Where is your Abrahamic God now Sup Forums?

Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture seek help from Nasa and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting alien.



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that's just shitty drawings of poos

>still implying Abraham isn't Brahma

What a time to be alive. NASA is supporting Noahs Flood

Literally bloody diarrhea on a wall



>Where is your Abrahamic God now Sup Forums?

In Heaven.
Next question.

wait a second!! the alien picture with the tree in the background may be real now, we just have to find the one with the alien that resembles the cave drawings

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how does one carve a painting?

wow its aliens just like in the movies

Ancient Aryans

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When will people wake up?
No you're thinking of "the sons of god"
who is where huwhite people come from.
and btw YHWH isn't a singular being it's a group.

>10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting alien.

Those are actually just the smeared feces of ancient streetshitters