White Genocide is taking place right now

White Genocide is taking place right now

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These people are fucking crazy.

I fucking hate libtards. The miqmaq were allied with the French who we were at war with you fucking idiots. It was a war get over it.



Cornwallis was a hero and a cool dude. I want their history teachers executed.


Liberals are a cancer. They're always talking about how they're educated but they literally ignore facts.

Barbarians. Let us not forget who these traitors are.


They will be the death of the west. We must still resist them no matter what. We need to do a better job of exposing Liberal nonsense in Canada, Ezra is not the answer and Peterson can only go so far alone.

These Liberals need to be properly mocked and shamed.

Pay it forward, vandalize some faggy momument to degeneracy or fucking indians they are everywhere now.

Good goys, soon all your cultures will be erased and slowly everywhere will merge in to a world where the only culture is consumer capitalism

Lieutenant General Cornwallis's statue should be returned after it's used to crush a few liberals to death.

Peterson is a kike who speaks against white identity saying it's for failures while supporting Jewish identity saying his best friends are jews, we are lucky to have them and the only reason they are overepresented in education and media is they are smarter than you and work harder.

Seems like a legit take. All other groups can have a collective but whites must be individuals and be eliminated. If you are an individual while all other races are working together you will be destroyed and you are being destroyed as we can see in every white country in the world.


I want too more and more. Everyday i hate fucking redskins more and more.

Notice how the statues in your pic are in a museum. See the difference?

>Pay it forward, vandalize some faggy momument to degeneracy or fucking indians they are everywhere now.
Buy land. Commission new statue. Erect new statue. Erect 10 new statues.

Everyone should know this by now unless they are completely blind.

Want to drive them insane? Have the new statues showcasing people doing things that advocate tolerance and social progress but featuring the individuals they hate. Statues designed to be as inoffensive as possible. Let your enemies become outraged about it. Let them eat themselves.

A US comparison would be like a statue of Andrew Jackson reading to his adopted son. That would piss people off beautifully.

good. white people needs to be exterminated so we can have piece on earth