Will Mars be a white colony?

Elon Musk seems to think we'll be sending people to Mars as early as 2024, will Mars be the ethnostate we've always wanted?

Mars is a shithole tho.

Musk can't even build a car

You can be sure that he'll force a diversity quota so no OP

No, it will be mostly white, but there will still be section 8 so im passing.

until we have next level shit teleporting and basically control matter and space at a quantum level, space exploration is a meme, a expensive stupid one which produces nothing

the only space missions with our technology should be telescopes and probes, anything else is a fucking waste

Immigrant culture is not the same as first-world culture. The people who fly off to mars will be welfare hogs.

More like a constant brain drain on earth as they'll always be hungry for high IQ recruits worth the millions to take them to Mars. Because it'll essentially be a massive stem workplace, everyone will be too awkward to hit on each other and have romantic relationships, so not many native Martians will be born.

It'll be basically a dysgenic effect on earth until someone gets the bright idea of some awkward eugenic dating service.

We need to send Africans there first as fertilizer. After there done shitting everywhere, they can decompose into a soil base for crops.

Honestly, our best shot might be sending sand people. It's frozen though, so we should also send snow people. I like how the new Darth Saud is making the modern city without traditional Islamic values holding it back. Maybe this guy is thinking to the future. Looks like the Mormons need to step up their game.

fucking kek

>implying smarties believe in space travel
normies who wanna be famous or have no engineering knowledge maybe, but not bright people.

Yeah right they'll send 3 jews, 1 white woman, and 5 black dudes

That's not a bad idea, we could shill really hard for a multiculti colony free from evil whitey and get rid of a bunch of nogs and kikes


The first 50 years of Martian colonisation is going to be suicidal, broken enclosures causing carbon monoxide poisoning, huge cancer risks and few famines when hydroponics break. You wouldn't want to be the pioneers of Mars unless you wanted to trade pain for your name on a page in history.

After that it's just a space industry job. All the above average IQ'ers are either in STEM or something else, the space industry will be the next common place for above average IQ'ers.

Issue is, it's not like fast food where you can get them alone during a smoko. Everyone has a desk, a responsibility and the only time to get the hot chick alone is immediately before and after you get to work, which won't work when you're living on site and constantly watched by co-workers.

But yeah, there'll be a huge push for the space industry, but it won't actually be a thing for about 100 years.


>tfw NASA is just a meme now

is there really going to be a space industry? i wouldn't think the investment would be worth the reward, only mineral gathering could be profitable

>Elon Musk seems to think we'll be sending people to Mars as early as 2024

I tell you, Elon Musk will die without a single human boot touching the Martian surface. On his death bed he will admit "I was just shitting everyone, I knew it all along."

It's partially fuelled by human curiousity, kind of like all the stupid apps created by stupid start-ups. It doesn't mean a lot of it wasn't genuine.

Money has already become less meaningful than you realise. If you need to do something, go get a loan. The space industry doesn't need to be profitable but it absolutely must revitalise the soul of humanity. It must inspire us and that's the real commodity.

>Mars colonization meme

It's not going to happen.

Sounds like you really need Indians

burn it with righteous flames. just burn it all down.

We will conquer everything. You'll see. We never lose

whats wrong with it?

It will, but no on our lifetime.

Moonbases will be next target for spacerace.

Also Better international spacestation, which will build into spacehub.

>the one black guy in the corner

No, Mars will be full of the brightest scientists and engineers. Naturally, this will be a multi-ethnic bunch.

No. Anything with government involvement is fucked from the start. Government is the way cancer spreads.

>Money has already become less meaningful than you realise. If you need to do something, go get a loan.
Money is going to become a system local to planets. When you're dealing with interplanetary shuttles that cost hundreds of billions of dollars, how do you handle that in a traditional economic sense? Are you just going to accept that you've put hundreds of millions of man hours into a BIG SPACEY BOI so you can get some martian plants and medical data in return?

We're going to have hyper intelligent jews bartering and using money as a way to keep score. The debt of NASA or SpaceX will be just like the debt of the US Government. Nobody will ever expect it to be repaid, and nuclear weapons will start flying if you demand it to be repaid.

If we ever become an interstellar species we'll just have autonomous or very lightly crewed spacecraft doing yearly transport missions based on local AI analysis of what the economy of the target system should need on arrival. Almost any system incapable of living without outside support will be left to die off. Fucking with the transport missions will result in a blacklisting. Not shipping any goods will be punished with blacklisting after other systems discover you're a leech.

Quality control issues have always been a problem for Tesla, but now Musk can't even make his new cheap car. He's 6 months behind.

Oh look it's another ozzie promotes space communism post. You're getting dangerously close to leaf levels of retarded, just a heads up.

It would be more like space fascism.

>cleaning lady photographing day
Is this a thing in all burger companies ?