When I went to europe last month I kept getting mistaken for italian/southern european. Feels good to be white

When I went to europe last month I kept getting mistaken for italian/southern european. Feels good to be white

It's because all shitskins look the same. Just like all niggers and chinks

its good, maybe you can pretend all your life that youre not an inbred goatfucker

Sorry Op you dont look italian. I on the other hand am descended from romans

Pic very related. Tis me

Stfu subhuman both Op and I are whiter than you wannabe nazi larping shitskin

You look inbred as fuck. No doubt your parents are cousins.

nope, youre just a subhuman with inferiority complex kek

well i'm a southern/eastern european, and i put "middle eastern" on diversity applications when applying for jobs - companies in the US, are racist, what can I say.

Be quite subhuman mind your tounge I am descended from the romans

That's the funniest part.

wtf is wrong with that thing? is it ok? will it live?
is his common is goat fucking countries to look so offensive?

You have autism too as well as being inbred.

You are the one with inferiority complex but I dont blame you since its not your fault you're not roman

Are those refugees or identitarians?

With that unibrow? Bullshit

You look like 25% Loo 25% Arab 25% Mongol 25% Stranger things

You are not roman therefore you dont get an opinion

In your dreams Paki

Romanic italians

100% roman

You're lucky enough to have pale skin but you could never pass as white or European.

cute, post more I love shitskin inferiority complex
>Scipio Pakistanius

fucking kek
serious advice, grow a beard. that chin is shameful.

>Europeans don't have unibrow

very likely that Op is whiter than you unless you are a roman

This is one the main issues with the MultiCULT you have shitskins calling themselves natives for an ego boost...you will never be Euro

>black/white mulatto that passes as white in America
>went to London and Paris last summer
>people were speaking arabic to me
y-y-you too

Dude youre a fucking retard. Every cell in your body screams shitskin

I am Italian of pure roman descent therefore genetically above both

You are more white than 56% sharters. You just follow a very primitive religion. Zoroastrianism if west and Buddhism/Hinduism is east of the Indus river are your proper religions.

Cope, I am roman

One for street shitters and the other is subhumans, I am pagan like my viking ancesters

Youre a pakinstani rat with no exposure to the sun and a weird bone structure. And all those picrures you made just show how insecure you are about it.

calm down
you look like Elliot Rodger

Did your mom visit chernobyl while you were in her womb? because you have some of the most reatrded facial proportions I've ever seen

you arent white


I am Roman
If elliot rodger was roman
Roman facial structure

if u came to america ud be mistaken for a turd sandwich

whats ur nationality

Since when are pajeets roman you subhuman mongrel?


I can even tell anymore

I know this is bait, but you could pass for an obese Kurd at best in Southern Europe


look like a half white half paki chav

I am roman

Duckface isn't popular since 2010


you're a mongloid.

you're officially 100% european white in the USA bro

however I can see some turkic admixture in you


>Phase 2 of Le56% started a few days ago.

stop.... ur not roman

Went on a cruise ship couple weeks ago.
The latin americans I met and hung out with (brazil, chile, venezuela) were whiter than the native miami and many of the east coast people and in general much nicer people to be around.
Holy fuck "midwest white" is totally different than "east coast white". The venezuela guy kept telling me how good looking I was and I told him everyone looks like me where I live. He didnt believe me.
The brazilians thought I was german, A canadian thought I was french.
My next cruise I will go out of Tampa so I can be with my midwest kin.

Can you invite more friends to /pol, we should have more Pakistan vs India banter

well done caesar.


Pakis and Flips have such a weird skin colour

Are you white?

no hes less white in america than hed be in europe

ever since the first europeans raped the indians and set shop in america, the turks (same race as indians) came in and raped europeans and set up shop

so europeans are more indian niggers than americans

No diabeto, roll back to kitchen.

Maybe if you had a fucking chin.


dude really where u from

north africa?

I am roman
Its called white, very rare in britian

Am i white /pol?

Im pretty sure hes a legit paki, I know an afghani with the exact same facial features

u and him are both mongolian

he might be from bangledesh... idk his flag i know thats not a paki flag


Honestly no one would ever suspects you are not native in Italy, you kinda look like me

>theres more of you fuckers over here than there are in pakistan, by your logic that would make it more white, not less

nom quam romano? no estes europa

Bengalis look poo and south east asian not roman
Its a paki flag

damn i just looked that up too

Since when are Romans a modern phenotype, poo?

go rape a kid akhmed

And a spaghetti to you as well

I am of pure roman descent, mind ypur tounge my ancesters built europe

What if Pakistan developed their first Artificial inteligence that escaped and now can only shitpost pharases - i'm roman.

ur a dirty hindu from pakistan

fun fact, all pakis think they are more sophisticated than europeans in america

they are literally niggers

You wish, London is 10% paki at best

back to r/RoastMe

My ancester :)

You look like your aunt is your mother

I am roman

lmao you are both worst than me.

>you wish
I don't actually please stay where you are

50% central asian, 50% poo in loo, 100% disgusting and inbred

I can't tell if you are spamming the shit out of this board or if you are new here. Lurk moar pls

Pure romanic descent. My great grandfather was muhammed caesar

i got into a facebook fight with a nigger from pakistan

he literally told me his people were a million times more sophisticated than mine

his people fucking rape little kids and marry their cousins

u cant be christian in pakistan or they burn your ass alive

and this little niglet told me hes more sophisticated than me

he got all the brownie points cuz i live in boston and those niggers love straight mongolians before any southerner

all three of you are FUCKING turks

We the real europeans, our ancester built europe

and stop hiding behind a meme flag MUTT.

He is because he is roman. Only Romans are allowed internet here

OMFG stop commenting. If you where beside me irl I would bully you to make you stop talking

Ofc they do kek