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>Europe’s populist movement was given a shot in the arm on Saturday when Czech Republic President Milos Zeman, running primarily on an anti-migration platform, fended off a challenge from political neophyte Jiri Drahos.
>Zeman won 51.4 percent of the vote from the two-day runoff while opponent Jiri Drahos won 48.6 percent.
>Czech Radio reports that Drahos won in most of the main cities, while Zeman scored big with smaller towns and the countryside, with analysts saying Zeman’s “common touch” made the difference.

>Zeman, a former left-wing prime minister who ascended to the presidency in 2013, had been widely criticized for what critics described as Islamophobic rhetoric, and had also raised concerns in Western Europe by taking a distinctly pro-Russian approach on questions such as the annexation of Crimea.

>Zeman, who has warned of an “organized invasion” of migrants and asked why young men fleeing their country didn’t take up arms and fight back home, had embraced the populist wave that swept through the West in 2016.
>He was one of very few European leader to endorse President Donald Trump’s bid for the White House and by calling for a referendum on the Republic’s membership of the European Union, has taken a page from the British “Brexit” vote.
>Both candidates took tough stances on the migration issue, with Drahos rejecting accusations from Zeman that he was weak on the topic. The Associated Press reports that Zeman's supporters commissioned billboard and newspaper ads that called on citizens to "Stop Migrants and Drahos."
>"This is our land! Vote Zeman!" said the advertisements.
>His victory cements the anti-E.U. and anti-migration nature of the Czech government, after the victory in October of billionaire Andrej Babis, whose anti-establishment ANO (Yes) movement won in October after taking a similar approach to migration.

Big if true

Huge if big.

He won? Fuck yeah, we need more anti-invader politicians!

He is not afraid of no kunda!

>Zeman, a former left-wing prime minister
This kind of tells me he's a populist. But I don't know shit, Czech bros report in and shine the light on the matter ples

based slavs

this basicaly speaks for itself

that statement is correct

he is pro israel, very similar to trump in that stance. our media cunts already trying to push the "only rural tards vote zeman" and "muh russian influence" meme. he is not right wing in the classic sense, but he is nationalistic enough to clearly be the better choice.

it's similar to czech communists, they are one of the most vigilant anti-immigrantion parties out there, haha

I don't give a fuck about foreign politics so it's up to them to post the goings ons here.

Congrats to the Czech...but remember..just cause he is now in power, don't be sheep make sure he adheres to his promises and above all, make he he does not gobble up elite balls. winning is half the battle, fulfillment of his promises will win the war.

Czech Republic re-elects far-right president Miloš Zeman


our leftist are oldschool marxists who would sent the new wave antifa fags to gulag faster than you can say shvec.

This. Our left may be commies, but definitely not the west-type cucks, they're nationalists.

they are not even true nationalist. they would go for an another "Internacionala" soviet style COOP. They would send tractors to Vietnam and Uranium to russia. But they are not retarded enough to want to commit suicide by niggers and apparently the bad jews didnt bother to buy them yet. after we deal with nigger invaison they still should get helicopter ride. but untill then im fine with using them against the nigger pushing EU.

Czechs NO!

nationalist and "left-wing" is even better than nationalist and "right-wing". how leftist is he on economy and social issues?

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Bravo Milos


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LMAO all of these liberals going to Canada

at least canada might have an influx of white people

Thanks Czechs for fighting the good fight.

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Ha yeah! Those are some good euros who haven't abandoned our LORD Jesus Christ.

Christianity will save the west! Now time for western europe to follow suit.


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>moje dospívajicí dcera pláče

mám tušení že s takovým přístupem ta dcera nikdy nedospěje

Very underrated.

Kek, called a life-time long leftist a far-right. I just dont even.

>Zeman, who has warned of an “organized invasion” of migrants and asked why young men fleeing their country didn’t take up arms and fight back home

You could ask the same thing about Eastern Europeans.

>LMAO all of these liberals going to Canada
Have anyone of these fagots really showed up?
Toronto is a jew-niggerfaggot paradise. I bet none have made the move yet though

Thanks for your supporter Czech.


Yeah thats what we need, more Urbanfags voting for liberals.
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Eastern Europe.. better every day

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I live in Eastern ON you Ottawa cuck

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Relax, they are all bark and no bite.
Remember when lots of Americans said they would do the same if Trump won?

Definitely /ourguy/

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You goys got played. Zeman is chinese sellout and Brussels bootlicker. He talks shit about migrants just to get rednecks to vote him.

why is there one conservative bastion in the gta
i thought it was liberal overload over the entire region

then the choice did not matter either way and we might aswell have fun with it for the next five years.

It really didn't. Drahos is weak-minded puppet and Zeman is alcohol-minded drunk. Why did people got so passionate about second turn is beyond me.

because liberals are retarded

>why is there one conservative bastion in the gta
That would be the Thornhill region of Toronto, which has some of the highest income in the country. I'm sure it is redundant to tell you it is all white

There is always one purity spiral user like you but your views are always irrelevant.

look at this geriatric fuck. when czech was social democratic they led europe in growth had low unemployment and paid off debt. we'll see how the gypsy "jew" parties do. berlusconi coming out of the woodwork. it's paradise i'm telling you. good thing moore lost. it seems so predictable and boring. right wing loves zionism. loses sometimes. "wins" sometimes. left likes it a little less. loses sometimes. wins sometimes

>czeck thread
>not a single whore posted

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I don't know about the other grievances that Czechbros have had with this man, but I, for one, am glad as fuck that Czechka will remain nice, clean, and sandnigger-free.
Best country on the continent.

thanks, hope we dont get another liberal in power just so your country can remain safe so it can keep on removing kebab. stay strong!

Congratulations Czech Republic! Saw a meme a couple weeks ago showing the first round and how the right had all the regions except Prague, and they were apparently still going to lose.

Least religious country on Earth is conservative!


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