Right wing media isn't all in on the pedo conspirac-

>right wing media isn't all in on the pedo conspirac-

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So is Roy going to have 2 weeks straight of daily fake news rape victim announcements like Trump?

Hannity is a Bannon aka Israel shill.

nice disinfo leftypol
you're gonna have to try harder

Hannity is neocon shill opportunist. Pure cancer during the Bush years. Still covering the Clintons even though its 9 months into Trump's presidency.

>Hannity is neocon shill opportunist.
then why does he like Trump?

Because otherwise he'd be outted as the shill he is.

kys you pedo apologist

>OMG a 30 year old dated an 18 year old

>why does the zionist who sucked Bush's dick for 8 years and shilled for the Iraq war like Trump
Gee I don't l know.

>Moore dated girls between 16-18 when he was in his early 30's

...So? I had a sexual fling with a 17 year old when I was 29. It was consensual and nobody broke the law, so who cares?

There were other accusers who were adults. The story is fake news that is trying to imply he said it about the 14 year old. I listened to his whole show today. it's going to be funny when the author has to issue a retraction or get sued.

He kisses ass of every Republican nominated. Remember Hannity was one of those people on Fox News saying it was unpatriotic to not support the Iraq War.

Thats just wrong though. 18 year old girl hasn't even started life.


lol Trump is an actual rapist you moron.

You missed the 14 year old he got to strip to her underwear and kissed while he was 32.


Don't care about Roy Moore, but the question is whether or not it is legal. A person can't be expected to obey the norms and laws of the future.


it was consensual

whats the problem?
14 year olds can consent on sex with other 14 year olds.
why would age matter then?

i didn't miss that. However, you're missing the fact that they are trying to group the 14 year old accusation in with the 16-18 ones, acting as if they are the same. They are not. One is worth mentioning as it's illegal if there was sexual contact. The other is not.

I have yet to meet an 18 year old that hasn't been plowed by 10 different guys already.

>nice disinfo leftypol
>you're gonna have to try harder

So cheap.


>Still covering the Clintons even though its 9 months into Trump's presidency.

Gross lying. U must be a,leftist.

The actual brain melting mental gymnastics people are going through to defend Moore are hilarious.

>Pizzagate! We'll pretend to care about this cartoonishly implausible fake story for lulz
>Oh shit our guy is a literal pedo
>I-it's cool, b-being a pedo is better than being a liberal

Dude was 32 molesting a 14 year old. He was a legal adult already the year she was born rofl


It's been corroborated by 30 people.

in the 70's for fuck sake.

who did he rape?

>trusting any media since 9/11

Go back to r/the_donald

Is everyone besides me molesting kids? Fucking hell

The conservative shills on this board are getting out of hand.

Everyone on Fox is a shill, it's owned by FOX STUDIOS

>It's been corroborated by 30 people.


and everyone else isnt?

you're on Sup Forums

so yes

isn't this strange? why would consent be an issue for someone who can't legally consent? Is he trying to say that it was illegal but consensual? And therefore perfectly alright in the pedo-friendly society we are building?

I just watched that show. He didn't in fact say that. At all.

>you really think someone would just go on the internet and LIE?


>haha yeah I don't trust the media at all, I get my news from Sup Forums

Do you even need to ask?

He denied the allegation, which is enough for me.

However, this really is annoying. 14 is the AOC in both Germany and Italy. It is 15 in France. It is not crazy to think a 14 year old is capable of consenting. It certainly isn't pedophilia. It isn't even hebephilia (liking pubescent kids). 14 year olds are done with puberty (most of them) and are 100% capable of reproduction. They are sexually mature. Mentally? Well there is a lot of disagreement there, but plenty of western countries have AOC laws around 14, so it is a valid view.

Sup Forums has some truth and mostly bullshit. The media is all bullshit

Plus the commentary here is more informative than any panel or editorial

spoken like a true retard

38 year old case, can't be pursued or investigated. the problem with these types of stories is that we will never know. Therefore, we are stuck with assuming guilt which makes cheap smears possible or ignoring. At some level it was the girls responsibility to report it before the statute of limitations ran out. After that happened not sure the media should pick up stories that can't be tried because there is no way for anyone to exonerate themselves.
Trials in the court of public opinion always gets out of control.
Not saying Moore is innocent or guilty, just saying we will never know and therefore we shouldn't waste our time.

checks out

this map is bullshit. some states you can fuck girls who are 16. it use to be younger.

>14 year olds are done with puberty
you...don't really know how puberty works

Girls don't usually end puberty until 17, and they continue to develop until they're about 26

Some girls don't even start puberty until well into high school, if they lack body-fat, like gymnasts

oh is that what it was?
the fuck is going on...

This is false. Girls start puberty at 11 on average now. A women goes though puberty before 14. That is just a fact.

So fucking what? They have to pay taxes and get shipped off to war. Quit trying to infantilize adults.


>there a pedo conspirac-
Oh wait no there isn't. That's just nu/pol/ tripe

>trusting it before 9-11
this literally proves you are gullible

have you ever...even...googled what you're saying?

in the church, politics, and hollywood there sure is

understandable statement if you are 37 years old

They have tits, they have pubes, they menstruate, they are able to bare children. Just because their tits continue gettng bigger means very little.

Most of this is fair. It's still in the GOP's best interests if he steps aside. Guy's a clown show even without being a pedo. Tuesday's results reinforce that the Republicans are going to have their hands full next year and having Moore going full retard in the Senate isn't going to help.

Implying a 30 year old woman is any more mature than she was at 18 lmao

In hindsight we basically know that newspapers were completely controlled by a unified group at some level. I imagine that after t.v. was invented the same group immediately created a satisfactory system to replace newspapers.

>any women is mature

Those 3 extra years make a whole lot of difference for their hormones and ability to carry a child to term

at 14 most females aren't even having regular menstural cycles yet

I dated a girl in college who was petite and she at 18 would have periods randomly, once there was a 6 week gap between them, once she had 2 in a month

at 14, yes a human female is able to conceive a child SOMETIMES, but that doesn't make it a cut and dry number to start fucking CHILDREN

Fake news

>that doesn't make it a cut and dry number to start fucking CHILDREN
Stop being so overly dramatic. Go declare war on the pedo nations of Germany, Italy, and France then. Jesus Christ.

A fucking pedo shill - Get the fuck off my board

>I imagine that after t.v. was invented the same group immediately created a satisfactory system to replace newspapers
what's fucked up is the fact that i used to enjoy my local newspaper before all the 9/11 shit
(i was 12 when it happened)
now all papers i read has been all bias shit since that.
>hurr duur the internet is killing the newspaper
um, no. stop writing shit.

okay pedo

i never said it killed it but provided an alternative. and no 9/11 did not flip a magic switch where the Jews have full power all of the sudden. They already had it.

>what is both ironic and unironic controlled opposition

>9/11 did not flip a magic switch where the Jews have full power all of the sudden. They already had it.
i know that. but things were just regular before that. all i did was go to school. play snes and playstation. play outside, go fishing, walk the dogs and shovel snow. wtf


it started long ago. We may be lucky enough to watch it end now.

one can only hope because it is becoming exhausting

and its the one you conveniently forget to mention? lol

Put your money where your mouth is and take him to court.

Pizzagate is real.


are you retarded? go on youtube, search fox news and see Hannity's playlist. He's still making videos about Hillary.

> "why does this site love msm faggots?"
nigger does this look like fucking Facebook?

These candlejack shill slide threads need to stop.



He should have grabbed them by the pussy desu famalam


>second date
>heavy petting in the car, nothing further
>she asked him to stop, he did
>she asked him to take her home, he did
Pretty much every date with a high school girl ever
>she doesn't give a shit for the next 38 years, neither does her mother
Fast forward...
>three divorces and a bankruptcy later, roastie comes out of the woodwork seeking attention, interviews, and probably a book deal
seems legit

Only way to stop them is to annex canada.

Even fucking Kurt “Tentacle Rape” Eichanwald knows that shit is bullshit

but Kurt is a pedophile


Let me fix that for you
>three divorces and a bankruptcy into life, roastie gets offered money by a Democratic operative to “come out of the woodwork” and is promised attention, interviews, and probably a book deal if she plays along

Yeah he's probably one of them

It's the 14 year old most people are taking issue with.

You sound like you fuck kids

Perfectly legal in Germany.

this. If she ain't a virgin, there is no harm happening (from dating an older guy).

No. You are just a naive loser who believes whatever feminists tell you. These leftists are the biggest degenerates. Like says, it is literally considered legal to do in Germany and Italy. France isn't far behind at 15. There is a real debate/difference of opinion here, and falling into the zombie speak of anything under 18 means you are a pedophile is idiotic. I even said it is perfectly OK to set the AOC that high, but 18 is high, the highest int he Western world. Stop pretending otherwise.

>14 year olds are done with puberty

What is this thread

Pedo confirmed. Fuck off retard.

Some girls can bare children at 7, that doesn't make it okay to fuck them you pedo. Literally kill yourself, you are scum.

Sean Hannity has a shit haircut and can go fuck himself.