Are whites in Europe more right wing than whites in America or vice versa?

Are whites in Europe more right wing than whites in America or vice versa?

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Europeans have no concern for their own lives they are told every day that their concrete box prisons are top-of-the-range, they actually believe everyone on earth should live in a similar fridge-like environment, dark boxxy and plastic.

what the fuck kind if question is this?
whites in the usa are much more right wing. europe is very socialist. fuck op for being a dumb fuck

This guy is right. Only places I can think they are much more right-wing is Southern and Eastern Europe. But I think countries like Italy and Greece are pretty 'extreme'

No, but when pushed the Germans go far right through Poland

From my experience talking with Europeans irl while living in abroad and while living here in the U.S., European nations who have experienced legit hardship AND HAVE NOT BEEN KEKED BY MODERNISM POST 1945 are fairly right wing.

>Germany and Sweden experience sandnigger rapes on the reg
>Poland and Slovakia do not
>legit heartbroken for Germany

That was meant to be a different word, let's say 'screwed' by modernism.

America, even the right wing Europeans are against other Europeans as well as Americans of European descent.

Eastern Europe and Balkans are conservative by nature. West Europe is oddly liberal

>in america
no such thing exists

No he isn't: he's completely wrong. "muh free markets" is liberalism, and isn't "right wing" in any way whatsoever. The American "Right Wing" is much more liberal than the European right wing. American conservatism has always essentially amounted to liberalism, which is why they've only ever ended up doing the work of the left (and not just in America: you put pressures on European countries to follow suit).

America as a whole is socially more right wing. The only part of American conservatism that is left wing is immigration.

but we care about passing as meds first not as white so some people would rule us out


>conservatives in USA
I don't care about the browning of America
T. Shapiro Ben

>conservatives in Europe
Refugees are human trash
T. Janusz Korwin-Mikke

And now they don't exist in Europe either Cheddernigger.

Dutch are not mere right wing economically. But even our leftists are less excited about ethnic and racial diversity than American conservatives
Pic related


I'm moving to your country

You can't, we don't want diversity
Sorry bucko

It is incredibly easy for Americans to study and then work there, so evidently you do.

Conservatives in the US don't have a party. we have to choose between far left and moderate left, both authoritarian jewish constructs.

Just joking m8.

I'll help Make The Dutch Great Again

make sweden great again please start a war with us and nuke all the shitskins

Gotta love Greece and Italy

I would rather join Sweden than fight them, America sucks balls, I would rather live in Sweden even with all the mussies

We're already working on it. We're having a national debate on race and IQ at the moment, new nationalist party sky rocketing in the polls, mathematician on twitter redpilling everyone about the effects of mass migration on the welfare state (below a thread in English by him)

It really, really isn't. All the most subversive and radical shit starts in America and then spreads. You fucking Mutts have little 10 year old girls shaking their thangs in Cheerleader outfits in front of crowds of adults. The illusion that you are "socially right wing" is nothing but a veneer and an irrelevant sideshow that is more about keeping people distracted than anything else.

The only thing Americans are "more" of is bible-thumping retard christians and libertarians who fap to

Exactly. Just think about it: European countries are only just slipping below 90% white (except for a few), and things are already starting to kick-off. Imagine if it was 56% white, like Burgerland.

Yes, except for France and Sweden.

Dutch are full
And they live underwater

Americans would not survive in Netherlands, for they can't breathe underwater

Burgers can't swimg, so it makes sense. The niggers genes in them make them weak against water.

And UK
British conservatism is a fucking joke

The prime example being Theresa May
The weakest politician in the history of England

>And they live underwater
They call us frogs for a reason

Getting worse and worse though in Europe. I want to go back in time

who cares if the usa is right wing it's like asking is africa more right wing then europe? who cares! the usa is a nigger/jew/mexican nation, whites do not belong there and they are turning non white faster then anyone, you literally don't alllow white european immigration (it is below 5% of your immigrants)...

What is shocking to me about the Netherlands is how nice and clean it is, great infrastructure, everything is orderly. And what also shocks me is how much non-whites there are there, and how the dutch feed them massive amounts of welfare money. Remember guys netherlands is rich as fuck..

Swedish "right wing" is on the rise. Hell seger.

Belgium is at most 70% white.

Nice stats

>Turkey, kek

It's not that simple.
Politically, we're generally right wing, even our communism was pretty nationalistic. Due to this, progressivism doesn't really have a grip beside some soyboy lefties.

Socially, it's similar to political views. Deviants are shunned in general.

Economically, it's more mixed. The older generations have this gibs mentality that the Kádár era ingrained into them, the worst offenders are our equivalent of the boomers. The only concern to them is to raise their pensions and keep healthcare "free". GenX and Millennials are more rightwing in that matter, many of us would like to axe the system of entitlements and lower taxes, especially since even normalfags are started to realise that we're never going to be pensioners in the sense our grandparents/parents are.
Older generations love to be wrangled by the nanny state, younger ones would like to spend their money on services that actually work.

Depends on your definition of right wing. Traditionally the European definition has been quite different than the American one.

Underrated kek

It usually takes a different form, and it depends a lot on the country in question. In Norway, we allow more right-wing views in the mainstream media than in the US (particularly when it comes to immigration and criticism of feminism), and our far-left is less extreme and has less support than in the US. People are also considerably less politically correct in Norway than in the US, and you can still make jokes about gays, trannies and minorities in the mainstream, as long as it's not malicious.
In contrast to the US, where there are only two parties, most European countries have far-right parties to vote for, and the popularity of these parties influence the mainstream parties, and sometimes they even become part of a coalition government.

I thought french are frogs

tbqh "diversity" to an average Hungarian means Slovaks, Serbs, Romanians, Germans, Austrians living together.

I think you are confusing Europeans and former Soviet states

Really? I always though Europe was left wing

It's too late for Evropa, Japan and east Asia are the furture, they are honorary Aryans

The commieblocks are here to stay for decades to come, but at least modernisation took off.
Pic related, it was a commieblock.

And the graph really says something when you think that italy is full of post-war commies (we had the biggest commie party and even red terror attacks during the 70s-80s)

Europeans let in billions of migrants because they wanted to pay welfare for Muslims do you think we would have done that in America we're try to get rid of people here, even good people getting deported that are worth salt by mistake I assume

Our government is actively destroying commie blocks
Not many of them left where I live - southern Poland


It's not just about left vs right. In some areas, we're more left-wing, in others we're more right-wing.
I'd also say that in most areas, free speech is respected considerably more in Norway than in the US, and public debates have a much broader range of permitted topics. We also have a huge advantage in that many of our anti-PC commentators aren't populists, but are well spoken and respected. We have a lot of Jordan Peterson types in Norway on both sides of the political spectrum, who speak up against the far-left.

We have some of those in Denmark to, altough I do belive some if not most of them are being reviewed for safety violations
So they are most likely going to be gone in about 10 years

Im glad that your goverment is activly trying to make your country a better place to live
I do hope the rest of Europe soon follows trope

We have some commie blocks in Norway as well. A lot of them were built during a housing crises after the war.
At least most of them are surrounded by a lot of green areas, which make them look slightly less atrocious.

>La creatura....

Learn correct English, Hernandez Tyrone.

>im a retard who thinks that Europe consists of nordic and germanic countries

fuck off

ffs that map makes me physically unwell

Eastern europeans are way more right wing. Western are way more left wing.

Also, Sweden and Germany are turbo-left.

i absolutely hate these kind of buildings, but with our overpopulation problem i can understand we put our humans to live in a shoebox.
but this one doesn't look so bad, there are far worse looking blocks than this, maybe because of the smaller size.
how does the interior of these look like?

Depends on the issue, At least western European conservatism has always had some link with identity culture etc. as opposed to america

We don't really want Americans
Also Alaska is Russian

what is that building behind the black and yellow knight?
is that an arsenal? looks like a gate building adapted into a stand alone building, was there a city wall once there?

>right wing
Europe has no right wing, it's basically nazbol big gov vs progressive left big gov

In Poland, our commies decided to create perfect communist societies
Although the downfall of communism in Poland halted their plans
>t. An example of the "perfect socialist neighborhood"

This MUH WHITES MUH ETHNOSTATE is a distinctly american flavor of retardatation. No one in europe identifies as "white" I identify as hungarian, cause culture and a thousand year of history matters more than arguing about haplogroups. Also, it goes without saying that an european is white. We are all white, our neighbors are all white, our enemies are all white, our friends are all white. Atleast in the still european states. Cant speak for the multiculti westcuck shitholes who gave up their culture for shekels and smug moral superiority. At this point, westcucks literally cant understand us, or why our culture and our identity is important and worth defending.

Polish captain was first to settle his foot on Alaska give it back
You can take the oil though

Other than Hungary and Greece to an extent, where Golden Dawn has 16 seats in Parliament, no.

>but with our overpopulation problem i can understand we put our humans to live in a shoebox.
Overpopulation is not a problem in Europe, unless we take in about twice the population of our current countries in migrants

Destroying? What? Not really. I heaven't heard about a single commie block demolisher recently. Even brand new, "modern" apartament blocks are often similar to those communist atrocities.

Czech chamber of deputies has literally 1 (one) right wing party and it got 11,32% of the vote (If you include right wing parties that did not make it into the parliament, it climbs to stunning 13% or so. Rest are parties occupying the left spectrum ranging from literal communists to centre-left christian democrats.

As for this year's presidential election, there was literally only one candidate with right wing background, and he got barely 4% of the vote.

This means that anywhere between 87% and 96% of czechs are fairly left-leaning.

>Inferno, thy name is Czech Republic

>Also, it goes without saying that an european is white
greeks and portuguese tho

checks out
Greece is government by far left socialists m9.

What about them? Every european is white. Its the culture that matters, not screeching about muh skin tones and muh haplogroups.

Don't you think he meant the population, and not their esatblishment?

buildings in your pic are not commie blocks. these are commie blocks

I hate those too. Another cancer that the French gave to the world, along with revolution and syphilis.

Just to be clear, who are you calling "westcucks"
In Denmark we to have a thousand years of history and tradiotions, and most of us still honor them. And geographically sepaking we are further west than you are
So what in is it that qualifies a country to become "westcuck"?

Depends on what you mean by 'right wing'. By European standards, on economic issues you have the right wing party (the Democrats) and the far right wing party (the Republicans). On social issues you have a more reasonable divide, with the Dems being reasonable, the old Republicans being rightist, and the alt-right basically being criminal gangs over here. (Well, they're criminal gangs in the US too, but the difference is that HERE the cops actually enforce the law.)

Different countries have radically different standards: Ukraine is in the middle of a civil war, so their police can't keep a lid on alt-right activity. Russia nominally outlaws the gangs but in practice they own Chechnya and have heavy influence elsewhere.

On average, if you rank countries by how comfy they are to live in, you'll find that the more time they spent in the last sixty-odd years under one of Communism, hard right economic policies, or right-authoritarianism, the less comfy they are. You'll also find that countries bigger than a small town (sorry Leichtensteinbros) do better the more globalized they are: Russia is doing better than Azerbaijan, Lithuania is doing better than Russia.

>not been keked by modernism
People fucked over by Stalin skew a lot more anticommunist, no surprise.

>40% of population votes for radical far left socialists and communists
>49% of population votes for centre and centre left parties
>89% of population votes for not-right-wing parties
Somehow this means that the population is right wing

When I was in Athens last year that wasn't the impresion you got. There was an overvelming amount of people flying the golden dawn flag

Shut up, Nehlen. You've already demonstrated you can't do simple math, do you really want to prove yourself completely ignorant about politics as well?

Pretty much the entirety of west europe at this point, but france, germany and england especially. Westcuck refers to that special mix for smug superiority, virtue signalling, materialism, and surrendering their culture without a fight. The bongs even managed to mix in residual imperial butthurt into it with brexit and the germs are delusional enough to think westcuckness will benefit them because they are momentarily calling the shots in the EU.

Its the utter lack of historical view, lack of commitment, lack of conviction, weak and empty rhetoric and anti-democratic tendencies, disguised as a concern for "democracy"(MUH POPULISM, MUH CHECKS AND BALANCES etc) that makes a westcuck.

A true westcuck would immediately reject this and shit talk about irrelevant and poor countries. Even the right wing westcucks reject reality because its too painful and they are too comfortable and tepid to actually act and fight for their countries, so they try to feel in control by shit talking others and larp about muh empires.

Commies unironically look right-wing compared to the lukewarm mishmash of political parties of today. It literally doesnt matter what does a party calls itself, green, social democrat, socialist, liberal, christian democrat etc. they are just part of the eurocrat slop. The only difference is whether they are globalist or localist and commies tend to be localists. Its fucking retarded but thats 21st century politics for you.

Supporters of these parties tend to be loud minority
If most important factor influencing your vote is right wing economics views, you dont go and hold massive rallies about importance of fiscal responsibility. But if you and bunch of your mates want to genocide t*rks you are pretty loud about that.

>Commies unironically look right-wing
oh dog

>thinks all whites in eurdope are one person
>thinks all whites in murica are one person

The tiny party of actual commies here want to stop migration, extend gun rights, leave the EU and have strict border controls

This is unironically more right wing and nationalist than any globalist pipe dream of a "United States of Europe" or settling in millions of africans.

>says the only thing more left-wing is immigration
>hurr durr you r rong
>see this, it shows u r moar left wing on immigration

Thank you for the clarification

>Germans go far right through Poland
kek yeah sadly all of those people died on the eastern and western front or were bombed and starved to death what remains does not even have the balls to defend their own nation

You think anyone knows or cares of Ben Shapiro in the US besides his e-cult?

Some times I feel like the left-right paradigm is not adequate to explain the current political situation
If it wasn't for the current state of social science we would have most likely had a new system of reference

>Maybe my country was turned into Venezuela tier socialist shithole, but hey atleast we showed the EU who's the boss right!
>Oh I just lost my job due to the disastrous left wing policies, but hey atleast this way those pesky migrants wont take it from me!

How exacatly does left wing politics lead to job loss, I get that commies would most likely turn a country into a socialist shithole, but dont you think that some other party would act as opposition to the hardline lefties

Left-Right divide is purely economical and everyone implying otherwise is mouthbreathing retard
Conservative-Liberal is another axis.

Most conservatives being right wing led to conservative/right becoming interchangeable, there are plenty of reasons this does not work. In Czech Republic for example there are plenty of conservative left wing parties. And the most relevant liberal party is right wing (Well technically more centre or centre-right)

>Unemployment Rate in Greece averaged 16.01 percent from 1998 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 28 percent in July of 2013

We're both. They're called frogs because they eat them, we because we live in swamps

What's your point with that pic? If anything it shows that Whites (especially White women) are the most ethnocentric of all when it comes to dating

America is more right wing but also more racemixed I'd say and "diverse". At least Sweden racemixes less and such and we're still a lot less leftie than media tries to portray. Just that people go along with the trends and keep their real thoughts private. With that said you guys act and are more right wing as is and more religious too. Eastern Europeans is another matter and southern europeans may be more right wing again later on. on our end even our "extreme right" fascism for instance is a third position and not as far right as neo-cons in our countries or yours are or jews. you've more jews, neo cons, boomers etc but you've more decent christian right wingers too atm I'd say.

The floor plan is something like that. 1+2 "one full and two half bedrooms" flat on 54 sq m. There are 35 sq m one bedroom and 80 sq m 3 bedroom block apartments too.
Regardless of size, they're cramped, narrow and have very small rooms in general along with low ceilings (240-270cm, depends on the type).
I've lived a few years in a flat like pic related and I hated every day of it, having grown up in a village.

>European countries are only just slipping below 90% white
it's been what 6 years since the refugee crisis started? and this is already the case?
We've been flooded since the 60s, and we still have the most whites living in a country in the world. Your demographic shift is MUCH faster and much scarier (muslims, actual africans) The European demographics may look pretty good compared to Americans right now, but taking a further look it's dire as fuck.