Patrick Brown's anonymous accusers lied!
Canadian fake news is now trying to bury the story

This is CTV's website right now

>Patrick Brown accusers stand by allegations
Apparently the anonymous accuser's character has been assassinated.
CTV casually mentions accuser was neither in high school nor below drinking age at the time. Whoops.

Full statement by accuser
>muh victim card
>muh Canadian values
TD,DR: I don't want to talk about it anymore.

This is from the original story CTV ran on Jan 24 exposing the allegations against Brown.

The next day (Jan 25) CTV made sure to publish an article to tout their own journalistic integrity and emphasized all the "leg work" they did to verify every aspect of the story

Well Sup Forums what do you think? #Metoo or #McCarthyism ?

Screw the Toronto Star also

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The spin is fucking disgusting.
Her being underage was the core of what people found objectionable about the story.
If she's willing to lie about that, what else is she willing to lie about?
She assassinated her own character.

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