Why are germans so superior?

Why are germans so superior?

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>5 times the dutch population
>possessing actual mountains
>1 more medal

1/3 of those medals are from fucking biathlon. who cares?

Your medals are from standing on a wooden board that was made for kids

Fuck off memeflag

For a country that puts weapons before anything else this is a bold statement. Maybe for u we should introduce Snowboardshooting. Suits your 56% better

If there weren't Korea and Japan I would've thought this was a chart for percentage of whites in the country

They're superior in sports where broad shoulders are beneficial. Sport performance by country can be understood genetically almost in total. Other factors are money, geography and interest, although that is related to success.

wait shit, it still works

You guys are good, keep on!

>snowniggers in their element

Nothing surprising here. Desert olympics when?

Fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar

>Olympics pit different nations/peoples against each other
>Race/gender is a social construct and Helga is just as good as Mohammed!

finland is the superiorest tho sorry

Just imagine all germanic peoples united..
We would be unbeatable everywhere

they're not and never have been
>eu flag
>pretends faggots are superior
i bet the priest fucked you first just to shut you up right

WW2 really seems to have broken Germany. Historically speaking, you were among the best in almost every category, whether it was music, science, engineering, philosophy or athletics.
I don't know if it's a result of a broken national spirit or genetic dilution, but it's depressing either way. I hope you get your shit together before it's too late.

Norway is the true champion of winter olympics.

Here is proof:

Are Arabs good at winter sports Gercucky?

I mean, look at what you were able to accomplish back when you had national pride.

>implying there were no amphetamines involved. Apart from that it was still impressive

Reminder that the great germonkeys got beaten in hockey by poo in loos that could literally not even afford proper footwear and beat them barefeeted.


The only reason you got so many medals is because you are literally only good at a single discipline and that one happens to be repeated like 12 times.

stay gay polfag.


God that's going to be awful.
Assuming it even happens.
I hope someone dies of heat exhaustion

Because Merkel...

Because you let migrants rape your women

Now they just... muck up waters

>have destroyed Europe 4 times and counting.


It's too late for us all.

This is almost certainly because of the New Germans. Diversity is their strength!

I cannot see any hope for my country :(
Well, at least not in the west/south.

Shows what refugees can do for a country honestly. Maybe if we were more accepting, we’d win more Olympic medals too.

>winter Olympics

Let me know when people care

It's depressing when you realize how self-destructive our species is and that our technological progress might just stop at some point
I bet somewhere in the galaxy there are way more intelligent species from whose perspective we are what primitive animals are for us

There are no shitskins and only 1 female nigger in the german team.

t. butthurt anglo

Stop bragging about our achievements and let the Germans have something.

Fckn Based

The Kraut Fears The Pole, The Lithuanian, The Anglo and The American

>Loses every war it was ever involved in
>Is about to lose in the upcoming war as well
>"Superior Germany"

>coming from the country that embarrassed itself during the summer games for being unprepared, and for claiming to be first in flight

uma delicia

>meme flag

>finland is the superiorest tho sorry

That chink ambition is really paying off.

One going on right now in Syria.


germany and the US are literally shithole countries
everything we do is fuck others and ourselves over

Better enjoy it! While there's still some Germans left!

What competition is that?

Olympic Games in South Korea right now