Is there anyone here who's indifferent to transsexualism?

According to popular studies they only account for less than 0.5% of the adult population.

Also, transsexual people have exited as long as humanity and have been apart and even accepted by several eastern cultures. They aren't anything new and in small numbers can't possibly be a evidence of the oft cited "degeneration of western culture".

Lastly, I don't see how they're a threat to masculinity. Homosexuality was commonly practiced by ancient warrior cultures (i.e Greeks) that would put ours to shame in shame in courage and constitution.

Even if most are mentally ill, the group draws a disproportionate amount of media and right wing attention and jokes when there are far more important issues to focus on.

If you disagree, why?

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>If you disagree, why?

both effectively treat the illness.

We should not be indifferent to illness,we should treat it.

nobody gives a shit about trannys. people didn't even talk about it until the media started pushing it down everyone's throats. also teaching this shit to kids is the problem, and don't deny that they aren't doing it.

tbqh it's just a bit sad that it's obviously become a fad that unhappy teenagers fall into for acceptance and then endanger their health taking hormones they buy online without talking to a doctor, but then again humans are fucking stupid in general and people literally pay to poison themselves with tabaco to avoid their anxiety so whatever

Are you in the medical field?

Op, if it were a natural occurence I wouldn't be concerned, however it is anything but natural, the complete opposite in fact. seeAndür_Sexualwissenschaft
You are advocating the abuse and mutilation of the mentally ill.

>tobacco is poison
>can't even spell it

honestly kid, if I stopped smoking my shit would look like spaghetti and I'd have a mouthful of ulcers. Nicotine treats both of these problems, and reduces the risk of parkinsons and alzheimers.

I was paid $5 to write this.

Teaching it to young people in general may be a problem due to the general angst, confusion and identity seeking of youthfulness.

However, my main point is that transsexualism by itself isn't a serious issue, especially considering that by legislating against it you're violating the concept of ethical self-interest.

transexuals are squicky so they kick up a fuss, and the idea of children being all filled up with drugs and destroyed is a cheap b8ing fear tactic of the (((left))) to rile up the alt right.

The reality is if anyone here understood what you said as far as numbers goes and cared about kids, they would be shilling relentlessly against fat acceptance, not crying big salty tears over rare medical malpractice. gaurenteed more soyboy vegan holistics kill and main their children by denying medical treatment than any of this trans shit. but nobody cares because It's not nightmare fuel when your parents indoctrinates you into their cult and raises you on nothing but sugar and canned garbage. No that level of inhumanity should just be accepted because everyone can understand it unlike mental illnesses.

Uh sure. Ask me something medical related. Once I diagnosed "rash caused by anxiety" as a fucking dust mite allergy, turns out the dumb bitch would clean when she was stressed, and no doctor previously thought to ask, just gave her more and more xanax and said it was in her head.

of course hes not in a medical field, hes recommending a fucking drug that puts you into a sleepy delerioum for 16 hours a day as a treatment for dysphoria because he heard a bunch of milk painted niggers shilling it on his mongolian buckwheat harvesting forum.

Pimozide has more detrimental side effects than most drugs period. you'd have to be an illiterate moron to not read up on peoples experiances of this drug before actually suggesting it.

I agree entirely
nearly nobody should care

but if progressives are gonna blow up tranny oppression into a major social issue and shoehorn it into every possible situation while labeling dissenters as bigots, it makes it kind of hard and risky to ignore

don't like or hate them, but don't expect society to turn over a new leaf when you half assed your post op and hormone therapy because your last shred of sanity (seriously how is self mutilation not considered a mental disorder) decided to say "stop you wacked out cunt"

You underestimate the age and experience of most doctors. They don't want to make the dress-wearing behaviour go away so much as the neuroticism that comes with it.

This is exactly what I'm saying. Even under the presumption that all transexuals are mentally ill and wouldn't be more psychologically well-adjusted by transitioning, there are issues that are so much more important to tackle than an obscure personal condition.

it really doesn't. the whole point of demoralization is to get you fucking furious. think about Iotbw
how that got the lefties into frothing fucking chimp monekys fighting over something as innocious as that. Tranners are arguably less innocuous but no less unimportant in terms of the fraction of the battle they represent, and you could get more out of denying the left any room to stand on than you could staying """vigilant""" (read: screatching at them)

BASSically i want fags to be gassed with the jews so it actually don't matter what you want.

>the group draws a disproportionate amount of media
>and right wing attention

One causes the other. If you stop advertising the minority as if they were a majority, the resentment would be minuscule.

I guess thats one way of ensuring a patient is less neurotic, just put them to sleep for 50% of the day.

by this logic, its actually our fault the lefties get roasty toasty whenever someone sees a flier that says its okay to be white, because we're drawing undue attention to it.

I agree with Putin, just like I do when it comes to faggots. They can do whatever they want in private. Propaganda and exposure of this shit to kids should be illegal.

what. couldnt find a real photograph mc edgester?


Well its that or a bullet so which do you prefer? 50% asleep or 100% asleep?

yes, i don't care what some mentally ill nut does to themselves. let them have fun.

i'm just tired of seeing this shit everywhere. trannys shouldn't get any special rights, and they need to stop trying to brainwash children that mutilating your genitals is normal behavior

Yes. That campaign was designed to piss of lefties.

Identity politics is cancer.

This is honestly funnier. Honestly I can't keep the kiddy violating shit on my HD, makes me sick to think about. I'd rather watch chinese people get splatted like watermelons for 10 hours a day.

If they spoke like a >0.5% part of the population should that'd be great, but they speak too damn loudly.

Acceptance isn't enough for them anymore, now they want to change all the concept of gender and sex just because >0,5% of the population are mentally ill.


That what you think, until they start teaching this at schools. Puberty is confusing as it is without transgender indoctrination.

>no argument

typical assmuncher

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You all also seem to be under the presumption that the 0.5% is a vocal minority. However, more specifically, you're probably talking about a few thousand people who are causes a huge ruckus with the help of turbo leftist media outlets. I would wager that there are a sizable amount of trannies who don't care about politics and don't feel oppressed.

In other words, the whole tranny "issue" seems to just be a massive shilling campaign.

No I'm not trans.

Why did you ban me faggot?

I was just focusing on this thread.

Then the majority of them should try to deal with your vocal minority. They are giving a really bad impression of the movement as a whole.

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