Australian Army

Australian Army.

Blonde, fit, hot & intelligent ( note the glasses )

Why isn't your army filled with 9/10's Sup Forums

Post your army chix.

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Glorious Finngolian warrior woman masterrace.

I can't find her in fatigues but this is a retired captain from the Leaf Armed Forces. Was on an episode of naked and afraid


Because women in our military are nigs and/or sub 5/10s who want to be thots.




Maybe this is why you lost a war o birds.

Start dumping those beautiful, Israeli goddesses boys.

>falling for the oldest recruiting gimmick in the book
>dude look at these israeli army babes this is what we must defend

The modern military is just an administrative apparatus to keep the industry humming in case it's ever needed. None of these people have an actual combat role, whatever their MOS is.


>All these fake propaganda join le (((army girls))) with long nails and puffy bodies.
Not even once.

Pretty sure that she is Navy.

You know she's only in the army because she knows there's a 0% chance of ever being deployed anywhere?

Neither are naturally blond.

>( note the glasses )
Damn I love you aussies

The guy's face screams low test.

Wow it's so nice that they let women in the army to pack lunch for the men.


He has that >Just unboxed my nintendo switch, face

Its a woman

I think that's a woman

Hope they remove the sandwich crusts, don't want to get curly hair while in battle.

Jesus Christ! That is one ugly woman.

Upon closer inspection, I disagree. No way that's a woman. It has a completely flat chest. No-one loses that badly in the genetic lottery.


It's almost certainly a woman, you should know that there is no mixed housing in Finnish army.

Aussie army also is trying to recruit less men in their fighting forces. If you think women can pick up the slack, you are out of your goddamn mind.

>I will never be berated and ordered to my death by Sgt. Kulda of the Estonian Defence League during a Russian invasion

>putting women in harms way

absolutely haram

Instant headshot.

ameribro, no male thinks this.

What you are referring to, is the political shitstirring of woman to "achieve" this.

Don't worry, when the shit hits the fan, we'll send them back to the cafeteria.

That's a shame then. I wouldn't know, spent like a week in service. Got relieved over health issues. desu I wasn't and am not into LARPing 24/7. I can go innawoods and to the range by myself.

I hope you can shitpost IRL as well as you do online. You'll be undefeated if you do.

Except for the emus.

>Australian army
You mean an army that banned man from recruitment to increase the amount of women in it? Yeah, nice work Straya. Can't wait to see how all those stronk womun will handle fights with ISIS

Women in the military is a heresy anyways. But here's a cutie with big gun

russa bro.. no bad blood.. one of my coworkers is russian, currently there to see his wife,.. I have told him to bring me back a tshirt with an image of putin that says "i ,

>staring deep into her eyes
>feeling so god damn safe

i like this feel

We do


>long nails.
The only thing she can do with such is shooting from le dik.



Nice proxy


In this thread:
Simps and white knights.

> intelligent ( note the glasses )


one moar

British Army Babes are the best.


Wonder how many people she got killed

You just know this is a propaganda shot, No woman this beautiful can go through training when (which she probably is) could easily make 10x more money modelling in front of a camera.

>have a military filled with Shelas and Staceys, getting knocked up to avoid actual work/deployments and being held to lesser standards



Reminder that all military gurls are vapid whores.

Women do not belong in the military. 7 years in the marines and I have yet to come across a female marine who was attractive and good at her job. The only useful female military members are ugly lesbian types. And they don’t belong because they’re females.


They ride the cock carousel like no other

>intelligent ( note the glasses )
Wow, you're dumb.

>Australian Army.
>Blonde, fit, hot & intelligent ( note the glasses )
>Why isn't your army filled with 9/10's Sup Forums
Reality of Australian army.

so basically a more fit version of the standard military wife then?

Nope, I just checked and her name is Marine and she is a "réserviste chef de groupe section Vigipirate - Aéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle" .

Which roughly translates to "military reserve force grill responsible for the anti terrorist stuff in big airport"

>fingolian army

Because our armies actually have to fight

the ones that aren't dykes

Can confirm this 90% of the army's riflemen are pic related.

She training to process bodybags? Thats certainly a skill we'll need if we keep up this shit

Australian Navy, you fucking mong.

>her eyes match the uniform color

fucken operation dream time over here. ugh.

You have no idea how underqualified I'd say 50-60% of our current active members are. I swear to you if this country went to war tomorrow we'd all be dead within 2 weeks.

This. The handful of attractive any women get all the media screen time.



If au went to war:

my predictions:
All the chinks would flee ( dual citizen traitors)
All the poos would flee (dual citizen traitors)
MAoris would stay (bro tier)
Islanders would stay (bro tier)

Anything I've missed?

>Why isn't your army filled with 9/10's Sup Forums
But it is desu

this vid is like from 10 years ago, check her actual vids or better don't do it

1) women in armed forces... jesus
2) you are pussy-worshiping cuck



Actual Australians?

Yeah, what the fuck are the Maoris doing on mainland Australia?


security, construction and bouncers.

This is exception rather than rule.

>Navy uniforms, Naval ensign patches, anchor shoulder board insignia...


You disgust me OP... baka

kek. Valid.

What are islanders doing in Australia?

Because i want my army to actually win wars faggot, not look good while loosing them

:^) sorry bro.

Women in the military is a sign of societal collapse

mainly =

no, all the pics posted by me is polish army
idk about regular army but i know that in territorial defence forces around 10% are females

Kek, its Saturday night and I considered going out myself but then I think to myself

>Do I really want a girl who goes out on a Saturday night?

How do I ever recover...

We have 50,000 men m8 you don't get it flee or not we're all dead unless the US deems it worthwhile to protect us. This is the absolute state of Australian military.

> Blonde, fit, hot & intelligent ( note the glasses )
She's not blonde. Note the roots.

what a fucking waste


*blocks your path

Hopefully we weaponize, to at least enable us to deploy nukes quickly, without the melbourne leftist/ hippies being aware of said capability.

There's no excuse to not have nukes now imho (. as deterrent )

Found a picture of your mother.