Anglin beat Sargon

Another defeat for sarcuck

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Hey now that we know Sargons secret plan I was wondering, I'm about to go to thailand, should I knock up some gooks? I feel like its insanely immoral to not raise your own child, but Sargons idea seems funny to me

Hes a cuck though

Baked Alaska is rightfully on suicide watch after that stream. Sad!

> winning a debate
You can’t win a debate you moron, you can only present your arguments and hope to change the viewers mind.

Sargon doesn't present his own arguments. He flounders around trying to seem superior with shit like "I'm only here to ask you questions".

They should have a structure like the oxford debates, I agree. But then nobody would watch it and there would be no youjew shekels.

>be such a retarded faggot you and your little goons yell at a fat cuck for 3 hours and call it a win
Anglin is embarrassing and I disavow him for calling Sup Forums his personal army.

I'd add you can't have two dickriders cheerleading you on the whole time and call it a debate.

why? if you haven't noticed, its' people yelling you're not allowed to have other opinion than the right one, not well constructed arguments that have brought white man to his knees.

t. """""intellectual"""""

soygoy of mossad haha

what you need to do is take your position and beat your opponent into bloody pulp with it.

sargon was just annoying and retarded as usual, anglin didn't perform. i think most of JF's analysis is was pretty good, except strawmanning around 2:07 ( insisting that saying "i don't want to violate individual rights, but it might be necessary" is the same as to say "i want to violate individual rights"

nobody cares about these le edgy skeptics

People didn't become passionate enough to yell at dissenting opinions off having been yelled at. It was an appeal to their reason and nature that made them so zealous about these policies to begin with. You must have some semblance of charisma, intelligence, logic, and reason in order to sway enough people to join your side and Anglin has none of these.

Sorry to break it to you, but Anglin is not the face of turning the tides. He is the very person who emboldens political enemies into their entrenched positions. The more people think the right is led by an inarticulate yokel then the more they'll feel they are in the correct position of opposing it. It isn't even just the presentation that damages the mission, but the message.

Anglins fucking hilarious dude

This article still cracks me up

Spencer doesnt understand locke guys, if he did he would be a youtube scientist.

what intelligence and charisma makes people think free bleeding and pussy hats and blue armpit hair are cool?
it's just brutal conditioning

You also can’t debate without agreeing on definitions. They would never get past this part. The world views being espoused are so totally different there’s a reason they keep having wars over this shit.

Ultimately it’s one side saying anything is possible if you strive for it and the other saying nothing is possible so we should just die.

You're purposefully misrepresenting the basic ideas that got them there to begin with and this isn't helping you in understanding their psychology to counter it.

>Anglin beat Sargon
Nah he didn't, Anglin lost so horribly that he's now 100% damage control

>what intelligence and charisma makes people think free bleeding and pussy hats and blue armpit hair are cool?
None, that's why le SJWs are dying

Yup everything checks out

You absolutely can.

>the plan to save the white race is to stop the white race from existing
is he a jrpg villain?

If you take a simple idea and spin it in a way that's indigestible then people will not bite. If your platform toward getting what you want requires depriving others of theirs then resistance is a given. My personal solution to the ethnostate question is municipality. If a city or state chooses ethnic orientation then it's nobody else's business to interfere with that, and thus both parties respective wishes are honored. Anglin is beyond compromise and reason, he isn't just a poor leader but a direct force contributing to resistance against what he says he's striving for.

Plan to defeat the SJWs?
At this time of year?
At this time of day?
In this part of the country?
Localized entirely on your youtube channel?
May I see it?

I think hes think its immoral to make any euro ethnostates. I'm pretty sure the only reason he thinks this is he wants all of his videos seem philisophically consistent. So his idea is just to have as much impact on the gene pool as we can. A final swing I think is his idea.

He just doesn’t feel like we need to be bound by working within the current niggerfied framework. This is one side obeying the rules of war and getting BTFO by another side who doesn’t. Why would you do this unilateral losing strategy? Why must the West always be legislated into losing?


That would be extreme in the other direction. Nobody wants to watch an oxford style debate that's super-dry.

However, Baked Alaska was a shit moderator and didn't know what the fuck he was doing. Perhaps that's why Sargon picked Baked as the venue, knowing that he'd be able to manipulate much better with a shitty moderator than on Warski with JF. Baked should've been muting him when Anglin was talking and should've cut him off every time he tried to deflect and jump away from the topic of debate.

That said, Anglin still won in an overall sense of looking at how each of them did relative to what you'd expect. Anglin is supposedly the world's most genocidal neo-nazi maniac. He came off as unpolished and not a good debater, but he was the only one offering ideas and solutions, passion, and looked like a normal honest guy trying to have a debate.
Sargon, on the other hand, looked like a smug asshole. It was clear to everyone that he was arguing in bad faith, and it's not like he actually "fooled" anyway with his bullshit. His arguments were shit, he refused to explain anything, he was being overtly psychologically manipulative, etc.

Now whether you want to count that as Anglin defeating Sargon or Sargon defeating himself via rope-a-dope, doesn't really matter.

> why don’t we all become niggers cuz its easy to be a nigger

>Rules in place dictate we cannot win
>Why don’t we change the rules?
>Because then you’d be a Nazi

Real insight right there.

> implying national socialism is completely free of criticism
> implying there are rules

sure he did, socialist boy, sure he did.

>separation is wrong
>but "imposing british cultural supremacy" at the barrel of a gun is perfectly cool
>also no, I won't tell you my super-secret plan for implementing british cultural imperialism


I wonder what happens if we compare Sargoy's plan to Mongol invasions. There's a reason Asians outnumber whites so heavily, yeah?

Asians don't outnumber whites because of mongols...

True, but it's still a fact that "mongolic cultural imperialism" resulted in like ~40 million deaths, which was about 5% of the world's population in the 1200s.

Soygoy of Acuck

yeah but sargon beat "b-b-b-but you said soon(trademark) which means you promised tomorrow and backed out" warski, who is still crying over the lost revenue

I hope the poor guy never deals with blizzard

sargon is a lolcow

This. Why do you think Sargon chickened on Spencer round 2 but was fine with Anglin? Anglin was too dull at debating to keep Sargon from dodging and pin him down on important questions. Also Yea Baked is a retard and while I don't want oxford jerkoff debates he could at least not fuck it up.

Like I said previously, Anglin didn't pin Sargon to the wall on this stuff, but it was so blatant that the audience can see for themselves what Sargon was doing without having every single weasel move explicitly pointed out. Therefore Anglin won in an overall sense if you zoom out from the point-by-point minutiae

Similar to how during the GOP primaries, someone like Rubio could rattle off perfect knowledge and in-depth policy ideas, while Trump could give vague answers and banter and still win. Why? Because Trump came out looking better in a way that you don't see if you over-analyze every small detail.

>You can’t win a debate you moron
how is someone this stupid?