Jesus, you couldn't make this shit up.

An Israeli legal rights group has said it is suing two New Zealanders for allegedly convincing the pop singer Lorde to cancel her performance in Israel, in what appears to be the first lawsuit filed under a contentious Israeli anti-boycott law.

The 2011 law opens the door to civil lawsuits against anyone calling for a boycott against Israel, including of lands it has occupied, if that call could knowingly lead to a boycott.


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Boycott us and we wil sue you. Can you believe this shit?

Not only did ((they)) snub her from performing at the grammy's. They are literally going to try to tarnish her reputation and destroy her career.

Be woke my friend. The jew is on the hunt.

Kiwis tell Lorde to shut it down (she does)
Jews get pissed now they wanna shut it down.

This is what they do.
I really hope other 'artists' take a stand and support her and those who told her to not go to that horrible little nation

question those that you cannot criticize

Not exactly good PR.
Jews are going to step on their own dick if they keep red-pilling people like this.
Singer should publicize this with maximum exposure.

I don't get it, they're suing them in an Israeli court for breaking Israeli law, despite them being in New Zealand?

Deutsche Milkars
>Singer should publicize this with maximum exposure.


The Jew is a nomad, and this includes when suing someone


I just dont understand why so many people hate jews. It's astounding, honestly.

>its illegal to boycott israel in america
>law passed through practically unopposed
>lefties still deny jewish control over america

A little more telling is how there was about zero media attention given to it

With jews you lose.
I recomend everyone boycott any and all Jewish and or Isreali bussineses.

It's illegal to boycott Israel. You must buy israeli goods. Every household must have a SodaStream or face charges.


This is why you avoid that part of the world completely if at all possible.

the fucking cringe

That, I didn't know

There will be if we actually start boycotting them.
Unjust laws are meant to be broken.
In WA a couple years ago, they passed some idiotic gun law.
So, hundreds of ARMED protesters went to the capitol, and in full view broke the law repeatedly.
Its no longer an enforced law.

Didn't know they were so vengeful

She gunna look like Stan Marsh by the time she turns 30


Anything for a shekel

It's probably more thanks to evangelicals than Jews. The BDS is a Jewish funded organization and most american Jews think israel is Nazi Germany.

In the eastern Europe during feudalism, the Jews paid lords to secure monopolies on vodka production and laws were made forcing the serfs to buy vodka. Jews never change.

>most american Jews think israel is Nazi Germany
No. Almost all American Jews support Israel.

>Jews never change

Holy. Shit.
So nobody will call them out? I mean holy shit they're suing someone for their opinion.
We should fan the flames desu, might turn some normies against Israel

The ones who say they support Israel support it by donating money to pro refugees and muslim organizations in Israel. They support a globalist Israel. Just like Hillary and Obama support America. I talked to plenty of them and maybe 20% of them truly like Israel.

It's confusing when there are people claiming to be liberal jews like Obama saying it's the right thing to do. Best people just stay out of the conflict until it's resolved I think... if it ever gets resolved. Lets be honest peace in da mid east is literally a meme.

She's so fucking strange looking, yet so attractive.

Thank you user. I needed that.
What just happened made me happy.
I saw the name Stan Marsh. And became perplexed. I knew I recognize the name, but didnt know who it was. So I googled it. I fucking Googled stan marsh because I forgot who he was.
It made me happy, its a sign that (((their))) influence is even further dropping away.
Thank you.

The kikes won't see her directly because she could probably destroy them with her money, but they'll sue regular folks who can't afford fighting kike lawfare. Should have really been gassed, every one.

>The ones who say they support Israel support it by donating money to pro refugees and muslim organizations in Israel

>I talked to plenty of them and maybe 20% of them truly like Israel.
Muh Jewish anecdotes.

Hey, hey schlomo...

Wait till you see her ankles...

she's Romanian


>I saw the name Stan Marsh. And became perplexed. I knew I recognize the name, but didnt know who it was. So I googled it. I fucking Googled stan marsh because I forgot who he was.

It's not about the money (Kikes are the ones writing her check after all), but it would be bad PR to sue her directly.

Going after the little shits that stir the pot and redpill the artists might send a signal to others to not wake up artists from their drug hazed bubble.

the reason she hates israel is because she thinks it is a white supremacist ethnostate

I boycott kike machine tools in my machine shop. Every time the Iscar kike rep comes around, I tell em I won't buy Israeli garbage. Won't stop begging for shekels.

She is brainwashed believing that kikes are white.

same issue with roger waters, every now and then you get these "glitches" within leftist congregations where some of them are actually "honest" enough to carry their stupidity to its conclusion

Do jews sell adidas track suits too?

It's all very confusing.


Was just looking at URL in bottom corner

international jew my friend, international jew...


I have no problems with this because it is legal. Jews are peaceful and always do things through legitimate means.

Listen, no celebrity will truly be /ourcelebrity/, but if we can use this to at least crack Israel's reputation there is huge potential to be gained. If I'm not mistaken Lorde was also taking shit because there weren't blacks in her place in the Grammys or something like that. These opportunities NEED to be used, this will move the Overton window. If normies can openly criticise Israel it's a HUGE step

>lefties still deny jewish control over america
Actually I was talking to some commies abut israel on my campus.

They were complaining about the fact that jews in the united states supported zionism, so I made the argument that the general culture of the united states was one in which supported zionism, so those jews are just a product of their environment. I said that specifically to be a leading train a thought, and then the commie said "Well jews have disproportionate control in America" and then I lightly chuckled to myself and gave him a look such that I'm pretty sure we both knew what I was thinking

>red-pilling people
How? Every leftist faggot is pro-palestina. Fuck off.

Plenty of Jews in New Zealand courts. They are everywhere.

reminder it is now all Jews
just the global elite ones who use other Jews as much as they use the goyim
If we wish to defeat the Jewish Elite's NWO, we need to unite against them with Jews down here with us and not fall for the anti-semitism trap.

Israel is an elotist police state manipulating and abusing its Jewish people as much as it does others.

What the actual fuck

What happened wit Roger Waters?
Pink floyd waters right?


Yes, he refuses to play in Israel.

he's "against israel" only insofar as he perceives it to be yet another "white conquest" or whatever the fuck


But how am I to know the good side from the bad?

Forget her anatomy for a moment. There's bigger issues here

She needs to get bigger booty.

>its illegal to boycott israel in america

not entirely true
it's illegal to join a foreign led boycott of israel, but it's ok for americans to organize their own boycott

it's more to stop big companies valuing a large arab contract that carries with it boycotting israel

do they have cankle surgery yet?

There are a thousand Arab nations that are almost entirely homogeneous and muslim yet they can't even let one single jewish state exist? wtf.

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It's a valid point and you know it.

Doesnt matter if its the most truth telling point to ever exist (dont even remember what it was)
Simple fact

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It isn't a meme flag. I'm from Nassau.

How dare she choose where to collect money from!? Fucking kikes


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the need to die goyim,


>raycist candy bar

Anyone have the letter that convinced her to cancel? It was apparently written in part by a Jew.


>Lorde is then kidnapped, eichmann style by israel and forced to perform

>Sheldon Adelson funds anti-BDS movements on college campuses across America
>Adelson is Trump's biggest donor
But it's the Crazy Christians goyim

Howard Stern considered Roger Waters one of his alltime fav celebrity guests. Then Waters began speaking out against Israeli civil rights abuses. Stern questioned him at first. Then Roger Waters boycotted Israel and refused to play there.
>yfw Howard Stern has now banned Pink Floyd's mastermind from appearing on his show ever again


Jews are getting so bold lately

they belong under fred flintstones car

But it's not international law, are civil cases like this enforced internationally?
I'm going to check
>>>I'm back
And good luck enforcing that Israeli civil law abroad. Chances are extreamly slim to absolute nil.
There's treaties set up for businesses, but I'm not aware of any treaty that includes the Israelis putting themselves above free will and concience.

It's like Species Galway through a transformation. Just need the spines to pop out of its back.


Is there a way ordinary people like us can boycott Israel? Are there any products or services directly related to the parasite class sold in the US?


Fuck off nigger.

I remember when people who were caught in those texas floods and recieved aid, they were forced to sign a waiver that specified they could not boycott israel or they would be denied any help. Shits fucked.
I imagine a couple of goys who actually read throughout the contract skimmed that part thinking in their heads "wtf.. Ok i guess"
Oh, little do they know how deep that rabbit hole goes.

Nah dude, I lived in LA, liberal Jews think all borders are wrong and Israel needs multiculti cuckoldry too. Ironically that would seems they can help us destoy, but they want to insist upon this for the WHOLE WORLD. There would be no "Israel gets it and we don't" outcome in their future

That's corey feldman in drag...