Like this American girl

>like this American girl
>8/10 face
>short, thin body with big perky breasts
>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>kind and fun to be around and enjoys my humour


>ex rape victim (2 different times)
>has had a lot of lesbian sex
>did psychology and gender studies
>her great great great grandmother was a nigger (but she looks like the purest white I've ever seen)

What would you do, Sup Forums? I've known her for years now and we're great friends. Should I marry her?

Run away as fast as possible.

Is it the black ancestor that was too much?

Take her off our hands.
Thank you for your sacrifice.

she's a catch by european standards

Need pics or gtfo

raped by men?
wouldnt even go near that

>>big perky breasts
>>blonde hair
>>blue eyes
You don't have to fuck her personality user.


good point

Stay away. Far away. How many red flags do you fucking need? You've already listed about 20

Say no to mutt thots

thats a dude

That's an ant.

Conversely, you shouldn't stick your dick in crazy.

I work with a red/green flag system.

Her green flags balance out the reds imo

looks plain af, ditch her and start looking for something of value?

Absolutely fucking disgusting feminist left wing trash.

OP isn't red pilled at all. Go back to Ieddit

Yuck. Looks like every white girl in the Midwest US, 20s, wrinkles starting to show, and hair about to fall out. Run away quickly. Don't let the blonde hair and blue eyes fool you. And she most likely lied about being raped. She is a dyke who wants your money I would assume.

Is this American girl named Becca?

>ex rape victim (2 different times)
>has had a lot of lesbian sex
>lesbian sex
>LESBIAN "sex"
>did psychology and gender studies
>gender studies
>gender studies
Yeah... I...

can't, I'm Belgian

The women here fuck over 12+ men on average

I'm a white supremacist though


That's not how it works though.

I mean if you want to be her 3rd rapist, have at it

She is broken dude, don't screw your life with people like this, they will drag you in their levels.

Also she dye her hair -100/10

>8/10 face
dump her. do not settle below a 9/10 face.

I think she's cute, but it should all hinge on whether or not you can make her conform to your views, or if she's an unredeemable degenerate.

Or make it simpler, ask her to let her hair grow, if she refuses and insists on keeping it this short then dump her.

>that's a 8/10 in memegium
Run user, run!


^ yeah, you just know this user never settles for anything below 9.5/10


>What would you do
pump, dump

The things she tells me about gender studies are unironically interesting. She isn't that bluepilled.

Why not?

Nope. She's light blonde naturally.

Where to look? German women? nah

We actually talk and debate a lot. We agree on some things and don't others but we never get mad about it.

She actually did let her hair grow once when I asked her to.

you know what they say, "3rd times the charm"

rape her and make it number 3

>The women here fuck over 12+ men on average
kek, and half of those "men" are from Africa. Reason enough for you to lower your standards.

Well you have to remember that with these types of girls any consensual sex is considered rape a few years later

Seems like you get along well enough with her. Sup Forums isn't the first place where you should ask for relationship advice, if you like her keep her, if you're getting sick of her dump her, simple as that.

I have consent forms with me all the time when I travel

/r9k/ isn't Sup Forums and I like to think this is somewhat politics



Is it true that Polish women will racemix and the drop of a dime? Should I date a Polish girl?

I have consent forms

>The women here fuck over 12+ men on average
So they in the USA. It's a fucking "lesbian", has probably made up rape claims, has probably fucked more than 20 men/women, has spent 4 years of her life studying "gender". What the fuck do you find attractive about her? Not even the average Spanish girl is so fucked up.

>managed to be raped twice
>so fucked in the head had gay sex while not actually being gay
>is actually a nigger
I don't understand what's so hard for you people to understand, that person is obviously insanely degenerate.

>I have consent forms with me all the time when I travel

I can not tell if you are serious or joking.

She actually had proof though and she got raped as a child so... It's not really the type of rape you guys are thinking of

Well her appearance is 10/10 for me
She makes me laugh a lot and is on my mental level
We have a lot of the same interests
She's kind, wants kids and is just lovely in general

she's bi
also, it's not a child's fault that it got raped

>Is it true that Polish women will racemix and the drop of a dime? Should I date a Polish girl?
the kind of Polish girl who DREAMS of living in New York/Paris/London/Berlin will do that, yes. I even knew one in Berlin who despite being kinda racist still had sex with a Nigerian mutt, and Azeri and others, all while still having a boyfriend back in Poland.

They're not all the same, but you shouldn't count on Polish women being automatically an upgrade. Mostly not the ones who would be interested in you as a foreigner.

When I go to places like London I unironically have consent forms with me.

>consent forms
Is this even a thing? Jesus just fucking kill me.

>both my parents are Polish
>meet up with qt I met on the internet while in Poland
>fall in love with her
>19 year old virgin
>beautiful with light hair and blue eyes, amazing body
>is really into history, politics, and science
>anti SJW and is not a feminist
>go with her to world war 2 museum in Gdansk
>make out aggressively in the holocaust section after laughing about it
>cuddle in bed and watch Hitler documentaries
>sends me Nazi and Trump memes
>tfw fell in love with my interpals pen pal and am back in this nigger infested shithole

Feels bad guys. I'm pretty sure I'm hallucinating and there's no possible way i found my irl waifu. I've been drinking daily after coming back from Poland because I miss her so much and I know we can't be together

I want yank gf :(

m8, one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, she seems pretty good, why are you even asking us? Why would you even think of dumping her if you like her?

I'm not *thinking* of dumping her. I'm just wondering what Sup Forums thinks.

>the purest white I've ever seen
well, that explains everything. There are no whites in Belgium.

also fuck off to >>>/b?

>marrying a rape victim

Do the humane thing

One of the prettiest girls I've ever met was this Polish chick working in Dublin.
I still kick myself to this day for not getting her normiebook

If you think it's really your woman then go for it. But all you are saying makes me think she will not be very mentally stable in the future (raped as a kid, past degenerate sex life (fucking lesbian sex),...).

Try it, you have nothing to lose. Good luck.

>not wanting a subservient cutie that will cower in fear every time you unbuckle your belt or raise your first

Are you sure she isn't a retarded nutcase, she shows symptoms of being a retarded nutcase? She has an std right?

Also related question

Would you rather have a girlfriend that only had lesbian sex in the past or straight sex?

I'd prefer the lesbian sex desu

Yes, they are mandatory in Sweden if you want to have sex or its rape

Nah she's just special

Ahh, if it's only lesbian you'll be ok. I thought she had fucked everything (I've met some girls who do this shit). It may be because the rape as a child traumatised her and made her hate men.

>>short, thin body with big perky breasts
You want your future sons to be manlets?
Oh nevermind, you people are manlets anyway
Fuck, marry, kill her, I don't care. You people are dead to me ever since you betrayed us in 1830

If you do then you'll end up as her 3rd rapist.

She could be lying about the lesbian sex because she wants you to think she is sexy and exciting. She could also be lying about the rape because she wants you to feel like she is vulnerable and worth protecting, and perhaps also she secretly wants you to roughly fuck her in a rape-fantasy scenario.

Just some food for thought, i guess.

>we can't be together
why not??

k, well she doesn't even look like a mutt so we're talking about homeopathic doses here, she got raped but as a child it's not her fault, it just happens as a result of being around shitty burgers (I know lots of Americans who got raped by family), and as long as it doesn't get in the way of your relationship with her it's not really a problem. The gender studies thing is kind of a red flag but that's the kind of indoctrination you can expect a burger woman to go through.

You're a western man, you found a woman who is sweet AND wants children, that's a pretty good find these days.

Underrated comment

so let's say you love her for whst she is. Why would you care if she is a feminist? It's up to you to decide if you want her or not .
But I would advice you to try learning more about her before you do anything maybe it could change the way you look at her. even if you make a mistake it should be your lesson for being to blue pilled.
I found my girl she's a nihilist but ironically she's a mix of conservativ and nihilist. I had the same problem but my girl was the virgin. it turned out she was more redpilled than me. The way you look at people change with learning more about them.
maybe it's true that + and - fits together or maybe I'm just blue pilled.