Firefighters are tackling a blaze in an apartment block in Manchester city centre. Multiple stories are on fire. Get in here.


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good riddance whoever they are

>Brits dying
>Nothing of value

Who gives a flying fuck?

send your digits boys


put me in screencap

>fire didn't started at night so all the shitskins would burn


Fuck off, Ogres.

>Who gives a flying fuck?

Get a life. It's just a small fire.

all the women are probably still in their apartments ironing their husband's tunics and watching dancing with the stars this could be good

What makes you think I'm a Yankee, toveri?

Oh shit, whole building will collapse, any second now.. Oh wait, that actually never happens.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............

Is this a kebab apartment?

You know what to do...

Raging flames and dead muslims will come to Britain but only if you post "FLAME ON FIRECHAN" in this thread.


Is it a brown town tower?

no one cares for Mohammad Birtwistle and her majesty Queen Dindu

Try smashing a plane in it.

It needs jet fuel to collapse.


FYI: Its a white people bloc ... Can tell from the newish kind of baloney

another fridge of peace?

inb4 as many people die as grenfell yet nothing is done because they aren't mudfucking wogs

lol fuck off anglo trash, your country is dog shit

Complete collapse of the building when?

They all are.


Why so many big fires in appartment blocks in Britain? What the reason?

Does that mean that Manchester City won't win the premier league? Give the trophy to Liverpool instead? Is it happening?

>White British.

Muslim cooking skills.


why don't they just outlaw fire?

Green amphibian wills that Ahmed has a bomb factory on one floor and it levels central Manchester

cheap insulation panels

Kekd irl

Followed by opportunist council scum looting the city. Leading to England riots no2

>Manc Scum burning!

They should make it illegal to start semi-automatic assault fires and own full-auto stoves

Maybe others are White Germans, Poles, Irish ?

euro buildings are made out of concrete, twin towers were more like a big stick of metal holding each floor like a kabob, decorated with a thing layer of glass. the whole physics is different.

There is probably white cheebies in there, i hope firechan is careful/

There are no Brits in that building, I can assure you

nice gonna hear about this on the news for the next 6 months


Eh, I don't really care when Brits burn to death. I mean, they aren't even people really.

Payback for Mutt threads

inb4 US capital

Meanwhile in the capital of the USA almost 4 years ago

>including "white hispanics"


Wheres the periscope or something??

The comments on news sites are abysmal. Regulation this and tat, why "isn't the safety company public"

Not one word that Ahmed had his kebab spinner next to his explosive vests.

The absolute state of Britcucks.



>Wash DC

wew, lad

Can we not just enjoy a happening together like the good old days?

London is about 48%

Whiter than you, toveri.

how can anyone be this retarded?

Well, he is an American....

call back when you have a death toll so we can laugh at all the roasted pakis

>California is burning
>nice blaze in Jewyork in nog and spic infested building
>metropolitan leftist scum and rapefugees tasting the meat AND the heat
December has been a rather quiet end to the year, but entertaining nonetheless.

>mutt wars

we need live video or we just fight among ourselves to keep entertained.

Well Sup Forums? Did you see what happened?

Hispanics are white Christians.



Another fridge fire?

> eyo guvna them pakis burnin over at the corner with the chinky store innit

i love the mutt meme. BTFOs burgers every time

Third world primitives trying to understand modern accomodations


> I love the mutt meme
> t. chinkstralia

Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool are all full of northerners who are just as bad

Whiter than you, Emu.

come on

You know what really fucked me off quite recently?

There's going to be a Grenfell inquiry as there should be given what happened, but residents expected to be allowed to sit on the inquiry as if they somehow had any fucking idea what conducting and resolving an inquiry entails.

I have no qualms about them being called up on for evidence, kept 'in the loop' so to speak and being made aware of the findings/conclusions, but the sheer audacity of them to expect to be involved in something that frankly they had no place in.... it really wound me up and I don't know why.

I think the only other thing that's had me more livid was when they stupid twat Commrade Corbyn attempted to encourage the seizure of £millions in local property to house the survivors.

Jet fuel was enough to weaken the steel beams so that they collapsed under the weight of the tower.

Stupid American

come on what
your mamas fat titties?

>Manchester city


based mario

It's in quite a hip bohemian area - lots of coffee bars and anti-Trump murals - and the apartments will be privately owned/rented, so probably no achmeds live there. But they will be insufferable hippy lefties and numales so fuck em. Burn!!!!

Reditors really are pathetic aren't they.

i lived in LA and London, trust me there's no comparison, the buildings are nicer, the people don't make you puke, and the weather is a lot nicer.

could be also that asians and hispanics looks white-ish, but holly shit there were so many more visible shitskins in london

The fire rises!

>Not "New Brits"

At least a few shitskins will die. Unfortunately it means the MSM and the gubmint will be mourning them for weeks on end.

Reminds me of Detroit.
Blue are niggers. The city itself is over 82% nigger (according to 2010 statistics).

The worst that a Portuguese found out and most segregated.
Chicago 2000

Probably because they saw how much gibmedats the Grenfell niggers were getting. let it burn.

We're not Londistanis.

American retards mate, don't try teach them shit. Let them feel special, it's all they've got.

wtf why didnt i think of bullet proof back packs

83.81% in 2011 (counting non-Brits)

Whiter than you, Mohammed

>living in an apartment block
The absolute state of cityfags.

>nigger tower

Do they even know how many died in the first tower fire?

Is it halal meat?????

Are you telling me you don't keep your ice cream at 300 degrees?