Sup Forums is becoming infested with shills

We need to find a way to stop thread sliding and filling the catalog with bait threads.
Meme flags are also an issue because 90% of the time it's just shills using them to hide their Israel flag.

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Yeah no kidding leaf. Between /leftypol/, assorted libshits and kikes we have our hands full with slide threds

There is a solution.
Always speak of good morals and values. Infect their threads with messages (((they))) don't want to spread. Remind people of what makes western civilization great and encourage people to talk with their neighbors to build a community.

Theyll all be shitting themselves on monday. Media Matters shills go to prison.

lamao, who cares.
the longer they're here the more that will wake up. Where the fuck else are they going to see the simple truth?

Great suggestion because it robs their power sources; hate, misplaced anger and fear

kys faggot
go back to your maniac chan

The shills that actually make posts in threads and try talking to people are easily countered. But the real problem is bait and slide threads, where some shill just makes a single post and disappears, knowing that people will argue it.

>i have zero control over replying
>it’s the shills fault
like this thread, post once with the intent to 404 it since it’s useless

Nope, it's becoming infested with people who aren't braindead Trumpfags.

spotted the kike

has anyone else found a jew shill trying to use the U.N. flag because its not as obvious?

spread the truth:

stupid amerimutt

>People post things that don't interest me
How could this happen??

back to the oven

>every single bait thread gets hundreds of replies from assblasted newfags
Just don't reply

>leftists scream anyone who disagrees with me is a NAZI!!!!!
>pol screams anyone who disagrees with me is a KIKE NIGGER SHILL!!!!!!!!!!!

They will run out of money eventually

I am guilty of this. It's not my fault. Baiting poltards into calling each names is so much fun. I've successfully derailed two threads today.

The only way is to bring backnflags and have perminent id numbers attached by IP to track shill posts. Which wont happen.

>more money = more votes = more democracy

makes sense

That's why you change the topic on the slide thread.
Also if you are going to point out a slide thread, link to some threads being slid.

Yeah that would be a good method, instead of having a different random ID in each thread, have a permanent one so anyone who posts bait threads can be ousted as a shill.


The best way to create a slide thread is this thread.