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Wtf? All her segment s crying

Other interviews too


Hahahaha holy shit she is always crying!


They play a recording if trump talking about her years ago and she breaks down.

Fucking loser

How do you think she fucks?

Like a dead fish

She starts sobbing and then calls you a pussy for stopping.

>that fake laugh 30 second in
I'm done. Fuck that fake piece of shit, and fuck this fake network.
This woman is based and has done more for justice than anyone here could claim without larping.
She is a lose cannon, they are trying to discredit her, it works in a way but as people become aware more will see what she really fights for and become redpilled as fuck.

is that really her twitter?

Why are you doing this to me?

she's korean



>Hahahaha holy shit she is always crying!

Fake news. She didn't cry at all in the clip you showed.

The crimes she's uncovered in the Mayo clinics are unspeakable. This thread is full of shills on damage control, scared to death of what she exposed.

>She spent a good 30 seconds rambling about her cat
>30 seconds

>Ari asked about it

Trump is probably having her drugged/stalked so that the deposition records can be eliminated due to "mental illness"

Fuck off shill
>I fucking love all these white limousine liberals who think sending me mean tweets down this thread is helping black ppl.
>They're like those pasty nasties in "Get Out." Don't fucking tell me what Asian--black relations are/should be in this country. Stfu.
>I think a lot of the outrage is people shocked at an Asian person being mouthy. Like, you know, we are supposed to not look you direct in the eyes and bow and bring you chow mein and shit...
>When the Ruby Ridge folks acknowledge the pain behind #BlackLivesMatter AND VICE VERSA, that will be a day of great beauty.

Surprise surprise, yet another Asian woman who hates white men. Are there really still people on this board who still think they're based? And if so, what would it take to show you guys otherwise?