How do I stop from getting so angry Sup Forums? I literally want to kill trans activists

How do I stop from getting so angry Sup Forums? I literally want to kill trans activists.

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Embrace it. After all, if there's anything Texas needs, it's more culture. Diversity is your strength.

bump. I'm freaking out here guys.

Accept culture and diversity. Texas is much too white and much too straight.

I prefer the culture of opening fire on an LGBT pride event

It’s a salad bowl so STFU

See, it's exactly that kind of bigotry that will leave you forever stuck 100 years in the past.

Highly recommend you watch this
Not politics
I dont know why people dove head first into degeneracy, giving up the golden age

I used to accept all this bullshit. Now I realize they brainwashed me as a kid and I'm never gonna forget.

Delete this, goy. We've always been a melting pot.

I actually listen to Alan Watts all the time, great guy

Hah this guy has broken the chains, See its most fucked up for us people that used to be lefty cunts years ago

Daily reminder that you grabbed that land from Mexico using the exact same technique

So what?

>kill trans activist

thats stupid, just incendiary stupid shit, those trans are a very small minority

the real blame is on normies, normies must all die

>YWN know what life was like in White Texas.
I don't understand why all of you faggots haven't necked yourselves yet. Paradise is lost.

If I can't even protest my own ethnic displacement why the FUCK should these freaks be able to advocate turning little boys into girls? They should all be publicly executed.

I lived there just around when it started 56%ing itself (2005). When I moved out, from what I've seen on the graphs posted here, clearly when one white person moves out, 300 more Mexicans move in.

you want to
but you cant so you just resort to larping online
fucking faggot no better than the trans you want to kill


How come San Diego is more white than L.A even though it's mere minutes away from the Mexican border, but that one Southern strip in Texas is in 0+ territory? Does it have to do with it bordering mainland Mexico and not B.C?

I think a fair number of us are ex lefties who had our “educated” world view shattered irreparably for one reason or another. I have a feeling that we’re actually more extreme then someone who was always right wing because we have a lot more anger due to our realization of the brainwashing attempted on us. We also fully understand the leftists insane psychologically in all of their self hate, and worship of anything that they perceive as weak, because we’ve lived it.

That and there might be more gib and/or work available in LA.

>trans activists
literally the most minor issue

The cost of living in San Diego prices out some of the spics and niggers.

Because San Diego has always been a white dominated and largely affluent area, Mexis can only afford to live in the shit tier areas while LA has largely been a shithole since the 80s

This or growing up in an “racially diverse” area. I would have been a liberal had I not have been exposed to the savagery of the darkies growing up.

join the marines you get sent there

San Jose here. My neighborhood is totally overrun by various Asian nationalities. I even LIKE Asian culture but this is ridiculous. Why the fuck can't they stay in their own countries? Why do they have to steal mine?


Much of L.A. county has been a shithole since the 60s.

Just accept that our world is just more meme than reality. Embrace This timeline and turn your powerlessness into your strength.