Pol's opinion on Puerto Rico

What's /pol's opinion on Puerto Rico?
If you have any questions on how it is in there,
Imagine a place where bums usually say thanks giving them some money, Puerto Rico looks pretty shit right now, and also its quite peaceful over there. I say peaceful bluntly.

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nice mamacitas and faggy faggots.


Islands have been used and abused since forever. I feel for them but they really will have to get it together themselves if they want it to stop.

You're America's welfare leach. Without annual bailouts and using the USD you would be venezuela tier. Corrupt socialists have ruined your island. Now you're using the hurricane as an excuse for more money to fix your infrastruture which was already failing before the storm


I went there last summer (to San Juan) The thing I like about it is that everything there is dirt cheap, and its good quality too. The problem is that it attracts old people, and that's Puerto Rico's problem, all the old people aren't working.

brown regueton shithole
>The thing I like about it is that everything there is dirt cheap
what did you buy?

I went out with a PR girl and she was seriously hot. Probably the hottest girl I ever went out with. Perfect skin, beautiful face. She was thicc too.


Honestly I think PR should be able to do what they want. Join the Union, form their own nation, remain an associated territory. They're probably going to get the best deal as the last. I don't think it's a big deal, really.
They have some Reds that hate our guts.


where is Puerto Rico?

Half rican here. Why do Puerto Ricans do everything backwards? My grandma owns a bunch of real estate and had a few Ricans that did a lot of the work back in the days. I swear to fucking god, Outlets upside down. Flick the switch up to the turn light off and down to turn on. In the showers, hot is on the right and cold on the left. Turn the door knob towards the lock when it should be away. I shit you not one Rican even fucking installed hot water tank upside down. My dad even told me a story about how when he went to PR as a teen he got a map that was UPSIDE DOWN. He only found out later when talking to someone about PR and where San Juan was. He couldn't figure out why he was getting lost. I also do everything backwards. Seriously wtf is up? Did America do experiments on PR back in the day? SRS btw.

Shithole, Puerto Rico is an ironic name
Gain independence and leave us alone

Puerto Rico is a shithole. 3rd World Infrastructure, hypocritical people who vote for gibsmedats and are only interested in becoming a state for more gibs, ultra corrupt gov, etc. Also, who is the retard saying it's peaceful? PR's poverty and crime rate are insanely high and have been for decades.

The people here are proud about EVERYTHING retarded. Some model or singer does well and they think that makes PR look good. No retard, having a functioning economy and prosperous people is what makes you look good.

Furthermore, the majority of people here would of voted democrat if they could of. They refuse to speak english and hate gringos, yet also beg them for help when they need more gibs.

They want to be seen as some independent nation and American Citizens at the same time, choosing one over the other depending on the time of day.

I hate this fucking island

>Did America do experiments on PR back in the day?
More than a few, yeah.

And yeah, the girls USED to be extremely hot because Puertoricans had basically superior genetics. But the whole island is turning obese - go out to La Placita or Old San Juan and you'll see more fat people than anything else.

The girls arent as hot as they used to be

I hate how Puerto Rico is treated like another country for sports and shit.

You aare either in the USA or you are not.

Stop trying to play it both ways.

That's because the people here are huge hypocrites.

>Puertoricans had basically superior genetics

Fuck the island of welfare monkeys. Funny how the DR can make it on their own but the dirty spicans can’t

I'm British so I don't really give a shit about it


Tl;dr Chad genetics, no disease of mind or body

The PR girls I knew were super educated and super hot or less hot and trashy. All of them had the tightest pussies too out of asians, whites, Mexicans and negresses

But a lot have gapped teeth floppy tits, diabetes and obesity apparently. The nigger genetics.

Puerto Ricans in Pennsylvania are literal subhumans, they almost made the state blue in 2016 if it weren't for the Amish. I hope when Lou Beretta becomes Senator, he will send them back to the Island. Most of them are barley different to blacks. Not to mention our Latino population would be almost nonexistent without them.


puerto rican here. just want to let you know that bums in san juan are usually absolute assholes here and complain when you give them less than 3 dollars. that city can be scorched and salted for all i care.


Puerto Rico really had the chance to make something of themselves. Had Citizenship since 1918(I think). Any other race would have taken advantage of that. We could have been the indians and asians owning all the gas stations and 7-11's and sending our kids to top universites and landing jobs in Silicon Valley. Instead we came here for welfare and to be bums. Not my case as I'm doing well but it is the case for most sadly.

>tfw working for feds concerning disaster relief

Your politicians are assholes, but overall decent people

Dominican in PR here. Puerto Rican men are mostly soft and effeminate. Nobody here is making any moves, and they are Jamaica-tier slow in everything they do.
To do any business here there are 1000 layers of bureaucracy to go through, and did I mention people are slow here?
It is pretty good to get chicks, though. Girls aren't used to being approached, so its pretty ez m8. Combine that with getting with a Dominican being seen as taboo...

Also, had some Ricans over to DR the other month, and they were surprised by how good the country is doing.
I can say that DR is better than PR by a mile. The economy is good, crime is low, and the youth isn't fat and laden with tattoos, unlike PR.

>RPing on a Taiwanese Finger-Painting board
If PR women are so easy to approach, why are you sitting here on fucking Valentine's Day?

Cuz I already busted my nut. :)
Don't be salty

I feel PR should be an independent nation
You owe $70 billion in debt. That should be restructured or have a haircut of 40% so you pay only $40 billion (U.S pays most of this)

Need to have China invest billions to come in and fix everything.

Also, PR mamis like anal a little too much...idk if its a thing

>done with VDay
>not even 8pm yet
Your hand doesn't count, Rodrigo.

Become independent and stay the hell away from our country. We're already 56%, we don't want to drop below half.

There's already more PRs living in the mainland than here, and the current migratory wave isn't expected to let up for another 4 years or so.

You've lost that battle, m8.

Hispanics are considered white in the census

Most ricans (60%) are white. And no, a picture from a ghetto pr parade in nigger york city doesnt change census data

It would be a third world country without federal aid

They also all live in destitute housing and rely on public programs.

I don't.

True, but that doesn't have anything to do with my point, faggot

Lol, believe what you will, this is a Malaysian poop-smearing forum after all