White Genocide

>White Genocide

There is literally almost a billion of you cumskins. It would take ages to gas you into extinction. Yet you complain. Explain yourselves, faggots.

>Inb4 you can't

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White genocide is a meme. There are more white people in the world than ever before

Kys faggot

This. White genocide can't happen. It's impossible. The only way from here is up.

reminder that if America ever falls, thus stopping this literal breeding program of US aid, you're all being put back in chains

If it wasn't for the Jews, whites and asians would just rule the world and enslave everyone else.

According to your graph, Europe's shit out of luck starting 10 years ago. Tough break, Europe.

thats just white Europeans not even the full count of Europeans globally.
you can thank your comrades in ANTIFA


do you even understand what i posted.

The population of Africa is actually set to stabilize around 2050. What you are seeing is an explosion of population during your improving living conditions.

The exact same thing happened first in England, thrn the rest of Europe after the industrial revolution.

*Due to improving living conditions

Every other race complains and plays the victim card. It's our turn faggot. Oh, and we will out-victim everyone. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don't be mad that we will beat you at your own game.

>Put back in chains

Ah, American education never ceases to amaze. Arabians were never enslaved bud. In fact, we were one of the biggest slave onwers/traders in history.

Americans are retards they invented the concept of race as a colour.

Victim card for what? What do you want?

Ethno state

>do you even understand what i posted.

yes, you posted a map, showing white population 'distribution using a color map, a horrible choice for displaying data to support a a warped viewpoint in this thread.

my pie chart demonstrates the actual problem much more clearly. While it shows population by country and not my race, it clearly demonstrates the population disparity between the first(partially/mostly white) versus the third world(not white at all)

White replacement is a better term

By your logic Injuns in North America are doing just fine because in total numbers there are more of them now then 400 years ago

And don't forget pic related

Tell me about saudi arabia . I heard arabs are actually a minority there due to all the poo in loo guest workers, is that true?

>Implying that could ever, ever happen

Europeans collectively have a population that rivals China.

Think of it like this: When a man and woman gets divorced, the man might say something like "just give her half". Well, that's a mistake, because the wife's lawyer will fight to take more than half. So basically, the man's lawyer will fight for EVERYTHING, and the wife's lawyer will fight for everything, and by the end, they meet in the middle. Same with the victim card, look at what playing the victim card gets you. Jews get what they want, niggers get what they want, the list goes on and on. You MUST play the victim card to keep everything balanced. The key is to not believe you're an actual victim, but to just play the victim card AT ALL COSTS.

We will see, if the white left in America keep agitating against "whites" and the EU keeps going full steam ahead with their dismantling of Europe it may very well happen

The holocaust was a meme. There are more Jews alive than there ever were before!

Didn't read. Like the pic tho

>100 million whites in brazil
>250 million whites in the US
>40 million whites in Argentina
>19 million whites in Colombia
>1 billion Europeans
>100% of Europe is white
Really made me think

What? No. If someone was claiming the Holocaust was happening now you might have a point

never said white you baboon.

>what do you want?
Every communist, marxist, and socialist dead

weak b8

whites used to be 70% of the entire global population. look up tocharians in china/scythians in mongolia. they got the early dose of genocide at the hands of mongoloids

whites are less than 10% of the population of the planet. locusts of asia/africa/mexico are spawning and invading the last remaining white cunts

>the world is 36.4% poo and chink

Could be way more , if we europeans had a high birthrate throughout the last 100 years our continent alone would have 2billion+ inhabitants and that's not even counting the whites outside of europe.

I find this term endearing and cute. Anyone else? I think it's impossible for subhumans to offend me.

here's a better one

I hate when commieflags have sense and reasoning.

its so vulgar and infantile it just comes across as absurd rather than mean spirited

>whites used to be 70% of the world population
When? The peak percentage of white people worldwide was back in the 30/40s where white people made up 30% of the world population.

African famine is a meme, there are more Africans alive than ever before!

What is demographic trends by being replaced by shit skins in own societies.

I hope you promote more births on continental Europe other wise your colonies will become neglected and over run.

Cum represents breeding.

>>the world is 36.4% poo and chink

dont forget , 29.8% "other" too

DISGUST should be the proper response anyone who looks at world population statistics

It never happened.


No I don't think that's it. I think it's just the fact that it's an obvious parrot of shit-skin that it holds no skin. It's basically
>no u!
the insult.

Weird thing call someone a cumskin. Cum is the source of life and biological creativity. - like white people, while shit(skin) is the waste product we do not want or need.
How appropriate that your insults still recognise the innate creativity of whites.

You realize that Africa isn't one country right? Most of it isn't suffering famine.

Pic related, Nigeria

What is bolshavik jews retard.

when scythians/tocharians were all of asia
when vandals/romans were north africa
when hittites were the middle east

Famine is coming to Africa. China is buying farmland in Africa to feed Chinese - and potentially relocated 350 million Chinese to Africa. See Adapt2030 on Youtube for the reason why.

There are mud whites in south america. People who are like 80% or 70% white very few of you are actually golden 100% face. A lot of mixing happened historically around that area. Because the Spanish couldn't keep it in their pants.

I'd say that very few parts of south america have a pure huwhite population.

Mexico is on average half white.
We are being invaded by le 56% face literally speaking.

The right wing/nationalist parties in europe promote it, but they have to get in power first. Sadly,we all know that will never happen.

Whenever I see India and China, I take solace in the fact that wars are fought with high grade military assets instead of waves of human beings.

If this were hundreds of years ago we would be so utterly fucked it's not funny.

take in your arab brother refugees and stop teaming up with your kike cousins to destroy us if you want us to stop complaining

without non Africans they are like 50,000 years behind. Its never happening.

Nah just go north, chinks have a higher freezing temperature than whites.

White people went from 40% of the world to less than 10% in less than a century, the white population continues to plummet like a rock whites are already minorities in most of their very own capital cities

once the boomers die off it will be even worse, white genocide is 100% real, white people have never been a lower proportion of the overall global population or EVEN in their own homelands in their entire history

the middle east is as white as mestizos in mexico. indians are even less white than the middle east or mestizos. fuck mestizos and the lesser races.

whites are 500 million globally

No. We have a lot of Paki, Indian, and other "expats" but Arabs still make more than 90% of the population. They are alright btw. We don't mind them at all. They help with the lower paying jobs and are hard workers. Plus, they are non permenant residents. They have to pay to stay.

Based roachposting

Sup Forums thinks this isn't white, so it makes sense for them to think there's less whites than before

nigger are you fucking kidding me, we even have to give South Africa billions in aid, SOUTH AFRICA, there is no way they're doing this on their own. Also that place has a baby-rape epidemic now, this was a modern country just 20 years ago. There is absolutely no fucking way they're stabilizing, because they haven't built better living conditions for themselves, others are just paying for their shit

Damn, did she murder someone with an axe?

I made a better infograph hopefully it is clearer.

Everyone except Africa is going through a demographic crunch right now, we need to stop sending them aid.

Why is her skin spotted like that? Is that leprosy or an illness that is caused by eating pig meat? Literally made me gag. White women are alright but the ones with the spots disgust me.

they are called freckles you Saladin salami slasher

>11.5% and falling
>majority white countries are exclusively targeted by the jews to push diversity, multiculturalism
>don't complain, goy

Replacement immigration.

better than having disguisting moles and sun spots all over your brown face

Whites are at their lowest point since 1348, when the Black Death killed 2/3 of the population of Europe. If that experience indicates anything, it would take centuries for Europeans to recover, and that's if they are able to resist foreign invasions in the meantime.

except in South Africa

> There is literally almost a billion of you cumskins.
> Yet you complain.
No we're getting pissed off. Really really pissed off. Guess what happens then?

Now now remember, niggers don't understand the significance of your point my good sir, because if they did, they wouldn't be forcing their unborn babies to pay for their inability to keep their mongrel dicks off the first woman they see

Whatever they are they don't look nice, even her eyelids have them. I hope there's a medical solution that removes them for those who have an excessive case

A mole or two are nice actually. But a trllion spots on your face and body? That's horrible, regardless of the race. As for sun spots, I don't know what the are.

>Hating on freckles
I think I'm going to be sending some funds over to khamenei.

We don't hate on freckles

How is this a meme?

Commies are apologists.




nice numbers tho



2/3rds of whites are old boomercunts who didn't have children you twat

Sorry. I was angry. I just noticed the numbers. Hell yeah. Socialist scum.


Stupid Kraut.



good immigration policy


I wouldn't care if "whites" were 5% of world population, I just don't want too many "non-whites" in Europe. Or would I like that germans start immigrating to france en mass or something similar.


I'm sorry. I thought a clear spotless skin is universally desired. Apparentlly I was wrong. Good on you guys for not hating on those people with freckles. In my culture, that kind of skin type is not desired. Really makes you think about the subjectivity of beauty. Indeed, buauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yeah I had a giggle.. come brings life, shit comes out my ass.

there is never enough of us.

Saudi Arabia must fall

This is a typical Jewnigger slide thread. If you respond unironically to slide threads in any receptive way you are a Kikeshill.

Make the Jew work for its shekels. They crapflood Sup Forums because they are afraid. They should be.

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>burger education
article literally says nothing about demograpics