Justin Trudeau is a cu-

Sup Forums btfo, a true chad.

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yeah because a gay guy having a beard totally makes him straight


>look at me virtue signal a hallmark holiday

It actually looks like someone was cropped out holding sophies hand on the other side lol.

A true chad would have his hand all over that ass.

>happy valentines day
>check date

Valentines Day is for woman and betas.

>laugh at Tudeau
>read user's post
>reality and depression kicks in

Margaret and Sophie Trudeau on African sex trip without Justin


>her hover hand
>she doesn't love him
>she loves Donald

At least you guys didn't have to put your dog down yesterday

Her hand held apart from his back, her hand balled into a fist instead of open.

everything will be ok, guys


Trudaow is such a buttfucking degenerate. Cuban bastard child.

He looks good with a beard; just like his pop.

feel sorry for you user, what happened to it?


Awww shit user. Sorry to hear that.

That's quite the rump even for a 42 year old, I bet it jiggles when she walks with high heels

What a fucking faggot.

>don’t forget to say hi to tyrone for me babe

yeah thats a friendly waist grab , not a husband-wife waist grab

Thanks boys... He was 13 and was ill this since last Thursday, throwing up and not being himself. We took him to the vet on Monday to get his blood work done and the next day we found out his liver was failing. It's tough but dogs are truly the best and he was a great family dog

hand positioning is proper
anything else would be a public display of toxic masculinity

Trudeau needs a hot wife to cover up all the guys he fucks with her

I would make her spread eagle against a wall and violently make love to her asshole before penetrating it. I would honestly just sniff that ass while smothering my face with those massive cheeks.
I bet Trudeau has never done that. I can't respect a man like that.

It's always hard to let go of something as loving and loyal as a dog.

the jew shapiro summed turdow up pretty good.

look up trudeau and gomeshi and tell me again if you think he's "chad"

7.5/10, would bang her

if he wasn't a cuck, then he is an evil man to knowingly do the things he does




>He probably actually truly believes HE is the lucky one
Yeah, he's a cuck.

Damn. The first Leaf really has a nice ass.

Whenever I see Trudeau, I can't help but think of the Black Mirror episode where the prime minister of England fucks a pig, only with Trudeau, the pig fucks him and he actually enjoys the experience.

> Trudeau is pig disgusting.

>later that evening

Why'd you kill your missus for?

It will be better, anons! Just fight for it!

She is hover-handing so fucking hard.

>A true chad
>Fucking a bitch 35 years older than him

>Fucking a bitch 35 years older than him
wrong frenchman

Good point. That body language speaks a lot

>he's walking her over to his wife's boyfriend

lmao is that real

Lol faggot

Yeah, for women and betas to screw their brains out.
I'm getting laid in about 30 minutes, enjoy ur sock you sad sack of sheep fucking shit.


>True Chad

Guess he got that from Fidel but ultimately he can't escape the fate that we was born as cuck spawn and likely follow the path of his non-biological (or "real") father.


kill yourself mutt

It's Melania getting cucked for Valentine's day.

>she's hover handing him

hope you feel better, user


It's so nice of him to share his wife with those poor refugees.

Tonight he is watching how a bunch of refugees will make love with his wife and give him the privilege to welcome his new wife's son into his loving hearth.

Thank you Justin Trudeau for being yourself.

he's out in 2019

Have you never seen them in an interview together? It's obvious she's the actual PM of Canada and pegs him every night.

She is not even touching him smdh these sickos

Trudeau confirmed for assman

she thicc

>not holding hands

Check out her hover hand. She obviously loves him guys. She didn't want to wrinkle his suit.

Nice hover hand.

shes hover handing him because hes such a fucking pussy