I wish I was Celtic. Filthy kraut barbarians polluting the glorious Brittonic gene pool with their inbred diseases killing off all the Celtic DNA. King Arthur should've massacred the entire Germanic population.
Wish I was Cornish

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Now I'm no biology, historian analysis researcher or whatever but didn't Celtics originate from Germans?


Well you're not, jesus Christ. How much of a lose do you need to be to complain and beg for something like that.

>tfw live in the south east
I feel you brother

The whole Anglo saxons out breeding the celts is a meme. While culturally England became anglo-saxon, the DNA of the average Briton has remained mostly unchanged since the ice age.

>tfw get blamed for Germanic evil just because my skin is similar to theirs

Divide and Conquer thread by one of (((THEM)))


But i heard that 50-100% of DNA is germanic in origin.
So what you are saying is that we wuz in fact King Arthur n shiet?

Good news user, you probably are. Only about 20% of the population (maybe less) are descended from Norse or Anglo-Saxons by patrilineal DNA. There's no way I am, for instance, my ancestors are all from Yorkshire/Lancs/Derbyshire as far back as I can trace and we're all dark-haired, brown-eyed manlets, Celtic-Brythonic to a tee.

hello there my fellow celts

This might help reassure you

>the feel when you finally realize that Anglo-Saxons are germanic.

There was an article on it a year or two ago on the BBC. Some study that reckoned over 90% of the british genes came from the ice age peoples.

>Native American

How the fuck does that even happen?

Kill yourself.

>Article says up to 40% Anglo-Saxon
And this doesn't even account for jutes, Frisians and Danes. This literally means my ancestors were Germanics. WHY CAN'T I BE PURE KING ARTHUR?

before i got the DNA test my mum always said her grandad had american ancestry

i didnt choose this, friendo


Found it for you.
We wuz not Kang Arthur

Anglo-Saxon is the term referring to all the Germanic tribes in Great Britain before Danes, which include Jutes and Frisians.

When it says Anglo-Saxon does it mean the I1 haplogroup or just Anglo-Saxon in general?

Sounds like you're a jew because being Germanic is way better. I have Celtic and Germanic blood, but my paternal Y-DNA lineage is Celtic.

Germanics are smelly inbreds

Here is some Celtic music

My Germanic blood comes from Germans not English, both Saxons I guess. My Celtic blood is Scots-Irish. Saxons always dominated everywhere they go. You should be proud of your English heritage.


Hmm, if you desperately want to know if you wuz Celtic n sheeit, sadly it refers to Germanic Tribes before Danes, not a biological term.

Your ancestor are Germanic, though Celtics also possess I1.

It's like a disease

Between 10% and 40% IN UP TO HALF OF THE POPULATION. The article also says that the Anglo-Saxons are the only group to have left a significant genetic mark outside small areas. Here's a quick one - look in the mirror. Do you look German?

At this point it's hard to tell thanks to recent immigration to both countries. It's like mixing colours and you just get Brown

>though Celtics also possess I1.
I did not know this, but it's probably from Germanic geneflow.

>And this doesn't even account for jutes, Frisians

no these are included in the label Anglo-Saxon

Stop self hating you divide and conquer shill. The Jews want to destroy both Anglos and surviving Celts, and they want to do UT with pakis and wogs. We need to band together, else they will win.


give it back now!!

Were those Celts?

No, both descend from a previous indo-european language. Italic people are more closely related to Germans than either are to Celts, but in broader terms they're all pretty similar.

Celtic hero

Why would you want to Celtic? Lowland Scot with mainly Anglo/Frisian/Norwegian DNA and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Celtogermanics, like we still are

meaning Celts and Celtisized Germani cis-Rhenanii

No it is vice versa, Italic people are closer to Celts than to Germans

Lowlanders are Germanic too.

>Lowland scot


A British tribe invited Rome in to resolve a civil conflict.
The Britons invited in Anglo-Saxon mercenaries to expel the Scots from North Wales and granted them leave to settle.
Britons have no one but themselves to blame.

The only good Britons were the tribes of the Caledonian Confederation who came to be known as Picts, and they were blood related to the Scots, i.e. they were fighters, accustomed to living in hard terrain. The Britons had gone soft from easy living and tried to get others to do their fighting for them. It didn't work out well for them.

Well, yeah. Just about the same amount of Germanic DNA as Northern England anyway.

Here's a list of colonies the Menapian coastal Belgae had in the British Isles. They were pure Celts, hence why the coastal region of Belgium still is the most Celtic along with the Ardennes.

my ancestors :)

No. The 'Celts' in Britain and Ireland weren't ethnically related to the 'German' Celts, i.e. the La Tene culture. They came from Iberia and split off when they migrated to Britain and Ireland respectively.
They are the 'true' Celts, in the sense that the La Tene merely adopted their language and culture. Those spread thanks to the amber and tin trades.

Further reading: "Celts from the west"; "Atlantic Europe"; "Tartessos".

They were pretty gay too.
(quoted piece is specificly about the Britons)

Wow mate. Such self-hatred. Just make peace with yourself. Even though I'm Irish, I like ancient Germanic cultures although their successors have become abominations in recent years. You need to research the Anglo Saxons more and make peace with your identity. Don't end up LARPing as a Celt like some kind of 56% American.

This. Anglo-Saxon is a relatively modern term. The historical term is "Anglecynn".
There was a cultural revolution. There was no genocide.
Modern English is built on p-Celtic grammar. Only the words are Germanic. To illustrate, imagine being a bong who speaks no French going on holiday to France. You take with you a French dictionary but you know nothing of French grammatical rules, so you simply replace all the English words in your reference with French ones. Your language *sounds* French, but actually it's a form of pidgin - this is modern English.
That can't happen unless the vast majority of original speakers were native p-Celtic speakers, hence it was a cultural revolution.
Anglo-Saxon migrants to England are estimated to have been between 25,000-100,000 - around 10% of the population at the absolute maximum. Consider this when contemplating the current migration trends. 5-10% inward migration was enough to almost entirely change the language and culture of Britain.


They didn't. Celts were originally from the PIE cultures and settled in what was called Hallstat-La Tene culture (modern day Austria). After that they expanded in the British Isles, Iberia, modern day France, Northern Italy or even the Balkans and Anatolia. They were overwhelmingly R1b. Germanics on the other hand were primarily I1 with R1b being the second highest haplogroup. This means they were genetically pretty similar to Germanics but didn't originate from them.

When the English settled North America they were outnumbered by natives, now most the natives are dead


And? What point were you trying to make?

A much relatively larger force of warlike Anglo-Saxons settling in a peaceful civilised Roman Britain would not be at ease with the natives and would resort to wholesale slaughter

I'm a cornish/scottish/german mutt.

All the Cornish people going back in my family are either 6'5 red headed monsters, or skinny swarthoid types. I know my mum has RH- blood, think I do too. Apparently it's pretty rare, a sign of being a bog nigger or something.

Thank fuck I have no Irish.

I don't know what to believe regarding how much influence Anglo-Saxons left on the modern British gene pool.

Alot of Brits look like wogs, look at Oasis the band. They are about as germanic as fucking spaniards.

You are 100% white, why mutt though?

Viking stole all your beautiful women and left the ugly ones.

True story.

>tfw all the buxom Celtic lass have been stolen by the northern heathens

Am I celt or sommat? Irish and miners from Durham on my mothers side and Cornish on fathers

Yes, yes they did. OP is a mongoloid.

t. Barbaric Germanic

Fuck celtic genes. My mother is Irish, and fuck the degenerate ginger/freckles genes

>all celts are irish

Are you illiterate? Where did I state that all Celts are Irish?

celts had red hair

>fuck celtic genes because i hate Irish
>celts had red hair
Are you suggesting they only had red hair?

Fuck you're dumb. I said fuck Celtic genes and that my mother is Irish (and has Celtic genes). That does not imply that all Celts are Iirish, or that all Irish are Celts, or that I hate Irish. Dumb cunt

So why are you hating on Celtic genes?

Because red hair and freckles might be cute and hot if you're a girl, but not if you're a man

>implying red hair is common among Brittonic celts

poo tay tow

>implying that ginger celtic genes don't exist

>only celts have red hair

actually english is celtic just mispronounced.
yes in german = YA
yes in celtic = eus _ee-uss
angland pronounced by a german = england
Everything is just mispronounced and misunderstood celtic by boat nigger immigrants the romans dumped there.
learn celtic you'll see

Red hair was actually ranked as more attractive on men than blonde hair which was the least attractive. White/grey was above red. Black was above grey. Brown was considered the most attractive hair color.

Why is blond so unpopular among men?

Yes but that 10% of the population being Saxon were conquerers. They had more descendants and their descendants were higher status, so also had more descendants. Today the British gene pool is at least 25% Anglo-Saxon in origin, possibly more. In the East it is likely to be >50%


It's considered feminine.

But darker obviously isn't necessarily better since brown was above black.

my ancestors :)
no wonder I'm gay

You know I don't know the real reason. Blonde is usually infantile. Little kids are often blonde and it changes. It could be because blonde hair is less expressive especially with thin eyebrows and facial hair.

My ancestor :)

How dare you talk about the royals like that?

Most brits are as Celtic as we are, which is to say slightly more Celtic than anything else.

When you conquer farmers you don't slaughter them. You keep them working the fields and occasionally fuck the hottest milk maids.

Celtic royalty shown here


The (((Anglo-Saxons))) didn't come to rule, they were savages who genocided the britons, just look at what Gildas said about them