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German women are starting a movement and a hashtag #120db to combat and expose migrant rapes and abuse. The real #metoo.
This is a great idea and it should be supported, its a very smart way to redpill women on migrants.

>article on the #120db movement

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db is for Decibel, and its a reference to frequency of the alarm equiped on the antirape pants many women wears in Germany (Mostly created after the Koln disaster)

nice to see the women acknowledging a problem, it's not like you german men are going to do goddamn thing about hostile invaders eating you alive

Shitty choice of hashtag. Has to be explained what it means. Will be mostly ignored. Whoever started this doesn't understand how to make a good viral hashtag.

>db is for Decibel
no shit Sherlock
doesn't make it any less of a meme slogan

true the name could have been better but this is what we got, we have the power to support it and i see no reason why not.

>t's not like you german men are going to do goddamn thing
>muh victim status
this is what they voted for
you reap what you sow

Will this be the proverbial "white feather" that gets the German men going?
Will the vibrant durka durka people finally be rounded up into camps? We know they're at least genetically capable of it.

why are they so fucking ugly?


Not sure if you should forgive your leftist women for bringing that garbage there in the first place

>Will the vibrant durka durka people finally be rounded up into camps? We know they're at least genetically capable of it.
>Implying the holohoax was real

They're at least getting redpilled about it. The most effective red pill anyone can swallow is by experiencing the problems first hand.

Technically it's dB, with a capital "B" since the "bel" is named after Alexander Graham Bell.

So, dB.

Now you know

>The most effective red pill anyone can swallow is by experiencing the problems first hand.
This is true.
If these girls can get the word out, all the better. Speaking truth to power yadayada. Only thing is, from what I've seen the MSM resists the message. They don't want to admit there are rape epidemics in Europe wherever "refugees" go.

Lefty good goys are in full damage control. They're literally calling women who aren't ok with risking being raped, groped or harassed in any way, women who are afraid of going outside unarmed, late, or alone "nazis". If they resort to calling you nazi, it tickles their vulnerable spots and should be pushed. It's fucking hilarious.

It will not be long until far more violent "Nazis" emerge, they are creating the very monster they fear.

one deranged lesbian called me ethnosexist for supporting this movement kek

Women do whatever society tells them what is accepted. It's how they tick. They just go with whatever is the accepted norm.

It's how they evolved, a woman that fell outside the group was doomed and couldn't pass on her genes.

You can't blame women for they way they are, it's just nature.

The level of entitlement of these women is insane not long ago they were up with refugee welcome signs and offering roses after Cologne to black and arabs and now when the same people they so much fought for against their own men making them all kind of thing and attacking them at every opportunity have started to grow in number and gain more power and are threatening to take away their precious feminist liberties are lower their voices and beging the same men they attack to save them.I say let them suffer at their own decisions and let them find a way to deal with their own problem.

My position on it is that they did round up Jews into camps, but not death camps, same as we did to the nips. There is no way they could have let loads of subversive kikes run amok while the war was going on.

Why throw them in camps, better off to round them up and execute en masse instead. They will not learn until there are people from their background being purged and culled.

So what if there are a few rapes and terrorist attacks in Germany? It just a normal part of helping people. Some will abuse but most will not.

In the US it's about having more people with firearms despite the mass murders (perpetrated mostly by whites). Yet it's a right they cherish despite the deaths. This is just part of the price of liberty.

Just stop all this complaining.

Solid bait, deserves a (you), I think.

hi leddit

It's a play on the idea that 120 db is loud and they want to be heard. Don't be so thick headed Hans

Arabs are classified as white in the US.
Also considering demographics white mass shooters are under-represented, that's just the leftist media narative.



>This is a great idea and it should be supported, its a very smart way to redpill women on migrants.

They will only get more wet at the thought of brown men raping them and will keep voting left

Names like Adam Lanza, Christopher Harper-Mercer, L. Goh, John Zawahri, Jaylen Fryberg don't sound very Arabic to me yet are in the top 5 for killing over 56 people (just in schools).

And that's perfectly fine you know. A few dead are just consequences of liberty and freedom. Think of them not as victims but martyrs who defended the constitution of the USA.



They won't get any traction with that trainwreck of a hashtag.

People need to know what it's about the second they see it trending. They're not going to click on some meaningless numbers.

I agree that is more efficient, I'm just saying what I think historically happened. By all accounts I have seen, the NSDAP had no plans to exterminate Jews, just to figure a way to get them out of Germany.
Some shit like sending them to Madagascar.

in b4 ((( they ))) shut it down...

so what does that make her for condeming it?

anything besides a Rape denier/apologist right?

>You can't blame women for they way they are
I can and I will.

unfair blame discarded
nice try faggot




So let me piece this together. One of the most common arguments against this refugees issue, is that it is mostly men, of fighting age, making their way into Germany. Hardly any women and children. This fact greatly upset quite a few people, and was used as an argumentative tactic against letting refugees in. They let them in anyway, and now they are raping German women. Instead of leading by example, and showing these male refugees what a real man is, German men have decided to lay down arms, and let their women fight the battle. Somehow on Sup Forums, Americans are the worst people in the world.

German men have been protesting from day one. For example in the PEGIDA movement.

Yes. Whites are the most effective at everything they do.

Fair enough, and I apologize if I come off as a dick, but when I see shit like this every day on here, I kind of just want to make my way to Germany and help you gas the lot of them. Maybe I need to take a break from here for a while.


German men were protesting against this bullshit before we let the first fugee in. It's just that the (((media))) started the biggest smear campaign ever and called everybody who opposed open borders a nazi. Sounds dumb, but that's a big deal here. German People are afraid of becoming social pariahs by speaking up, risking loss of their social circle and maybe their job or even their life. Antifa death threats are quite common.

no problem. After all, AfD only got 13.5% last election, which means that most German "men" are completely okay with their women getting raped.

specifically east "german" people, who are really a slavic type. they are not cucks like the g*rman autists. as proud celt non-g*rmans, we austrians support their struggle against their g*rman oppressors.


Was about to say this.
>everyone with an IQ slightly higher than room temperature is le ebin ledditor

This is the resistance movement to watch

since when are Austrians celts? You sure you weren't Germanic?

>he is not reading between the lines
Hans please

>antirape pants

""celt"" is a catch-all term for anyone who wants to deny their genetic heritage. There never existed any singular group who called themselves ""celt"", anywhere in Europe. It's like calling yourself atlantean or some shit.

>reading between the lines

sorry to disappoint .. this will not work, the awareness of this is like 0.01% in my country, even the AFD cucks, who would love it, will forget it the next beer they down..

now that's the attitude of a winner

>a fucking leaf


No matter where the European women come from, so let them stand up

Also, let us all share this hashtag on all social media platforms

>Keep it relevant



We need this

yes, share this video, I'll be offline now and you guys should share this video to all women and start a grass roots based movement that will arrest every single (illegal) migrant that has been sexually assaulting a woman

Bump this thread you negros or else your mom gay

120db is going to be the next IOTBW and MBMC, calling it now

>A leaf

true dat.
Let's stand for every western woman who got excluded from the list of victims in the eyes of the SJW

120db needs English translations to help spread
any German anons that can assist?

It's too late for Germany. Anyone involved with this will probably be arrested.

>please give up
>please believe my concern trolling

Then let those Germans build a grassroots-based resistance and let them start liberating Germany.
Just become an allied force to free Germany from evil

Day of the rake when?


Aren’t Irish celts

>will probably be arrested.
we all know how this is going to end

get in the helicopter commie trash

You're as non-German as you've been “the first victim“

I don’t get rape pants couldn’t the rapist just force her to unlock it so the alarm doesn’t go off?

It will eventually be taken over by a bunch of dumb cunts who think men whistling at them is the same as being brutally raped and left for dead. How do I know this? Because that's what happened with #metoo.

I came here to post this.

>please don't destroy my bullshit left wing ideology
too bad, it's getting destroyed



No, that's totally not feasible. Why would she do this?

They all probably already fucked a nig
and now want protection

This. Exactly why Southerners are "racist" against blacks. Living near them is a major redpill.

What if he hold a knife to her neck and says that if she doesn’t unlock the pants or he’ll kill her or just snatch the key from her and unlock it?

this thread should not be dying

To avoid getting her arms broken user.
Are you retarded?


Impossible. Our prison capacity was build for decreasing levels of crime in the 70's. They are now filled over capacity with foreigners and "germans" even after additional prisons were built and more are on the way. Our judges have to give probation for "minor" crimes, like rape and assault, because there is no place left. State attorneys are asking foreign countries to house prisoners from their own nationality.

Right now our government can only threaten with fines and making examples out of individuals, as any large scale arrests would require them to build improvised prisons, or as the british have named them: concentration camps.

thoughts / feedback?

leaf im going to bed soon, can u keep it alive for me?

simple but good, if u can make it a bit more graphic it will get interactions for sure

The truth hertz