Mother of a Florida victim

Mother of a Florida victim

We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children..

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I don't really feel like it...

Who was the shooter? Was it a white guy

What happened in Florida?

Most likely because OP is trying to be funny

Nick Cruz the Cruz Missile happened.

"Nicolas De Jesus Cruz". Well, gee, I wonder.

I don't care, I'm keeping my guns.


Some Cuban kid, there is video of him being arrested in the link. Cubans are considered white, this kid is pretty light skinned too, so whites will be taking this L it seems. At least he isn't fat.


Keep telling yourself that.

Who's going to take our guns? Even Obama knew better

> literally just left church
> ashes on forehead

RobotMSM Fake news should be forced to shut down right now.

Cubans are not white. They're shit tier spics

Who is going to come and take it faggot?

Wasn't she also at the Sandy Hook shooting...?

White women crying makes my dick hard.
Not even kidding, i know its fucked up but seein this pic and hearing the girls crying in THAT video, man i almost came

Some white men better rape those kids before the shooters get to them!!! Hurry!!!

What a boring happening.

Your fellow citizens once they've had enough of this pointless bloodshed. I'll be there too, carrying away your guns. It will be a pleasure.



What video? I'm due for a nice fap.

Just kidding, I do nofap so I go hard and stay hard.

Can't defuse the Cruz

No visible tears as usual.

look like trashy pedo baptists meth heads


she looks like an actor

You can have my gun faggot bullets first of course.

red head? that hair is black


if true big

no, you're most likely thinking about someone else

How many deaths were caused by alcohol last year? You going to take everyone's beer away from them too?

This is Parkland FL which is near Boco Ronton which is near Miami. There is like a 90% chance this guy is a Hispanic shitskin of some variety.

You can't spell Slaughter with out laughter.

The more "progressive" our society gets, the more school shootings we have. This is not my idea of progress. There is something very wrong with the direction of our society if this is the way we are progressing.

what is on her head?

look at the time... I think I'll just go to sleep.

just part of the fucked up cult

lucky me is asexual

>Floridian trash

ashes. its ash wednesday heathen

I would if I could, but I'm more realistic than that. Gun ownership is on the chopping block. I have to pick fights I can win.

why does she have a cross on her forehead?

are you fucked up faggots real? its fucking ash wednesday. go pray

Are we gonna point out that her cross is upside down?

Do the (((people))) who take this photos have any shred of human decency.

Lol you can't win anything you delusional narcissist. GO TO SLEEP LITTLE NIGGA.

Ash Wednesday...she's Catholic

Please come to Arizona, a d try to take our guns. We will hand you the slugs first.

Ash wednesday my dude

Why the fuck would isis mods suppress free publicity?

I'm sure their Jewish God will comfort them.

it's not though. the horizontal line is about in the center of the vertical line.

I think all of that sensitivity/tolerance training is going so well. Don't you think?

> unaware that today is ash wednesday
> meme-flag faggot
you should consider giving up faggotry for lent.

So, crosshairs?

I personally live around 8 miles from the school in question, spooky stuff really but everyone I've talked to about it is usually like "I never thought this place could get even shittier but look at us now" or something of the sort.

Can't fuck with the brains of the people who CHOOSE to live in this hellhole that is Florida.


yeah or someone hastily inscribing a cross on one of a hundred people.

>ash on forehead
>probably been to church today
>muh good christian
Oh well

Please take our niggers too they kill ppl

Mental care in the US is clearly under par.

Arizona here as well. This is true. You will die or become a murdering thief before you take my guns.

My fellow citizens? Over 50% of them own guns and even more than that support the right to own them.

Dude, Florida in general is under par as a state, no amount of mental care will heal this godforsaken state.

How big of a scumbag do you have to be to take photos of a moment like that? Probably made money from the photo as well.

also a protip: Gun ownership transcends partisanship in America

She's got ashes on her forehead for Ash Wednesday

>t. cuckstain
see No, it's just below the halfway mark.

People just don't understand how little the police can help you "during" the incident. Even cops where I'm from told our neighbors who were involved in a break-in that they need to invest in a firearm.

The shooter was a DACA democrat and clinton supporter

>mfw a lot of rich brazilians i know are spending their whole life savings to try to move to Florida

they dont know what theyre getting into LMAO
hope they die


Then we'll take it. Can we have it, please? Name your price.

Florida is the best state in the country, the sun just makes people go on killing sprees and fuck their relatives sometimes but that's what melanin does to you.

>cubans are considered white

>hope they die
I hope so too

>born 1943

wait I take that back!!!!!

He is an Aztec.

Are you going to take ANTIFA guns also?

BTW that will never happen. Nobody is worried believe me.

Too late loser, you're failure is permanent

The dad was probably a spic or a nigger.

Looked like a predominately European Latino

Florida is way safer than Brazil. These retards bitching about Florida have never left Florida, that's why they think it sucks. Jacksonville Florida is where the garden of Eden was originally located.

>was going to post a fake thread where i'd claim to shoot some place up in Florida earlier
>decided not to because I didn't want the SWAT team knocking on my door
>lo and behold, shooting takes place in Florida

FUCKING hell bros dodged me a bullet there

another mk ultra assasin let run amok to control guns and the internet
> another mk ultra assasin let run amok to control guns and the internet
another mk ultra assasin let run amok to control guns and the internet
> another mk ultra assasin let run amok to control guns and the internet
another mk ultra assasin let run amok to control guns and the internet

Eat a bullet Moshe

By a lot of Americans they are, I'm not saying they are actually white just that whites will probably get the shit for this kid. Look man, they claimed George Zimmerman was white.

1488 isn't a discussion

Here's hoping he is first generation, better yet an illegal. That would be too narratively powerful to cover up.

>Jacksonville Florida is where the garden of Eden was originally located.

I'm sorry man but you've got some problems if you think that, Jacksonville is an actual hellhole

I met a cuban girl with blonde hair and blue eyes once. Some of them have full blown conquistador genes that diluted very little if at all.

this is the best shooting ever, this school is full of kikes, nogs and spicks

>daca beaner shoots the white kids
>only the white kids
>MSM says he is obviously a white racist trump supporter
>see him wearing this maga hat he stole from a man during the trump rallies, its proof!

South West Florida Jan 9th 2018

Go take your Adderall

lol Jesus didn't help you out lady. Take that ash shit off

Did he actually post the allahu akbar thing??