When you buy into the feminist meme and go for a career and end up single in your mid 30s

>When you buy into the feminist meme and go for a career and end up single in your mid 30s

Will this trend reverse with the newer generation?

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with the clock running out on jane's womb, there won't be a newer generation

it's for the best. Life is so tiresome.

These anglo sluts should be cum dumps for Finnish bulls

shes probably burned a lot of coal by this point anyway so its for the best

Picky and entitled to the bitter end.

My ex is in her early 30s and we were about to get engaged but the relationship began experiencing problems. She became critically but devastated when I just said fuck it and started dating girls in their early 20s.

It made her try a lot harder, but that doesn't change the math that just doesn't add up in my favor (I want to have a few kids with whoever I settle down with).

Did I do the right thing?

More like
>Clock ticking after riding the cock carousel


>5'9 Manlet
>don't want my kids to suffer from being a manlet
I must fuck the giant, for the good of my children.

>When you buy into the feminist meme and go for a career and end up single in your mid 30s

Kek. Nah, in their 30s they still get beta orbiters sending facebook messages. When they hit 40, that is whennthe real crisis begins.

Seriously. I have seen the strong dont need no man type of women over the past decade at anime cons. They just have super high standards, insanely high, and they just dont get it. No, no,no. The man you ate holding out for doesnt exist in this universe, and even if they did, why would they waste any time on a stupid 30 year old feminist hag when they can bang 18 year old girls? These bitches are really shooting outside of their league, then get pumped and dumped by the doctor, then take it out on the guys they would never talk to if it were not to antagonize and humiliate.

Holy shit she's a monster


They could still end up with your manlet genes. The best solution is for you to drop out of the white genepool entirely. Find yourself a gook woman or something like that.

That's pretty hot desu. I'd climb that mountain, if you get my drift.

Fuck why did I find this so stupidly funny haha

Just imagined user trying to fuck doggy-style like a small dog with a larger dog hahaha

Goona go watch that stupid Auerac Jensen Brazzer video to help with the imagery to laugh hahaha

Whats "ONS"?

>I don't want .....
>I want ....
Why are women such memes?

You need to be 18+ to post here.

Yeah yeah I guess you're right, no poi-
You're not gonna trick me that easily, Rabbi

One night stand?

One inchs meaning guys with an one inch cock

I'm 25 you bootleg Ukrainian. Just hit me: "One Night Stand".

She's a big girl.

HOLY SHIT HER SHAPE AND HEIGHT im gonna masturbate furiously to this

is that a shit icon?

damn, this is the uni I go to

not surprised though, unisa has a lot of marxist elements to it


unless you want your kids to have downs

It's simple eugenics. While we're at it, brown-eyed "white" people should not breed with white women either.

You know what women call micropenis, right?
>the finnish curse

I need her twitter, insta, fb everything !

For you

When they put specifics on what they do not want, it's what they have already had. She has been pumped, seek younger fertile pastures bros. The suicide rate for the old lonelies will be one of the best wake up calls to the following generations


I was 37, the mother of my child was 41. No issues. No tests. No birth complications.

Manlet amerimutt stfu.

> Don't show face
> Can still tell fat sloppy pig from jowls

Original night stalker

>hard working business owner
>looks at education


Kek. Jane is so nice, haven't even set the height bar right on profile description!
Now this is go to profile!

How old is the child?if older than 3, can the child count upto 2?


I must breed the ultimate warrior

>wanting to marry an uneducated woman or a jobless one

Stop being so insecure about yourself and aiming for dinwitten women. Quite frankly, an educated man would make a better partner than a woman without a college degree, and am saying that someone straight as can be.

>literal latent cuck fantasy

My sides evaporated

I'd marry her


I hope she never reproduces. ;_;

Yeah, but your odds of downs for example were like 1 in 35, whereas for a 20yo woman theyre something like 1 in 1,500. Plus younger ones are just much more fertile. It's not impossible, it's about playing the odds.

now why would she fuck your manlet ass in the first place and not some 6'5 guy?

Sup Forums is sometimes so fucking disconnected from reality, women just don't fucking combust when they hit 30. I know plenty of women who have settled down in their mid 30s and went on to have children. Or women who divorced at 30 and remarried pretty easily. Even women remarrying into their 40s and 50s.

Not all men are like you on here and A LOT are willing to settle. It's pathetic wasting your time on this shit.


How's internet in Rwanda?

>love you like your parents never did and probably never will

Top kek. /mygirl/


da faq


After planting my seed in her to create a race of giants, she can just sit on my face and end my suffering.

True, sadly. As nice as it would be to see these women actually have to pay the consequences for slutting it up, they have the system rigged entirely in their favor. There will always be thirsty men out there who will bite as soon as they dangle the prospect of easy access to pussy in front of their faces. Plus, there's the whole "mommy/milf" meme that's been gaining popularity recently. Women can't really lose.


It's obviously a tranny.

>Impregnating a woman in her late 30s/early 40s.

Have fun, with those autistic weak children riddled with allergies and chronic diseases.

Someone's gotta replenish the ranks of Sup Forums regulars


>south australia
she probably has like nine kids by now to nine different blokes, none of them in her custody




The paedo's dream.

Holy fuck, what the actual fuck.


I'm 28 I predict in three to ten years time female suicides are going to skyrocket, we see even were are the real men articles and more like media prompting being a cuck to a single mom.



>sobbing intensifies

t. father issues, micro penis looking to kms

Because women are stupid, stupid


Depends, if she had a surgery it would be murder as she prepared the tool beforehand.


Fucking coalburners


Into the trash it goes




Only for some.
It's going to have to be weeded out of social acceptance for all women to rejoin the fold.

>Preggo 20 year old looking for a boyfriend

Top qeq

>South Australia

Me likey

Nigga I got a boner from dat shit

>dat chin
has a penis boys

>All these face sitting girls


shopped but still bonered

That's obviously a hooker m8

>i've seen this flag once before that means its not rare

lol kill yourself retard

I died - i was gonna say the same thing lmao


These women are top tier compared to what I pick up in Delaware.

not just downes, tons of diseases


I just threw up in my mouth a little.


for you

Looks like that one hit a little too close to home.