mean, I figure they must have at least *something* to back that number up

This will also help you.

Not only did it happen, it costed 6 million jew + 5 million disabled/outcasts. That's 11 million.

The parasites died because their host was dying too.

Watch this, it talks about a Documentary that happened in Auschwitz.

>the fact that holocaust did not happen.
You're playing it wrong you faggot. Do you expect to have a conversation when you say "BUT THE HOLOCAUST DIDN'T HAPPEN"?


Where's your evidence?

From what I understand, the soccer field, swimming pool, theater, etc. were all in Auschwitz I, which housed early political prisoners and the like.
They were not subject to the same treatment the subhumans received and maintaining morale within the camp was deemed necessary for some reason
Trying to compare Auschwitz I to Auschwitz II is not a very solid argument imo

Deniers constantly whine on that they just want a debate, but then use every dirty trick in the book. I'm not especially proud to say that I've spent too long on pol arguing about it, and on the occasion that they don't get fundamental facts (that aren't even disputed by famous deniers) wrong, their debating methods are terrible.


Don't fight with your family OP. If you don't know your stuff well enough already, and need to come to Sup Forums for information, you fucked up.

Read David Irving's book on WWII Germany

you are doing it wrong, the atheists claim you have to prove god exists....play by their rules bruh

Yep. I think some based common ground can be found by both sides, but flat-out deniers are absolutely delusional

It's not even like the holocaust was a big deal.
I don't bat an eye at McDonald's killing cows in astronomical numbers, and I value the life of a cow WAY more than a Jew

Da 6 gorrillion narrative was old.


My fucking sides

This is a relevant post.

My grandfather fought in it. My wife's grandfather fought in it. The cemeteries across europe. News reels, there's more info on line about this war than any other subject. It's led up to the state of the world today which must be very confusing for you.

>This jidf thread
Like shilling to stop the JFK threads weren't enough.

holocaust happend. my grandfather told me his work time in kzs in sachsenhausen und ausschwitz

Your grandpa would be dead or in jail nice larp

Dead? Very likely, but his story could have been told years ago.
In jail? Not necessarily, but even if he was imprisoned, he could still talk about his experience.
Good try, tho

Just show them Pastor Anderson's video. It's the most concise, inoffensive video I've found.
gg zionist jews, no re

>thinking we unironicaly deny the Holocaust here
Top kek. How new are you?
Holocaust Denial is just a meme here, we're only "denying" it for shitposting purposes - for satire, to scare of and shock normies and newfags such as yourself. We know it happened (gas chambers, crematoriums, 6 million etc.).
You do realize that there isn't one (1) Holocaust denier standing today that hasn't already been BTFO - whether they were caught lying or completely misrepresenting their sources. From Irving, to Cole, to Rudolf, to Mattogno, to Faurrison, to Zundel, to Weber.
Even Eric Hunt has retracted most of his claims.
Irving doesn't even deny gassings anymore - have a look at what he say about Operation Reinhard.
Please lurk more before taking obvious bait in future.

Fuck off Zionist, the Holocaust is a Soviet lie.

We have a newfag, here. Keep lurking.


>Gas chamber has wooden door that opens from the inside
>There are no traces of Zyklon B in the supposed gas chamber, plenty of them in the admitted delousing room which proves that it was never used for gassing
>No documenter order from German high command talking about an extermination and all documents reffering only to detainment & later on deportation
>All "death camps" happen to be on Soviet-controlled territory
>High ranking natsocs in their diaries talking about deporting jews after the war including Hitler in the Table Talks ridiculing the rumor that they were exterminating the Jews
Nice try shlomo

yea, but that doesn't mean hitler did anything wrong. eugenics was the single greatest social program that ever existed, and jews have been righteously kicked out of over 200 nations for everything from usery to murdering Jesus..

Don't fight with your family.

Only children care what their family thinks or think that matters.

Grow the fuck up.

here you go

Present you facts?

It won't matter, these people need to be told what to think by a person they can trust without falter.

Sit your family down and watch watch both sides that say it happened and it did not happen (in the way they are lead to believe)


This is my unironic opinion. There was prejudice against Jews (rightfully so). People were put into camps. Some people died.

To say that boys were strapped to steam powered masturbators until they died and fascist eagles pecked people eyes out, no.

Stop... It obviously did happen. Now is there questions about total # of deaths? Circumstances of deaths? Some made up stories? Yes, but those are another subject. It clearly did happen.

An equal number of Modern crematorium would take decades to turn 6 million bodies too Ash

Holocaust did happend

Nothing you say or show then will change their mind. They have to come to these conclusions by themselves. You could beat them over the head with stats and facts and they will never believe you. They are useful idiots.

>revealing your power level to your family
Fuck you faggot. I hope they disown your stupid ass.

Fake news.

that's not proof.
youtube.com/watch?v=lbB9NCYzQVU watch this movie if you can stomach it

Tell them to ignore primary sources that say it happened, Work for Sup Forums

isbn does not match

It did, just the causes of it and the degree of the planning/execution of it and the numbers are not accurate because they were fabricated by jewish media. There is truth to them just not quite the truth presented in most history books.

Many jews died, maybe a million, probably much less. It was not a planned extermination but they starved to death in work camps at the very end of the war once allies bombed the roads/train tracks/bridges that prevented food from arriving.

stop being a poltard and read a little, 'Shviiti' by Ka Tzetnik, and


jewish population numbers before and after wwii are well known, look at the millions that died in Russia, grow your perspective a little out of your narrow box, human history is one catastrophe after another, and denial is the only way we survive

the holocaust happened faggot.

focus on the real issues of Jewish power:


I was interested to read that the gas chambers had to be invented because the morale of the soldiers after killing the first million with bullets was so bad, they couldnt take the face to face killing of innocents any more and were getting PTSD, imagine yourself in that situation, that is a story that needs to be told more

also it was getting very expensive the cost of, using zyclon b was waaaay cheaper than a single bullet and much faster, German efficiency at it finest

Top wew lads

It happened. Just not in the numbers advertised. Jews did die, just not in the way people believe.

that's because modern crematories are fuel efficient and not as wasteful. They don't burn as hot

>Making it GIF so you can't zoom in easily
Gas yourself

It's full of corpses of people who died of hunger from the England who decided to bomb the food provisions/stock - this is from the end of the war and it only shows one SMALL part of the whole population where people were starving and dying all over Germany.
Girls getting raped by the red army and others killing themselves.

Where is your empathy regarding that ?

It's so easy to manipulate emotional/ignorants sheeps that have no clue about history.

>being an obvious shill this much

No one was gassed though, which is what "holocaust" implies. People died tho, but no shit it was a fucking war.

Let them hear it from a Jew


is there any way to get those individual images not compiled together? They are great, but really hard to read when they are crowded into one post.

>Jews sell themself at Memeschwitz for shekels

reported, pic belongs to

Jews were interred in camps. Some of them died there. You can't win the argument that nothing happened, but you can argue that it should have.

I have met survivors and family of survivors. I have friends who had relatives in camps. It is a real horror.

Yet it does not excuse the human rights violations and almost genocide Israel is conducting. They are using the Holocaust as an excuse for their own racist nationalism.

The global elities are using the real tragedt of the Holocaust to commit their own crimes and hush up opposition.

please deport yourself over to the US or Saudi Arabia, you don't deserve to be in this continent

the burden of evidence rest on them. until actual irrefutable evidence is presented, we should all assume bullshit. particularly while it is illegal to even ask in some countries

>around 6 million jews died
>it is said they were deliberatly murdered
>hey i wanna challange that narrative
>look here a rabbi says it wasnt even 1 million
>he is a rabbi, a jew, u know?
>that makes his case stronger
>without getting into the topic at all

Holocaust is the burnt offering. Not sure what you are trying to get at here, bud.