If Trump cucks out on immigration

then he will lose 2020. All the white people that came out to vote for him will stay home.

How the fuck can he offer amnesty without mandatory Everify?

His path to citzenship for 1.5 million illegals comes at the price of 500,000 less legal immigrants a year. Anyone with a brain knows that within three years this will be a net loss of immigrants, escecially without chain migration

But he's not going to cuck on it. Anyone that's followed his methods for more than a few weeks and is not an idiot knows exactly what he's doing.

You know what else is a net loss on immigration? Not giving anmesty to anyone. Fuck off. Border laws and national security are not bargaining chips. Hang the traitors. Martial law is more acceptable than giving even more amnesty again.

If we have 500,000 less immigrants a year, how many less will that be over thirty years? For a one time increase of 1.5 million.

Oh yeah. They said the same shit during Reagan's amnesty. No thanks. I'll take "simply enforce our border laws".

You know how I can tell you live up north?
You want to give amnest to 1.8 million fucking spics.
It didn't work when Regan did it, and its surely not going to work this time.

I will not be voting Republican or Democrat in 2020 if they do this. There is nothing Trump can do to get my support back short of gassing the jews if he gives amnesty to a bunch of spics.

Trump will also allow ALL illegals on the chain migration waiting list to come in....that's over 4 million illegals

>offers 1.8 million for amnesty in exchange for his entire platform
>if dems take it they look retarded
>if dems reject it they also look retarded

it's a literal win-win, fuck off kike

They have to wait 12 years to become legal citizens. Thats a long fucking time.
Trump is doing the right thing. Neither side gets everything they want. They get what they need. Literally in every trump rally they play that song.

>it's a literal win-win, fuck off kike
Fuck off leaf, you aren't drowning in spics.
Get the fuck out of this thread before I get the rake.

Exactly this. Which is why I don't believe for a second he's actually wanting such a thing. He simply knows that Dems will never agree to it, so he can make sure boomer women voters still show up for red votes and be unaffected by CNN sad pictures of dreamers leaving. They will simply say to themselves, well that's the Democrats fault for not working with Trump.

Again 2016-2020
Great 2020-2024
Magakag=Misspell,alternatives ;

Send POTUS high energy

Enforcing the law is not "something we want". We already have it. All that needs to be done is enforcement of it. And them work to politically remove any traitor standing in the way of expanding laws and reinterpreting the 14th.

People seem to forget that Trump HIMSELF has acknowledged that amnesty is fucking suicide. He is well and aware that giving amnesty to 1.8 million spics means 1.8 million new Democrat voters.

1.8 million Daca PLUS over 4 million on chain migration waiting list PLUS there are 25+ million already living here, and maybe you might get part of a wall, but no EVerify

I'm voting for the most liberal asshole I can if this bullshit goes down so we can light this party up

To add to this, full funding for the wall was a part of the deal. The Dems know that nearly anything Trump does with immigration can be undone by a Dem controlled congress + POTUS. Once a wall is up though, that fucker is there to stay.

Dems won't take the deal, which is a lost game for them in the eyes of the daca fucks that want help NOW and could care fuck all for the later years.

>get rid of 30 million illegals
>keep 1.8 million WORST CASE SCENARIO

wow omg such a horrible thing to give amnesty to .005% of the US population omg no please anything but that in exchange for HIS LITERAL ENTIRE FUCKING PLATFORM INCLUDING THE WALL

This. I voted for Obama for the sole purpose to give rise to trump. It worked. And I'll do it again if we need a more refined version.

I'm OK with amnesty if there is significant reduction in immigration.

>Amnesty for 1.8M



How about just get rid of 30 million illegals with the laws on the books already you dumb shit


Well that would make you a cuck or a shill. Fuck off you "history repeating again but surely it will work this time" faggot


We need to turn this into future votes.

The dems basically told dreamers to get fucked because they know that a good amount of them will turn red over this deal and they will lose their stream of future blue votes with increased border security and end to chain migration.

plus white voters only have one party to count on, so they can take the hit.

Democrats don't want the 1.8 million because it comes at the cost of infinity niggers and mexicans in the future.
Trump is offering something that sounds reasonable to normies, but that his opponents will never take.


Besides, this is a play Trump knows the Dems wont take, ahead of special elections. It's going to make them look very bad and unsupportive of their base, while making Trump look like a peacebroker and reasonable. Your inability to see 2 steps ahead confirms to me that you're either a nigger or a jew pretending to be a nigger

There really isn't a need for a wall if you just give blanket amnesty.

literally this

Nearly all of that 1.8 million wont qualify for amnesty.

Screencapping your own post, with no replies whatsoever, and making a thread about it; the thread.

>I'm voting for the most liberal asshole I can if this bullshit goes down so we can light this party up

you'll be getting your heart cut out while alive by cartel members with this line of action. glhf

>then he will lose 2020

you don't understand how it works. The majority are normies and normies only demand that you tell them what they want to hear. they never follow up to see if you actually do what you tell them. Trump's ratings are high and rising. By next election he'll be able to break any and all promises and the normies will still go out in droves to support him.

Hey dip shit I've been saying that. My issue is with the cucks thinking how awesome it would be if trump got what he's asking for.

In exchange for a .005% injection of illegals getting amnesty? Are you retarded? That would be the most incredible play of the last 4 centuries.

>666 - evil illegal pusher

reality sucks, huh?

Are you unfamiliar with the term "zero"? Are you suggesting zero would be worse?


>Fucking leaf sitting in his snug white town
>Telling us we should give amnesty to a bunch of invading spics
My county in Texas is over 60% fucking illegal mexicans right now. Why don't we start shipping them to canada and you can give them amnesty there.

>All the white people that came out to vote for him will stay home
I believe you have mistaken us for niggers.

>comes at the cost of infinity niggers and mexicans in the future.
You mean 0 in the future?

this admin is only deporting 500-1000 illegals a month
there are 25+ million illegals
they make babies faster than rats do
at this rate, how long until all are deported?



nip gook nong ching chong

this is all I hear all day


I think promoting Trump so hard is coming back at us.
Its gotten to the point where you have newfags defending and supporting niggers and jews for the sake of Trump.

This is what it's about.
Need to see what the qualifications will be.

You guys seem like a idiots who can't see the forest for the trees.

stay cucked

>trump gets everything he wants
>gets re-elected
>has literally NOTHING TO LOSE

Cmon now stop having high time preference. This is a long con you fuckos

Imagine being this delusional.

You civic nationalist cuckolds are literally dumber than a pile of dog shit.

OK, THIS IS MY FINAL DEAL...........you get to break our immigration laws, you can work under the table, the taxpayers will cover free school, health care, food stamps, etc for you and your illegal child, we'll give you a drivers license, you get to drive on roads your ancestors never paid for, we'll give you an Earned Income Tax credit refund for your kids even though you paid no federal taxes, and then we will give you free citizenship.

In return, you agree to not get caught committing any more crimes.

>great deal, huh?

>We have to have amnesty or else we can't enforce our border laws.
This is the argument you're making. Kys

As I understand, bearing in mind this isn't domestic politics for me, Trump is offering amnesty for 1.8 million, subject to them being productively engaged, of good character etc.
In exchange Trump gets an end to chain migration, a wall and other immigration reform that in effect would stop the brown tide.

Democracts don't want this because 1.8 million now is less than unlimited brown people in the future.

If you don't turn the votes you are going to die and your children children are gonna be brown, you white cuck.

One could argue that by invading our country they are ALL GUILTY OF BREAKING THE LAW. So they all must GET THE FUCK OUT!

You need amnesty to get the funding to enforce the border. How are you fucking this dumb?

to add, you sound like those berniefags who want "free" healthcare and college.

you need fucking funding to do shit.

how can Rep turn votes when Dems give away free shit and Rep just want them for cheap labor

Stop hiding behind your meme flag you fucking leaf/sven/slav nigger.

>prioritizing votes over your race
This is the kind of politics that only jews do.
You are caught in the trap. Its not about re electing Donald Trump its about pushing towards a future for white children.

If someone even more extreme who hated jews ran for president people like you would still vote for Trump. You don't seem to understand. We are not Trump supporters we never have been plebbitfag. Trump is supposed to be a Sup Forums supporter.

even if he cucks out the idiots democrats put up will be so inferior that he'll still win in 2020. checkem faggot


LMAO shill or just a dumb fuck?

a lefty judge or lefty potus or rino/lefty congress will just reverse the "deal" next year

NO AMNESTY, period

We didn't turn on Don....
Don turned on us

it's not 4D chess. Trump is surrounded by big business rinos & kikes

If he gives amnesty to these fucking spics, hes pretty much guranteeing we will have to have a race war to solve this.

>>get rid of 30 million illegals

Pray tell, leaf, how the fuck will the US rid itself of 30 million illegals without everify?

>Hurrr we need funding to enforce the border law.
Again kys. I don't give a fuck about the wall. That can be done during the second term for all I care after the Dems are politically destroyed.

amnesty is a pretty good free shit

If you don't you've doomed yourself.

>people like you would still vote for Trump
Yes, that guy wont win over the normies and will ultimately lose. Dems would love to be able to split our voting base.

IF you continue to think in this manner you will mfall into the dems trap and lose.

Yes you need to pay guys to patrol the border and to detain illegals.

I don't think you realize that amnesty encourages more illegal immigration.

No, all the white people that haven't voted in decades - that came out because of Trump's immigration stance - will stay home in order to fuck him for betraying his base.

>let 1.5 million votes in at once
>Trump loses to whatever idiot runs in 2020
>change immigration system again to let in as many as they want


I did the math involving arrests, immigration backlogs, and actual deportations.

At the current rate (early 2017) it would take over 30 years. And my number was 15 million illegals.

>Yes you need to pay guys to patrol the border and to detain illegals.
Thats where you're wrong kiddo.

There was never a law passed which reduced legal immigration like trumps.

I would trade DACA for ending more immigration + border security.

This. Also it's a 12 YEAR path to citizenship for DACA recipients, in other words, they will not be voting in the 2020 election.

trump only want to end his presindency with good image it doent matter if is in 2020

Voting for Trump after he helps these people and still isn't mass deporting the 25+ million illegals here

>I don't think so

I doubt Trump voters will risk allowing Democrats to take office, no matter the cost.

My bet is next election will have the highest voter turnout ever recorded.

>Intentionally being obtuse as no one is suggesting cutting border patrol funding.
Also, the house handles the purse and will find what trump wants. Especially after mid terms.

TBQH E~Verify is a LARP.

Read it n weep

Also, please notice my totally rad ad of my sevices.

I've been doubting Trump for a while, but this could actually be a pretty good move. There's a scenario I'm thinking might happen:

>Dems refuse this, get ass raped in mid terms
>Republicans can now fund the wall with however much they want, stop basically all immigration
>Trump goes ahead and passes some form of amnesty anyways, while shitting on the dems for letting what Trump will call wonderful, beautiful people fall into illegal status
>Trump then becomes the guy that showed compassion when he didn't have to
>Trump earns respect of many hispanics (and even votes for 2020) while going hardcore on ending illegal immigration, thus becoming the tough guy no one fucks with who still has a heart of gold

I don't want a bunch of illegals in the country, and they sure as hell don't deserve to stay, and yes many of them are a bunch of bitches gloating about how much they hate the country, but this is probably the best outcome. The Dems are rapidly losing influence and people's respect, and honestly, even though the repubs have been shitty, i don't think they're going to make any gains this year.

Yeah, Reagan fucked up big time with amnesty, but Trump seems determined to end this shit once and for all. This is also how the Dem party can be ended. If Trump makes it more about being an American and makes that something to be proud of again, something that truly means something, then they're done.

they breed like spiders

there will be millions more in the 2030 election

Pay close attention to these numbers:
1.8 million + 4 million on the chain migration waiting list + 25 million already here

>Trump is offering something that sounds reasonable to normies, but that his opponents will never take.

Literally no one thinks the wall is reasonable

>Americans get fat

wow, such a surprise

Shut up Paco....the illegals will be hesitant to apply if they know they will be turned away/possibly arrested for the job opening
EVerify works

I'd rather just have those aiding and abetting a foreign invasion arrested. Then repeal the 1965 immigration act, and redefine the 14th amendment. Problem solved. And one of the very few real ways to fix the problem. Not more anmesty. Stop being a cuck and demand what is necessary.

Post the whole article, faggot. That's the current law and it's been that way since 1986. It's an anti-discrimination provision and was the only way Democrats in Congress would have voted for the IRCA of 1986.

Ok. I am clearer on your understanding of the situation and, if I understand his policy, it is correct.

it's just 1.8 million goy. What the big deal with 5 million illegals? don't the 50 million illegals deserve citizenship goy?

I'll probably vote for him again just to see where this all goes.


Sure burrito breath...whatever you say
ya fucking greasy invader

It is very common for an illegal household to have 4-8 children per generation. They are like cockroaches.

The thing is... Trump knows there are 50 Million illegals in the US.
AND he knows the Democrats lie about the numbers... so.....
Thusly why Democrats won't accept.

These politicians should be shipped to Saudi Arabia.

This is all correct.
Trump is just leveraging for optics so boomer women still show up at the polls.

I really pray that's the case, if not by design, than as something he (or someone in his staff) comes to realize. This is a game it's still not too late to win

You're talking as if the president has unilateral powers, there is a reason why the Presidency and the branches of government balance each other out, elswise, think of what Obama would have done.

Shut up and prep the bull, Michael.

Martial.law is called for sometimes. It is within his power to do so. We have an actual invasion happening.

Like when he couldn't get the Dream Act passed so just illegally crammed DACA down our throats? Thank God for checks and balances.

I'd rather just round them all up and execute them. Niggers and Jews too.
We know it's not gonna happen, tho. Trump isn't a dictator. We don't have the super majority in the Senate. He's forced to compromise. It's a sausage making process. Cuck Dems probably won't take the deal anyway. DACA invaders get deported in March and Dems take the blame.

We need to stop having this argument because it's fucking b8. The kike shills are using it to divide us.

True about the division aspect. Better to see how shit plays out first before playing these like games.