Why do white girls do this?

why do white girls do this?

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100% self hatred.

It's a long story

To please white men.

She's ugly so that's the most attractive guy she can get. Also no one ever beat her for being a slut so she think it's ok.

and her?

>no one ever beat her for being a slut so she think it's ok
This. This is what fathers are for. The moment your daughter starts acting like a slut you slap that shit out of her and set her straight. If she continues to act out, send her to an all girls military academy. If she still acts up after that she's a lost cause, kick her ass out at 18 and start all over again, she's dead to you.

Look at her eyes my man, yes she's genetically attractive but it's fairly obvious she's emotionally damaged.
Probably had a rough upbringing.

They know Sven isn't gonna grab her ass and make her wet so she goes to the alpha muslim who treats her like a dog. Women are very animalistic and they seek to be dominated, that's why they cum when raped.

Unsupervised young women have no free will, it's called hysteria, they must get fucked, it's their biological purpose.

Implying you wouldn't have a multiracial harem if you had the choice.

I learned to not immediately treat women with respect thanks to videos like this.

I assume every young lady is a borderline personality disorder whore unless she proves otherwise.


Isn't an abusive daddy mostly why you get sluts?
First she's a slut to get his attention, then when he beats her she's a slut for revenge. Just be a good parent for Christ's sake.

I TELL YOU why , cause WHITE man became weak , and tired of women screwing them up . nignogs don t care , cauise they are poor , women can t take their shit .

am I a cuck if that turned me on?


Yes, the fathers failure to acknowledge his daughters sexuality is usually the cause, that's why they feel the need to rub it in everyones faces (by having sex in public and video taping it). It's also why the enter relationships which are purely sexual and have no merit outside of sex.

That's what a lot of people don't understand about Donald Trump and Ivanka - saying he'd date his daughter etc - it's actually a very healthy father daughter relationship, that's what young girls want their fathers to think of them (provided they respect their fathers).

Why don't you join in?

bad parenting and bad social environment

Shill threads are getting out of hand. Fucking mods...

>tfw Sup Forums says all white girls want to race mix but the only time I actually see that the woman is either fat or addicted to drugs

Not common here in the Netherlands, our women generally find them to be repulsive.


Even if our women do have a proclivity for race mixing it helps to understand it from the point of view of our differing roles in society:
>The man's duty is to ward off competition and ensure his DNA survives
>The woman's duty is to encourage competition and genetic diversity


can we have a white couple thread instead o this shit everyday.

>The man's duty is to ward off competition and ensure his DNA survives

I don't mind losing the planks to niggers

do your part, make one


Effect of exposure to ((((pop culture)))

I'll make one but this is how it will go
>i like gooks more
>look at this roastie

but okay i'll make one wait a sec


. ... .



this board is at least 90% shitskin permavirgins, cuckposting is all these people have


unironically, they are hitting on more women, more aggresively, eventually they will find some hoes, or wear down the low selfesteem ones to be whores

Untermensches with untermensches
Need to get gassed along with race war now


pretty much


Not possible, unless you swap the genders.

get high on drugs and sleep with sand people innawoods? Because we stopped beating them.


Men don't control women anymore like they did 50 years ago. Look at Albania you have brothers and fathers fucking the same woman.

how will OP ever recover?

They have problems with their daddy.
These may include daddy not being there, daddy neglecting them, and daddy beating them excessively for unclear reasons.

because white men are unironically feminine and have lower testosterone than blacks and arabs so white women are more attracted to them

white men are the least attractive race to white women after changs, don't believe the OKC statistic propaganda

The West has no culture so women don't have that group bond which they desire so they naturally and easily become radicalized. Blame the treacherous modern Western man for it as women outside the West actually behave like women thanks to the great non-Christian respectful men of the East.

>t. delusional shitskin or ok troll

Have a (you)

Some people are just attracted to dif people. Thats fine But right now I think there is an uptick in the number of whites dating coloreds out of pure TREND, after all they have to PROVE they arent Racist. My sister had a thing for the black guys and had 5 biracial kids all with dif dads- then switched to hispanics and had 1 more! Gotta collect em all!

t. delusional white man not realizing female lust is what got us to >la creatura

Arabs still have tiny dicks. Whites are being chemically castrated and feminized.


blonde hair and blue eyes are feminine traits. swedish men are probably the most feminine in the world outside Asia, this is why swedish women are throwing themselves at literal somalians with 50 iq even if they have 4" penises