Why do people deny the Holocaust happened when there are photos, documentation...

Why do people deny the Holocaust happened when there are photos, documentation, and hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts?

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Fake, fake, and oh yes FAKE.

ever notice how those tattoos never have seven digits

>Why do people deny the Holocaust happened when there are photos, documentation, and hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts?

What the fuck is "the holocaust" ???
Be specific.

If it were true they would have clipped ears or used brands. Why the fuck would you take 10 minutes to tattoo a number on each unit of kike cattle? Especially if you're just going to gas them.

>the holocaust never happened

The real question is this.
Why is the Holocaust always portrayed in such a negitive light?

kek hath spoken

Alpha numeric

Das Ist the SS Blood Tattoo

It is almost like they marked them for long term use like inventory. I have a bunch of tools, but I only take the time to mark the ones that are worth trying to find if they get stolen. Maybe they were protecting the Jews?

people were murdered by gas on arrival, not tattooed first.

Ok 2,574,000, still not six million, especially when you add in these billions of survivors we hear about.

The events happened but the details are fudged.


That's not what the (((survivors))) claim. Some claim to have survived gassing and execution several times.

Considering how "popular" kikes were (especially in parts of the Eastern Europe) back then and how even the news of possible coming of the Germans fired up some of the most violent attacks on them... Well, you might not be far from truth.

Idea: make stick and lick tatoos and hand out to wetback kids with spicy candy.

Yea, i know, right? How could anyone deny the existence of genocidal death camps when there are so many survivors that were like totally there to prove it?

ITT. we believe dead kikes?

Some of them died at least. Thankfully.

never forget the 6 gorrillion who were masturbated to death. the horror.

>88 git

The myth of German villainy is a great book

"but... buhht.. muh 6 million"


the Nazis made us run; if you couldn’t run, you’d get killed. They killed my mother right in front of me. She couldn’t run fast enough. I grabbed her. It was too much for a kid to see. I told the Nazis to kill me, too, but they said no, you are going to work. People were dying in front of me. I saw a rabbi who was lying in the corner with his feet cut off, but he was still alive. He was lying out there until he died. It was unbelievable what they did.


>millions survive death camps
>Yet Nazis were brutal efficient murderers
Pick one

they weren't efficient because they literally tortured their victims

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I like the stories where "brave" Jews survived "multiple" concentration camps for "multiple" years.
If you are getting genocided = you are not living for multiple years.
If you are getting fed in a concentration camp = you are not getting genocided.

The opening strike in this debate should always be "define holocaust". Then you just break the enemy down piecemeal.
If you know what the term holocaust means and where it comes from, there is a pretty devastating attack you can unleash upon targets, but I will keep that to myself for now, but I'll say this much; the secret lies in the history of the term.

how come you never see any numbers past 1 million?

You know people have done the math for what the Jews claim happened. The gassing, the oven's, and NONE of it checks out.

"Oh yeah, sure, I'm certain" that the efficient Germans, would rather feed, clothe, house and then burn (for no reason) all the laborers they had, rather than have them work in factories producing equipment for the war or manufacturing uniforms and such.

It makes much more sense to: Gather the Jews, transport them, create a record of who and how many there are, tattoo them, feed them, house them ---> just to gas them so you can then bury them.

Why not just fucking kill them all where and when you find them.. Muh 6 Million

cause they all got gassed and turned into ash you fucking retarded nazi-lover

Hmmmm Reports of Jews literally getting gunned down in the streets and murdered in front of everyone including documented on films but for some reason the Nazis pack them up and send them in trains half the way across Europe to a death camp because somehow this is more efficient. Really jogs the noggin.

like this one?

The Holocaust is a highly exaggerated Jewish folk tale. The number 6 million has been used by Jews before.

Not a single body has ever been found that died from gassing.

Are you counting the ones shot on the eastern front?

>makes excuses for imprisoning 2 million people

Plz explain?

>Fake, fake, and oh yes FAKE.
Not fake at all.
'Holocaust survivor' = someone who wasn't killed during the second world war = someone to whom not very much happened during the second world war

>tfw you don't have your papers


Listen to the shaman.

Nazis love this strawman. They killed the elderly and the weak right away and used the rest of the Jews for slave labor. That's why some survived.


>what do you mean you sent all the jews to the concentration camps?
>you told us to mein fuhrer
>I said send all the JUICE, for the starving POWs you dumbcopf!
>what should I do with the jews mein fuhrer?

Tattoos do not prove gas chambers
Tattoos prove that tattoos happened.


>the holocaust happened, but that doesn't mean you should give jews any special treatment

Is this a reasonable position?

"Derp, I was a Holocaust Survivor. I was captured and imprisoned by an impeccably talented and effective killing machine (known as the Nazi's/ 3rd Reich. I was at more than one KILLING DEATH CAMP, but here I am alive and well."

The round up of many races in germany happened. My grandmother was a nazi. My grandfather fought against the nazi in ww2 .. Met her when the war was over and the rest is history.

My grandmother told me a very different story from what the history books say.

She explained that the nazi did round up jews.. But not just jews... ALL FOREIGNERS. Gipsys, pollacks, romanians. Anyone who was a potential spy and put them in concentration camps. They were fed but during the war... Famine set in. Food became scarce. They couldnt just let them go. Millions died from starvation. They cremated SOME of the bodies to stop typhus and shit like that from spreading.

They did not have gas chambers. They did not WANT for them to all die but because of the war... They did. They had to do something with the bodies. Thats why some cremation were.tried. mass graves too. It was not focused on jews oer se but the kikes love saying it was all about them.

Nazi wantex their own country. They wanted a german people to thrive. They were pushed into the war because of previous sanctions and nonsense.

The nazis arent the evil people they were made out to be. Nor was Hitler.

War is not pretty and history is rewritten by the victors. The truth always stays the same.

My grandfather told me the wrong said won. He was duped. Jews now run the entire media in the us. They have direct manipulation of the masses in america and around the globe.

Never trust the jews. They only care about the enslavement of all races. Whites need to think for themselves. Never stop searching for the truth. The truth is difficult to accept but it will always be worth the suffering in the end.

The holocaust never happened, but watching kikes lie like it had for sympathy points, makes me wish it had.


It didn't happen. Like 200,000 of them died to starvation + typhus. Thats hardly remarkable during all the death during WW2.

>all got gassed and turned into ash

>That's why some survived.

This. History is full of lies. The only truth is logic.


Why are there no autopsy reports that confirms gassing?

>oh shit that one's sick quck send her to the hospital she's in no shape for the oven

>R 29429
Not even 6 million.

>Nazis love this strawman. They killed the elderly and the weak right away and used the rest of the Jews for slave labor. That's why some survived.

"slave labor"

So they weren't getting genocided then.

Nice work.

They got a collective tattoo so they can spew lies, fuck them.

>muhh holocaust


Nazis were literal crazy antisemities


digging up mass graves is a bad idea

If you define holocaust as gas chambers and 6 million... then you will find many who don't and won't believe it. We all know the jews were put in reconditioning camps.


Exactly, like with indians burials you don't want to get some vile jew hex on you.

what evidence is there of mass graves?

All jokes and memes aside. So 6 million the jews say, okay, it's wrong but whatever that's fine.

Do you have any idea, how many Germans and Russian's died in the battle for Stalingrad? Do you have any idea HOW the Germans and Russian's died?

Let me put it to you this way, let make believe that the jews were rounded up, gassed, or shot in the head. Let pretend that happened. That is a cake walk compared to how the Russian's and the Germans died during the battle of Stalingrad.

There were Russian Red Army Soldiers that literally were torched just like a match by German flame throwers, and rather than die for nothing, they gathered what little they had left inside them and ran towards the tanks and german ammo cahche's and died burning alive.

Other Germans and Russian's would bleed to death. But not how you might think, many had small lacerations to an artery, or on their neck. They did not have enough supplies, nurses, or medics. So in the freezing Russian winter Germans and Russians would bleed out over a period of hours and hours all the while knowing they would die.

Fuck the Jews, they in no way shape or form suffered even a fraction as badly as the Germans or the Russian's fighting in Stalingrad did. And how dare the jews use "muh 6 million" to detract from the pain and loss that the Red Army and Nazi's endured.

Explain the holocauster that would send jews flying into ovens on a rail, or the electrified floors that would render jews to ash in am instant , or the spinning blades that would come out of walls to slice up jews. Or the masturbation machine.

There always seems to be a lot of holocaust "survivors"

>Ach nein, old Goldbergsteinowitz survived the gassing again!
>You mean he survived the secret gas chamber that we hide from all the prisoners until the moment they're being gassed?
>Welp send him back to his bunk then Hanz, we'll try again tomorrow

What did you mean

My college roommate's grandmother had one of those. I saw it, but I don't remember how many digits it had. She said she was a cook at Auschwitz and survived easily because she ate food while she was preparing it. I didn't press her much because she spoke Romanian and Hungarian, and I had to speak to her in broken Romanian mixed with a lot of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, looking for words that were the same in Romanian. She's dead now.


Really?? they seemed to get along with the Arabs and Muslims from what I've read.
Arabs are more semitic than Ashkenazi Jews (who might not even be Jews)

Besides, stop crying. Hitler was a Zionist (confirmed by Israeli prime minister) and he didn't try to wipe out the Jews (as you have admitted).
What is there to cry about? The Slavs got it WAAAAYYYYY worse at the hands of the Nazis, who in turn got it WAAAAAAAAAAAY more worse at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks (who's bad behaviour in Europe inculcated an environment of anti-Jewish sentiment).

You Jews only have yourselves to blame, and your ethnocentrism is very sickening.

It’s not denying it you idiot. The truth is, no one left alive today actually gives a shit


>hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts.
so who died exactly?


Notice half of this shit the kikes dream up is like a Rube Goldberg machine.

Just because people have contradictory stories doesn't mean they're not all true.


>doesn't mean they're not all true.

Hitler couldn't go a minute in a speech or a book without blaming something on the Jews. Whever Nazism started out as, it mostly even got rid of of the national and socialist elements over time. Nazism is basically political antisemitism. But we dindu nuffin to the Jews despite the literal mountains of evidence and eyewitness testimony a simple Google search would lead you to.


>mountains of evidence

That has to be the ugliest woman on earth

what if axis won and got to usa after starving our country for resources and they found the japanese internment camps, w starving japs. AMERICA HOLOCAUSTED JAPS. its kind of like that.

EXCEPT, Jews know how bad they are and the only way to cover their tracks after getting the world into such a treacherous war was to propagate a lie so fervently that it was universally accepted.

Now we have pres acknowledging it, but dropping suspected "Never Again!" redpill, as in achtung juden, we will never let you lie like this again. fuck off back to your desert shithole. we're full.

A fucking acid bath? Are you kidding me? Whats next? They were eaten alive by guards?

>hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts
Of alleged industrial murder, seems odd so many eyewitnesses are around.

Yes, it is so.


>he hasn't heard about the lampshades

Most "deniers" deny the official story, they don't necessarily deny jews were killed. Personally I don't buy the 6 mil number or even the gas/ovens etc. Most probably starved to death.
I used to think they were all crazy until I started doing my own research. Even what were taught in school that Hitler essentially targeted jews for no reason, never mentioning that jews were destroying the culture. No mention of what the treaty of Versailles did to the German people. When you learn this shit you'll see it around today. Who pushes white privilege while being a white protected class? Jew journalist, Jew professors, Jew Hollywood. Who constantly pushes a communist agenda ? Jews. When's it's blacks or non-white Jews, they learned it from a Jew professor . It's pretty goddamn insane really.

Show me some photos.

>Whats next? They were eaten alive by guards?

Not alive, silly goyim, they were turned into sausages.