It's Happening

>“It will be released here pretty quick, I think, and then the whole world can see it,”

We Won!

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>it will be released once all the incriminating text is redacted

Friday is not soon its just cock teasing us.

Yeah, turns out it’s nothing, but next weeks IG will be big! Tick tock!

No one is afraid of this memo. Not the Democrats, not the media, no one.

It's going to be a big news topic for a week. Then everyone will move on. Nothing will change in the political arena.


I'm very confused, what do you guys expect to find in the memo?

WE dont care it will not amount to a hill of beans again we dont care about some stupid memo

FBI has already discredited it. Nice try.

Poor prediction


>discrediting a document that alleges your organization acted improperly

Imagine my shock.


Yeah, and all the people who've read it and said "any American needs to know this" are idiots and risk their political career for literally nothing. Fuck off shill.
>(((FBI))) has already discredited it. Nice try.

There's some serious shilling going on

It's already been discredited by CNN!!

>risk their political career for literally nothing
They're not risking anything. The Dems do the same thing all the time: Claim a bombshell will destroy Trump, and then let it quietly die down after it flops. Voters are dumb and forget these things all the time.

There's a Democrat note too, you know.

I don't know why people don't believe this, it will be heavily redacted and/or smeared. It's probably going to be another similar "Clinton servers' incident but these people look after each other because it's basically their lives and image at stake.

Can we have a
"THE MEMO DAHNALD" thread again?

The (((memo))) that is not even classified. Sure, that is discrediting.

They pushed this one more and also consider the msm who would slam such republicans into the oblivion.


Shilling shill can’t shill a shill

>We Won!

HAHAHAHAHAHA won what? The West is still crumbling from decades of kike subversion and our countries are flooded with foreign terrorists, our media outlets, banks, politicians, colleges all owned by kikes. We have millions of communists openly walking around championing rights for minorities that don't deserve it.

tl;dr Literally have won nothing and nothing is getting better.

Please release the memo!
I love it, guys.
Mueller just adding to th list of charges.
How many charges of obstruction would you like, Sir? Add another? Sure! Here we go!
Mr. Nunes - You want one too? There you go!
Goodlatte? One for you!
Gaetz? A couple for you...
Gowdy? Some for you...
Jordan? Some for your as*!
Gosar? Got some for you too!

way too much hype for this. i expect a huge letdown

>inb4 shill

i would like it to be yuge

I read memo. Unfortunately it is nothing. Just some notes about routine stuff. A big fat nothing burger

Only CNN can read the memo. It's illegal if you read it on your own.

oh no
that sucks

The answers to all of their qualms. Whatever is in the memo it will disappoint given how overhyped it’s been. Nothing in it will live up to the hype. Great job guys

I'm reading the meme right now. You wouldn't like it. It's nothing.

Let’s see what is actually there before we say we won

Trump releasing this memo is the most flagrant example of gross negligence regarding the handling of classified information. If he releases the memo he should lose his security clearance and be impeached on the grounds he is unfit for service.

Based on the reaction to it, there should be something significant in there.

You get bored in the others thread

Thank goodness. I like to be spoon fed.

enough with deep state pandering

Sure, because you already know what's in it.

Kek agrees.
I hope it’s a unholy shit storm.

t. desperate bot

Nobody should read it. It's so boring it will put you to sleep.

Pity the sad desperate bots.

I are a CNN and we all have all read it already. It is about routine FBI. I am a very dissapoint Trump fan. MEGA!I thought this was good for good president Trump. Oh no man that sucks


You are afraid of this memo.

Inb4 Fancy Pelosi an heros

I chuckled grassley.

How many an hero will we see before summer?

It's going to be G L O R I O U S

Kali Yuga! Burn schills burn!

Hillary paid off McCabe to go easy on email. This started the ball rolling. Then somebody had flimsy evidence of a guy who visited Russia a few times is working with trump. They paid to get the dossier. Fusion gps used their connections to FISA data to compile the report. Access they should not have had. Then used the same information they should not have had to give tot he FBI so they could do FISA. Nobody finds anything conclusive but they keep going because it will be a good insurance policy anyway.

Why. Or you one of them "the left can meme too" types?

I'm hoping at least 3 or 4 before next week

Ending of this vid sums it up. Christ consciousness turns towards the light which destroys the top of the pyramid.

I heard when the news team got together to read the memo, they all fell asleep and were groggy the rest of the day.

quite some time later:

The new fucking "Brexit" this shit is.

Protip: Ben Caspit has been a paid anti-Netanyahu media shill for 2 decades. He'll try to associate anything with "Netanyahu screwed up". It's like a DRUMPF BTFO AGAIN news story.

Netanyahu is a scumbag who will die this year.

when is """soon""" you fucking shits just do it already


At least know what the fuck you are reading though.

I think that user is parodying a shill from yesterday.


My gf:
-great morals
-speaks multiple languages
-great fashion taste
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>but but but

I saw Fox news at the gym this morning and the FBI is already trying to get out in front of this by claiming that the information in the memo is false.

Everyone in the FBI deserves to be killed. From top to bottom

I have a message for you from David Brock. He said "bring another sex slave up from the child rape dungeon, Podesta is coming over for lunch."

Anime posters are spookposters

The memo could literally say
>Hey all! Please do all you can do to sabotage Trump! Make shit up and break laws, it don't matta!
>Yours truly
>Barack Obama


>Hey all
>We all hate the American people and want to systematically ruin their lives.
>Because they're all animals to us.
>Actually calling them slaves would be too good for them. They're just dumb worthless animals.
>Hillary Clinton

And in either scenario absolutely nothing would change. Not one person's mind would change about anything.


You’re fucking retarded. It’s literally his job description to make such decisions

This is what I've always said, but the Magapedes are a bunch of dicksuckers who believe in muh inteligunce aguncys, muh necesari evul.

Trips. Of. Truth.

this. does nobody remember the 28 pages?


its because the fbi and other agencies we have have been undermined, some of the people that work at these agencies have become monsters. Crazy corrupt and doing crazy illegal shit, the people that have ruined everything should be executed by firing squad or put in a maximum security military prison. I hate zionists and mudslimes they are the ones ruining this planet.

We already knew this. This is like 5 day old news.

It was her turn!


>its because the fbi and other agencies we have have been undermined
No, they have always been shit. The FBI was a cancer since it was first created.

Posts like this are a big part of the reason I have come to the conclusion that we need to get rid of the FBI and CIA and replace them with new agencies.

The public does not trust them anymore. The Untouchables are dead.

>Thinks desperate shill loudly for the 121st time

REMINDER: The FBI has officialy debunked your precious "memo". ALL credible media outlets confirm this. RIP GOP.

It'll be delayed again. They'll keep delaying until people forget about it. There are no such things as happenings.

>Memo contains information about FBI abusing power
>believing FBI when they debunks the memo as false

really raises my raisins

They better release it before the deepstate whacks em. That was a close fucking call today. They need to quit fucking around, people are dying. Politics over justice, GoP still shady af as usual.

why the fuck are they calling it "republican" memo?

this guy gets its, violence is the only solution

Yo, going to PR next week. How is the island?
>where can I find a good gym?
>any good BJJ schools?
t. fuck the jones act

Political violence must not be tolerated, terrorist sympathizer.

the memo is a big nothing burger

go to sleep,anons

You might be protesting a little too much there, shareable. Tell Brock you guys need better psychological training.

>Nothing will change in the political arena.

You know how I know you don't vote?

How much shill would a shill shill if a shill could shill shill?

>Democrats, Media, FBI aren't afraid of memo
>Democrats, Media and FBI ALL spend countless hours trying to discredit the memo

Yea, seems like they're not losing any sleep over it whatsoever.

> we lourve you!
>do the thing! Come on you know!

This. Source: I'm a memo.

>so you don’t get confused with super truthful democratic memo

It’s a form of dog whistle to most people. Many liberals have been trained to hear republican and get angry.

I have source familiar with the matter who can confirm user is a memo.

This explains why there are so many slide threads up right now