Italy/pol/ Road to the Race-War [Crashing the EU Edition]

1/3 of Italians would like to expel all non-EU citizens from Italy
"32% say they would never want to get in touch with immigrants, either in the workplace and in the sphere of friendships" (Eng Translate)

Partito Democratico [Globalists] fears massive loss of votes (Eng Translate)

Right-Wing Leading In Italian Election 2018 (English)

As Elections Approach, Italy Shows Record Alienation from European Union (English)

Criminologist Says Italian Teen Butchered by Nigerian Migrant Could Have Been Eaten (English)

Salvini (Lega):
"The day we find out how Pamela died, leftists talk about racism.
As Italian I'm ashamed about antifa rally in Macerata." (Eng Translate)

Meloni (Fratelli d'Italia)
"When we will be in government, we will outlaw antifa"

Lvca glorified by Italians as National Hero. Banners and messages written on walls all over Italy. (Eng Translate)

Financial support from all Italians, Luca "The Saint" Traini:
"I'm honored, please give all the money to poor families as long as they are Italian families" (Eng Translate)

Luca Traini arrives in Montacuto Penitentiary, welcomed with applauses. "He's an hero" (Eng Translate)

Refugees hospitality center set on fire in province of Naples (Eng Translate)

Immigrants in Rome on suicide watch: "We are scared now" (Eng Translate)

Pamela's Mom: "Thank you, Luca" (Eng Translate)

Luca "The Roman Legionary" Traini to prosecutors: " I Have no regrets, I'm sorry they are not dead" (Eng Translate)

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Nation Election Day 4 March
Last Polls:

Forza Nuova [fascists] 0,3%

CasaPound [fascists] 1,9%

Right Wing Coalition: 37,6%
- Forza Italia [conservatives] 15,3%
- Lega [identitarians/nationalists] 14,8%
- Fratelli d'Italia [nationalists/fascists] 5,5%
- Noi con l'Italia [christian democrats] 2%

Globalist Coalition: 25,6%
- Partito Democratico [liberals/globalists] 21,9%
- Più Europa [globalists/progressives] 2,1%
- Insieme [greens/social democrats] 0,7%
- Civica Popolare [liberals] 0,5%
- SVP [South Tyrol identitarians] 0,4%

Movimento 5 Stelle [populists/greens/pirate party-esque] 26,8%

Liberi e Uguali [progressives/social democrats/SJWs] 5,3%

Potere al Popolo [communists] 1,5%

Non-Europeans BTFO poll (in Italian)

vote Lega

Does centere right need 40% to govern? And how are M5 cucks polling so high. A party with no ideology.

As soon as Borghi vid will be up, I'll link it. He wrote the EU/euro part of the program, I think he knows what he wrote, right?

Also he said "at the end of the next legislature, euro will be no more"

>tfw no Lega M5S
Why this did not happen? They don't like an easy win?

Thanks Ameribro!

>Salvini will not have the balls to that
>Merkel will not have the balls to let us go
With what army is she going to stop us? The US doesn't have their backs anymore..

they are too distant ideologically, a pd-forza italia coalition is more likely to happen

>in a coalition with Lega
wtf are you smoking?

They dont have the numbers

vorrei sapere il giorno esatto della morte, o del ritrovamento di pamela.

3 feb was the day of the happening.


Merkel cannot even form a decent coalition to govern her own country, these fuckers will eventually go down the shitter.






lo stesso giorno di luca?


iirc her body was found on January 31st

quindi il 31 gennaio? sicuro?

Wait, niggers are literally eating Italian girls?


yes, and italians are literally shooting down niggers.

yes,it's a nigerian mafia sacrifice,they even ate her heart

>a vote for lega is a vote for berluscammer
no thanks

>tfw one of the nigerians' first name is "Innocent"
his parents already knew he would have been involved in crime so they started to give him a "dindu nuffin" name

Hello Italians,
I would like to sincerely ask a question.
Do you have objections towards Poles in Italy?



If the are not criminals, no.

Noooooo i miei compagni del centro sociale bolognese mi avevano detto che la Boldrini aveva devastato Salvini. Non è giusto, doveva essere la nostra rivalsa.
Vuol dire abbiamo picchiato un carabiniere per niente? Sto tremando e ho paura che quel fascista di Salvini possa davvero vincere. Adesso vado a drogarmi perché davvero non posso sopportare questa situazione.
PS qualcuno ha due spicci da darmi?

ideally there shouldn't be any non-Italians but as long as you work and aren't like a cancerous albanigger there's not really a problem

I am actually thinking about moving to Poland, I am a swarthy south italian. Will I get harassed by bydlos?

>cancerous albanigger
kek, the funny thing is that fascist Italy always wanted to take over Albania and integrate it + them abanians into the kingdom, ironic in retrospective

Cheers, also my aunt that live in Italy told me least time she was in here, that there were some tremors, that's first.
And second, it is trure that those noggs get whatever name they told to border guards/immigration when they enter country?
She told me that she saw one nog whit name jaques chirac lol


Thank God some Europeans still have some balls. Between Hungary and Italy maybe Europe isn't doomed after all.

what can I say, nobody is perfect

shouldn't worry if you're above 188cm

do you know what even more ironic?,"king" Zog was worried about the planned Italian immigration into Albania because at the time we were rich,intelligent and we would've outbred albanians in his opinion.

>tfw only 183

What are the chances that Italy could hold a “Leave Euro/EU” referendum after this election?

pls respond

there won't be any referendum. If we leave the Euro, it will happen secretly and overnight, to avovid Soros and his friends fucking our anus through the financial market

And leaving the EU?

at least for the envisioned integration of Libya into the kingdom there was the excuse of sending 500/600k Italian colonist to outnumber the locals
see pic, red was supposed to become wholly part of Kingdom while ocra/yellowish/orangish was supposed to remain colonial empire
I see
also, king (((Zog)))
for real?

said referendum would be uncostitutional, however the (((Parliament))) might decide to pull out on their own

Your pic is very funny because Boldra is a shill of muh femminicidio

I'm ok with this. Italian gf when???

we can't hold a referendum regarding international treaties,it's against our costitution.
it will just happen depending on the political class

>traini couldn't kill a single negro
>now all of those negri will be compensated and rewarded with citizenship
>also they will be cured for free using taxpayer money
>ignoring the fact most people who buy drugs from those African dealers are Italian

Good fucking job faggot.

Italy can't have referendum on international treaties/taxation/pardon of penal offenses, says so right in the constitution


Not that important for now, although surely we'll renegotiate the treaties and rules

You would have to change our Costituzione or do a referendum where the outcome can simply be ignored.
The parliament can simply fuck off without asking anyone.

GianClaudio "gotto d'oro a colazione" Giuncatore fears the italian templar

kek, depends
if you're croat you'd probably had been sent to the new croat ethnostate

No you wouldn't be harrased,
In here people like Italians, most of my countrymen are friendly towards Italians and also Spaniards and Portuguese.
Fun fact my former boss was Italian, I was driving part time on delivery in Italian trattoria? Or whatever you write it. Pizza,Pasta,Panini,Insalate etc.

Forgive me for my ignorance. I wasn’t aware. Surely, that could be an advantage though. Referendums cause so much bullshit over here.


Chi voterete alle elezioni del 4 marzo?

It would probably be wiser for Italy to stay for a while, but an Italeave would surely put the final nail in the coffin for the EU.


Lega ovviamente

Kek. Most people in Italy hate niggers but they're too much of a pussy or too much of a popecuck / christcuck to vote forparties against the invasion.


>we'll renegotiate the treaties and rules
>renegotiate the treaties
>meaning a single country can veto everything
I don't see good odds for that

Nice, thanks :)

Sorry for that I needed to do some actual work ( I am at work lol ) now I've some time to write, if you have some questions or want tips or info then surely write it, I'll be happy to answer. I have high opinion bout Italians

of course m8, no prob and no surprise foreigners wouldn't be aware, not even most Italians are aware
>Referendums cause so much bullshit over here.
true that
plus Italy has to reach 50%+1 of voters to make the referendum valid, such a hassle

yes,in this case i think it's an advantage.

It's called giving them rope. Every treaty renegotiated shot down is food for ItaLEAVE

Thank you. For now it's only a possibility, I will only move to Poland if certain investments and work prospects go well and I can afford to buy a house there.

he needs to study anatomy

Meloni è un alternativa migliore.

Bravo Lvca

Lo sarebbe se Fratelli d’Italia avesse abbastanza voti per superare Forza Italia e Lega, ma ciò non accadrà, almeno non per ora.

where the fuck you were czechbro?

An ethnostate for 193cm+ ONLY please.

You guys need to make the Godfather movies look like baby bobby's toy time.

Seriamente, qualcuno mi spiega quali sono le possibilità che lega o fdi possano ottenere un buon risultato alle elezioni, e in questo caso cosa possano concretamente fare per fermare l'arrivo e forzare la rimozione dei kebab e dei negri?

Sono l'unico che ha la sensazione che non cambierà un cazzo in ogni caso?

A good friend of mine is polish. Another polish guy who was a good friend of my family drunk himself to death after his wife left him to come back to poland.

So yes, i like the first one and empathize with the latter

You'll also be surprised by number of nogs, pakis, hindu etc. They are here but in low numbers, in capital youll see them on streets most of the time but mostly they walk alone or in a groups of 2-3. Absolutely harmless, they stick to their bussines. Most people they ignore them, but some are extra cautious.
Wether is colder, much colder than Italy.
In summer temp is between 25-33°
This winter is a joke -3 to 6°

Lega has a chance and can win.

Fatalismi inutili a parte, la lega ha quasi il 20%, ed in vista di un alleanza con forza Italia e fratelli d'Italia basta e avanza per superare m5s e PD.

i cant or also don't want to be on Sup Forums every day. how thinks going in italia?

Yes,the ate the heart and I heard even the genitals ,then the corpse was washed with sodium hypoclorite ,chopped and stuffed in two suitcases

Lega will win.
Check 'em.

Good luck Italy! And Godspeed!

If FI gains votes, it's going to be mainly at Lega's expenses


can you help me with a meme?

She loves KARA BOGA

sure. tell me more

i need you on a thing.

i am here.

>be on bus
>arab next to me
>day ruined
I just hope he will stop at Bologna and not in Siena