Which country has the ugliest flag?

Which country has the ugliest flag?

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Poos, for sure.

One of the two Australia flags I can’t tell you fuckers apart.

india definitely has the worst flag.


am depress my flag is butthole show bobs pls

look up the flag of the city of Milwaukee

also saved

India complained about amazon seeling a door mat with indian flag.

Every other country is ok.
but India very proud.

If they concentrated as much of the country’s energy into pooing in the loo...


Added to my collection. A&B has a beautiful flag, and I own property in Antigua :>

New Zealand has a better flag than yours, nigger.

the turkish flag is pretty shit


this is the flag of Milwaukee

this is the flag of Turkey

>sacred geometry
fuck off kike

The Sup Forums effect.

It's an anus where poo come from

Flag of Fiji looks hideous. The baby blue doesn't fit with the UK jack at all, and it's bulky

Tuvalu, a similar story.

The poo in the loo campaign was unironically started by the India government to get people to use the millions of toilets that were being built.

We need to bring back the red ensign.

Fantastic TED talk:


This pile of shit right here.

>He saves common flags

i only started collecting this week dont bully me

I always get annoyed at the Irish flag. It looks like a worn out Italian flag.
t. when people ask me where I'm from, after I say Canada then they say "no where are you originally from" I cri everitime and say Ireland.


Any flag with words on it.

Flag of Saudi Arabia. Translation: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet."

stole my image


t. Alberto Barbuda


More flags with words on them.

Translation: "God is the greatest."

The current flag of Bosnia. I don’t know why they came up with such a shitty design for a shitty nation that believes in a shitty religion.

Anything plant related goes right into the trash for being pure faggotry

Our flag is kinda boring though.

If you think the current Indian flag is ugly, take a look at their old ones. It's like they were made by a toddler..

>poo flag has a literal asshole on it

you can't make this shit up


Wtf was 1921's.



>Upon closer inspection, the Indian Meteorological Department concluded that the 20-plus-pound ice ball that fell from the sky was "definitely not” a meteorological phenomenon, but likely a piece of frozen human waste that leaked from an overhead plane, the BBC reports.



I save common flags. Gotta collect them all. Plus, hopefully someday I can fill the entire world map.


That's representing the proud Bulgarian heritage


Our flag is hideous. Asymmetrical and the colors are retarded in the layout used.

The CSA battle flag is aesthetically vastly superior, and I'm a Yankee.


> a potato leaf

It has a fucking spinning wheel on it, the only thing the indians actually invented.


Literally a wagon wheel.

Shit, Sweden has the same fucking flag in blue and yellow!

>spinning wheel

it is a fucking piece of garbage. What kind of shitty design is that?


it was literally made by jews and niggers after they got rid of apartheid and promoted the destruction of the actually good, developed part of south africa (aka the white part)
the old flag wasnt great but i still like it more

my sides

What I see is a tight cute anus with lovely wrinkle

>flag design consists of smaller flags inside it

it atleast has a good color scheme. Unlike present day's

>the flag doesn't have a miniature version of itself inside it

There is also another fucking flag in one of the small flags

another shitty flag

the way u worded that is disgusting. please leave this thread



why are the stars backwards

>no where are you really from
I use this order:
they usually cut me off with "BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE A TAN!!!" and I tell them it's because god paints criminals so we can identify them, and I'm a sexual deviant.

The fucking leaf is the ugliest flag

Why hasn't anyone posted this lol

Do you say that in your head or irl? Is all of Australia chad?

Nag we just need to break up this retarded confederation entirely

and this one holy shit

if you know what this one is you a real nigger


How was this not posted? Can't get more boring than this.


Isn't that the flag of that one little province in Russia, all the way in Eastern Siberia?

It's that area of frozen Siberia Stalin wanted to ship all of Russia's Jews to right?


Forgot about this. THE FLAG IS THE WRONG SHAPE.

>anthem is literally called "allahu akbar"

yes. the jewish autonomous oblast. because of fucking course jews would be associated with a fucking gay flag

thats a neat idea, thanks user

>nigger flag has a chicken on it
Might as well have put a watermelon on there while they were at it

red flags for bad flags:
>has text
>has more than one small flag within
>has baby blue
>has green
what else

>we wuz sacred an shiet
Fuck sake the country that literally think fucking cows are sacred gods walking around and worship toilets instead of shitting in them


What country?
Can you afford iphone x?


Looks like some flag the abbos would come up with

Don't sleep in the road



Looks like race course but why two sides have different colors and what is middle color. What is that yellow strip out of nowhere. WTF.ugliest



the colors red and yellow together will incite hunger on a subconscious level. always thought it humorous that the Soviet Union, China and other commie nations used these two colors in their flags.

Wallonia (French speaking South Belgium) also has a Chicken on it, and it's also quite ugly.

Says the re-arranged French flag.

Your "flag" is just 3 dark colored stripes slapped on a pole.

absolutely ridiculous