Why do white women keep voting against their own interests?

Why do white women keep voting against their own interests?
>Women support BLM
>Women support democrats
>Women support illegal immigration
>Women support socialism
>Women are basically children

Women follow strength. When you "warn" them about a social issue being bad for them longterm they don't see a threat, they see that you are too weak to stop this other group so they side with that group. They cannot be warned, only kept. You're supposed to defeat these invaders yourself but the law makes it illegal. That only makes you seem impotent in their eyes.

Over millenia of conquest all the women who reject this principle were killed and all the ones who weren't were taken as wives and reproduced. 50,000 years later it's the only way women act.


White women are still on our side
We just need to convince a little bit more women to come over to right wing

>Women support BLM
>Women support illegal immigration
62% of women have rape fantasies, 14% once a week

>that nose

Why is socialism bad though?

>that picture
Well done, honestly. There were different races of Egyptian royalty.

>I work harder than anyone else here.
>I'm not allowed to get paid more.

Even if that part isn't instituted, here's my favorite:
>I'm taxed 60% of my profits
>The internet exists, so I'm trying to buy stuff at the same price as countries where people are taxed 30%
You're all effectively broke in a globalized system. Socialism should have been used in the middle ages, it's a deathtrap for your own citizens now. In practice it's also much worse, as these countries all let non-citizens purchase property. That's not part of socialism but it's what they all do. Imagine trying to buy a house and competing with someone who takes home twice as much as you because their government doesn't rob their paycheck extra to pay for slackers.

white women's interest is the BBC, not tiny whyte bois

they're voting exactly for their interests

aside from the misogyny, of course

>college educated whities

wow it's almost like education makes you a smarter person and more productive for society as opposed to dumbfuckistan

Troll better faget

don't listen to this mutt, amerikkka is long overdue for socialism, look how popular the philosophy is with millennials aka the future. dinosaurs like this boomer cuck are a dying breed who refuse to educate themselves to learn that capitalism only works in under developed countries where corporations can pay the proletarians shit to be able to give first worlders $50 smart phones

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Are you sure it's always against their own interests?

>implying misogyny isn't inherent to fascist philosophy

i'd have to be a stupid white woman to vote republican why would i vote for an ideology that brands me a second class citizen or worse?

That's not what your mom said last night when she sucked on my BWC Tyrone


>le 52 percent face

4/10 trolling m8 you're getting there but the key is, once you find the nerve points, you have to hit them subtly. Take a sabbatical to Australia.

>why would I vote for white men who oppress me?
> wants 3rd world Muslims to come into the country on mass and doesn’t bat an i when they rape you for walking alone.

You ladies are pretty retarded if you ask me. I think you don’t even know what’s best for you and given the chose would destroy yourself and society because “muh emotions”

White women were the only female demographic to vote majority Trump

This is true.

Throughout your life, you'll be told white people are responsible for everything bad. Nevermind the fact that every other race has done bad things, even alongside whites. Only whites are responsible.

Woman don't like to take responsibility. Virtue signalling is there way of proclaiming that they are not a part of this and that they themselves, are the oppressed.


What no one seems to understand is that white MARRIED women voted for Trump and white SINGLE women did not

because they're white women and emotional creatures, this thread should be gassed, we have this same conversation every other fucking day.

Holyfuckingshit! The nose on that women!!

>What no one seems to understand is that white MARRIED women voted for Trump and white SINGLE women did not

hmmm are implying married women are worth more than single women? single women are probably more likely to be working and supporting themselves and their children financially so what exactly is it that right wingers value in women?

Because married women are busy on the BWC of their husbands