Russia Is Our Best Hope!

We need them or the US to start a global thermonuclear war to exterminate us all because if we continue on our current path the US will be the leading country in terms of PC culture, SJW, forced diversity propaganda and let the remaining live because I highly doubt anyone would want to live under Leftist Totalitarianism.

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Why not just stop being a pussy and kill the leftist faggots? You know, address the problem?

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تظهر الثدي والمهبل

USA already is by virtue of having the biggest population of "the west".

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I agree. Putin can't be trusted, but I prefer a white ethno-society with Slavic women than one with cucks, betas, cunts, and brown people running the show. We need to just make a deal with Putin and go to war with a variety of countries we don't like as a team. China should he the first country we hit.

Putin is not a nationalist, and most people here don't trust him unless they're our ver. of boomers or suburb retards. Cityfags and Millennials fell for the Navalny meme. By observing those generations I've concluded that Russia will be the new Canada in 2050, but only if we keep democracy, and it somehow gets out of the KGB control.

You'd need to provoke a military coup then. The current government wouldn't be particularly interested in WW3, they have their families living luxurious opulent lifestyles in Europe. Maybe hold them hostage or something, that would make the politicians and oligrarchs flee the country. After that the military leaders will come to power, install something akin to baathism or juche, and then we can talk about turning the planet into a radioactive wasteland.

It would be much easier if western population just stopped being retarded.

Good luck with that lol


I like the western society in 80s and 90s when people hadn't yet gone crazy about faggotry, shitskins and sjw.

Putin sucks islam cock big time and even build the biggest mosque of europe in moscow.
You absolutely can't trust this guy

there is only one solution
panslavic alliance led by Poland vs rotten semites worldwide led by Saudi-Israel turbokikes

It would actually be easier if you guys just started supporting the Northwest Imperative and we could have our white ethnostate and not have to worry about this Islam shit.


it is funny cause it's true
but it is even funnier because german and russian agents are expelled out of Poland on daily basis and they throw funny tantrums

what does it say??

>Niczego nie dała miru
translates to
>Gave nothing to the world

America haven't given anything to the world.

Actually in Russia things are not better. In power are non-Russian - Caucasians/ArabJews, Tatars. Laborers - Uzbeks, Kirghizes, Tajiks. Russian only work in areas requiring higher education. Moscow has already been given called Moskwabad due to the large number of living in it non-Russian - Caucasians/ArabJews.

Moscow - Europe's Muslim/non-white Capital


no prob, learn russian, fun language and you will understand 90% of all slavs with it as well

based poland
if your infrastructures weren't literal shitholes i'd move there, as people you're great

It's not actually. Putin simply don't want to lose entirely the post soviet influence, Ukraine was our ally and there's the Russian navy in Crimea. He isn't going to invade anyone. The western media is overdemonising him.

you guys are cool too, you have tomatinas and pampelunas and southern girls
10/10 would visit for summer vacations

>He isn't going to invade anyone
I bet that was what you said just before Georgia situation
meanwhile, how it looks from our perspective:
late president Lech Kaczyński in Georgia during your war with them:
>First they will take Georgia
>Then Ukraine
>Then maybe even my country (Poland)
he was Smoleńsk'd for this words, and for being defiant to GAZPROM offers
sorry Ivan, too much bad blood, I do not trust you except of anything about Syria where you are somehow good guys

also, give back Kresy! Kowno, half of Belarus, 1/3 of Ukraine is ours, this situation is bullshit and won't stand

What a great idea to kill 90% of whites so we dont have to see SJW dictatorship.

Got a point.
Either we win this planet back or we burn it all. That's the way it is.

I wouldn't say it's bad at this point to be honest.

I don't understand how it contradicts with my statement about unwillingness to lose the influence Russia had in the past.

Your government wants to be a key figure in NATO and demonising Putin as a threat plays for their benefit, so they brainwash you as well.

it contradicts in a way that maybe at some point you will decide that you have to protect russian minority in let's say Suwałki and Białystok, and boom, annexation, fake voting, etc etc whole shitshow
also Putin is not a saint and you guys assassinated president in cooperation with germans, how to not demonize you for that?
>INB4 no proofs of assassination
you are holding wreckage and refusing to give it back, situation is ridiculous

'Remember. No Russian.' scenario you mean?

I'd rather the West descend into clownworld Weimar-tier degeneracy with every family prostituting their gay sons for nigger cum bitcoins before I trust a fucking Russian to take over the helm. Hell I'd trust a fucking Chink before I trust the goddamn Russians.

Everything they fucking touch turns to shit you retard. Everything. Russia-dominated world will be worse than anything you can possibly imagine.

They wouldn't be alive you half-wit.

Soon China conquer r*ssia and all planet fucking earth shit

>US will be the leading country in terms of PC culture, SJW, forced diversity propaganda
You've never watched Russian domestic television, have you?

< 3 Russia , stay out and grab popcorn , degeneracy shit fest will be much amusing in coming years in US and Germanistan.

No, fuck off you proud of communism kremlin imperialist.

>PC culture, SJW, forced diversity propaganda

Russia has all those problems and on top of it it's a hellhole full of heavy drugs, drunkenness, abortions, more muslims, poverty, corruption, state tyranny, open borders, terrorism, churkas bullying whites and so on.

Come on, Russia will be destroyed in next 10 years. Nato will come to Ukraine, Turkey will close ways to Atlantic ocean, sanctions and etc. Next step will be Belorussia and then goodbye peaceful life. Russia will become 3rd world country


No one cares about this shithole. NATO needs territories near Russia.