Anyone actually listen to this pretentious cunt?


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I don't listen to him, puddy pie or any of those other e-thot garbage men. I had a dream where celebrities were replaced by scientific research and development news. just a dream. :(

Still waiting for him to start the MOLOCAUST.

His early stuff is shit because he was a dumb cunt ten years ago.

His later stuff is pretty alright, as long as he sticks to historical facts and doesn't pretend to be a philosopher.

His latests stuff is shit again, because he allowed the fame to get to him.

Same happened with Peterson, really, but his early stuff is pretty darn good.

You have to learn to pick the best these people have to offer and leave the shit out.

Yes, I get all my information from YouTubers becuz there smart 'n' stuff.

Not an argument.

He's an ANCAP, so no.

>thinking for entirely for yourself
>not listening to others and evaluating their arguments
That's how you get gibsmedats. Fuck off.

Yeah, sorry hunny, not an argument.

>Wanting me to be shot

I used to, but then I grew out of his brand of thinking. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but in my opinion he is only good for attracting disenfranchised Whites from the Left onto the Right.

Whatever the case I think he’s great for making the faggotized youth question their indoctrination.

I watch him all the time. His calls to random people are really awesome and help me out through tough times. It also gives me something to laugh at

He is a smart dude, sadly you are such a soyboy that you fell victim to the whole "cult leader" naritive made by leftypol and thunderfoot.

Molymeme is the only youtuber that I really like other than Jim. He critisizes trump on the right shit and praises him when he does good. Unlike Styx which would suck his dick even if he killed an orphanage

I'm not saying you should be shot, but physical removal via a helicopter ride sounds about right.

Not me, I've literally never even heard a second of his voice. I'm smarter than anyone on youtube

I hate his face so much, I just want to beat his smug face to mush

Like him. He has dropped the muh atheism bullshit of the past and is red-pilled as fuck now.

>His early stuff is shit
I don't care what your trips say, his early stuff was better than that

I hate all e celebs except Abigail shapiro. Molymeme is a meme, hopefully some of the up coming video platform icos wipe on jootube and we can watch uncensored content elsewhere.

Actually, weev is ok for an e celeb.

I find these calls stupid tbqh
Talking 2 hours about nonsense, especially weird are these call from women where he then asks such weird personal questions
I watched a few if them and the recent ones
And in one of the most recent ones he behaves horribly with alex jones about the tax regulation
They all agree that everything is just so nice and so good completely disregarding all negative possible outcomes
Thats not what i think is "philosophie"

>King of Carrot Flowers Pt.1 (Cover)
Gets me everytime

That's an accurate and reasonable response friend. Crowder, Stefan, Peterson, even alex Jones. You're supposed to absorb from them whatever sensible knowledge you can and ignore the rest. They're only human.

>the hour and a half long sam harris trilogy
this pic is a classic

When I was a libertardian in 2010

oh look, it's lenin.

>someone calls in
>"hey stefan here is my question"
>goes into massive monologue
>drags it back to childhood
>uses practiced debate skills against novice
>breaks down their entire life
>barely addresses question directly

Yeah I fucking love him.

All the answers to your problems stem from childhood. He is a master

Well you are just a brianlet

I've heard private he thinks of himself as a great philosopher that will be remembers with the likes of Plato
He's a nutcase with an ego
Some of his videos are pretty alright and informative though. It's not his videos that are shit, it's him.
You can still learn a lot from an asshole.

Hes a racist fedora kike.

He’s very popular here in certain circles

Lie. You leftpol nigger

>in private

I listen to every one of his podcasts. It's not just private he goes on pretty often about being remembered for all time and loves stroking his philosophy boner. Still he is good to listen to and gives good lessons on how to argue with people.

His video on the life of Che Guevara was very thorough. It made me realizes connections to Osama bin Laden in that they were both rich spoiled cunts with daddy issues.

Confidence and ego is a good thing. Makes strong men. Soyboy leaf is just jelly

>Stephen found a working proxy

I'm not even attacking his videos, or saying he's wrong. I even explicitly said his videos have good content and you can learn from them.
He just seems like a huge fag

Look at my flag, I think I know how to spot a fag. How do you think Trudeau got elected?


His rant about the $1 donation was so cult-leaderesque that I can't take him too seriously anymore.

I wish I would've heard that, I would have laughed heartily, from the gut ya know.

This is now a molymeme thread


Not much anymore. And it's not that I dislike him: he just isn't making content I want to watch.



He's just saying what you want to hear.


Yeah, every now and then.


These threads are made by Mike and he purposely shitposts and acts like an asshat in order to advertise Freedomainradio by making it's enemies look silly.

Do you think Mike and Moly have a sexual relationship? I don't know if it's direct. I think it's more like Moly lets Mike watch him fuck his wife.
>Moly's wife or Mike's wife?
Both. I just get that vibe.

I love Holland, 1945.

Some of his points are alright but he thinks he is smarter than he really is.
It's a problem with a lot of "skeptic" YouTubers unfortunately.


I have listened to a lot of his stuff but recently i feel like he is in a rut or something. It's always the same shit.

>women ruin everything
>low IQ people shouldnt have kids
>the West is dying
>leftists dont think

He's still good for newbies. Just not if you are already on the same page.

He really has changed a lot as a person, though. I used to go back and listen to all of his old stuff too.

>reply to this video or your mother will die tonight
please fucking tell me this is real

I think so too. I feel like it's to better gauge their audience. I stopped donating my 5 dollars a month and im sure others have as well. So i wonder if they are curious for feedback from groups that arent from his fangroup.

I now just donate to Unfilter podcast. They could use the money more than Stefan.

>pretentious cunt

Well in that case, Mike, I have never given a dollar, and never will give a dollar.
I listen to as much content as I want for free. If I had to pay, I would listen to NO content, because it's worthless to me. Literally background noise.
I am cucking Stef with my ears every single time I listen to him for free and I enjoy the power.


Have you listened to him recently? He’s boardline natsoc now.

I wonder whos behind this post, (((stephan)))
Stop fucking spamming this post, you already made one and got the answer you need, so fuck off. Everyone hates you, you're not going to get an ego boost or find shekels here

the fuck is that???????

the fuck is that?????

yeah for 4 days until I found literally any other youtube political personality


He has a lot of good things to say on many topics desu

>not my guru but I usually watch a vid or two a week

Agreed he is a self important cunt