Mexico would not pay for the wall

You Americans need to legalize 50 M of dreamers and give mexicans more free stuff because you stole our beautiful California and we made you the best country on earth, thanks to our stolen land.

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>Mexico would not pay for the wall

So you want to say that they will pay for the wall?

Trump should pay for it.

You should take California back desu

I'm just saying you phrased it wrong

Latino here, fuck you, Mexico will pay for it.

I've been to Baja. I would say you have lots of great land that you're squandering. Ensenada smelled like sewage and there were dead bloated dogs in the roads.


your barely latin, indio shitskin. latinos are white mexicans.

Bitch, you are probably a shitskin. I'm light enough not to be mistaken as an elotero, good enough for me

Ensenada master race.

all sewers smell, especially in new york.

dont lie indio, only shitkisns have to emigrate to US because here you are the poorest. meanwhile we white mexicans are rich and rule this country jhahahahahahaha

Call me whatever makes you feel better, I know I am no where near indio shitskin, or even the pic. At least I am over here and you are in a shit hole lol

will give you some free fucking bullets

>At least I am over here

guess whos president shitkins?

you have to go back. ICE I SUMMONED YOU

take back all of west coast usa and canada pls thnx

>hahah im a shithole and you are in a shithole
Dumb shitskin


I can go to Tijuana and pay 20 USD to fuck any woman I want.
U mad, bro?

No. thats a boost for our economy, thanks.

god damn pedro settle down

>you stole our beautiful Californi

california would look like tijuana if america didn't steal it.

just cross the border if you want to see the difference between what a white society creates and what a latino society creates

>meanwhile we white mexicans are rich and rule this country jhahahahahahaha
Fucking this, go fuck off to /bant/ you chicANOshits


You especially should know what that word means, Juan


I agree. There should be no wall. There should be a line of machine gun nests that are used to turn anyone attempting to illegally cross the border into hamburger meat.

No need to do that, we are in your country now.



Mop my floor Paco.


That'll be why it's turning into a shithole then

>That'll be why it's turning into a shithole then

I'll take your cute chicas and you can pay for the wall. Don't worry, you might get some cum in your face at the end.

Mexico will probably end up offering to build it and then building it.

And one day it will save them from feral mutts.
I hope that the rockies performs a similar function.

white mexican here AMA

Lol You stole it from the all the indigenous tribes that lived there. Shouldn't I give it back to them and then you return Mexico to all the remaining 100% Aztec people there since the Spanish stole it from them?

death to all betrayers

You're going to pay for it when we cut aide and bring the hammer against your industries.

Mexico will be an even worse garbage fire if you resist. Just lay back and take it.

no. we evangelized them.

didn't you steal it from the natives though?

>You're going to pay for it when we cut aide and bring the hammer against your industries.

I hope you realize the Amerimutt meme is a thing because so many Mexicans have moved here lmao

>I hope you realize the Amerimutt meme is a thing because so many Mexicans have moved here lmao

no, we made them civilized.

>largest income for mexican econony is cash shipments by mexican expats in USA
>tax outgoing wire payments and money transfers to mexico
>mexico literallynpays for wall in several years

if we can keep a majority in 2018, the wall is happening. im a civil engineer, and its my dream to help build that fucking wall. envy me, fucks

European Solutreans were the first people to find North America.
Indians and Mexicans do not own it, they are simply Asians and breed too fast, low IQ, and no nothing of history.
North America is Atlantis, whites lived here since time immemorial and named it Turtle Island.
Be thankful whites share their continent at all with Asians or Blacks.
It is our Promised land-our Atlantis- our Land

Fuck you Paco

We have had more than enough of your shitty greedy people

Fix the tamale grease covered slime world you live in, leech

Can't Americans say the same thing about California? Let's be honest, no one looks to Mexico as an example of nation building.

We dont need a wall.

>no one

>posts a failure

Okay lol

The bong has a point. Mexican immigration isn't making the US any better, the browner it gets, the worse it's going to be.

But making us less civilized. You guys have lost the plot.

in economy?

>Mexicans made the USA the best country on Earth
>Because the USA stole their land

Steal something from a Mexican and they get credit for anything you do with it.

Okay, I want credit for all of the stuff Mexicans did with my car, grandfather's pocket knife, laptop, and clothes that they stole from me. Oh and my digital camera. I took all the pictures the Mexicans took with it after they stole it.




you'll pay in the form of law enforcement budget when you can't export your crime anymore
and kiss your remittances goodbye

We will not legalize the dreamers and the wall is actually literally under construction already.

Suck my chode.