Has anyone taken the british/israelite pill?

>British people are true descendants of the 12 tribes of israel
>Jews are actually Khazars that migrated into palestine
>There are less than 10 manucripts mentioning the celtic tribes but only of southern france, not britain
>King Arthur were two glamorgan kings who defended Britain against the Saxons in the 4th and 5th century
>Romans were never in Britain, and Wales had its own central government centuries before 54 BC
>Christianity originated in wales BTFO pagan fags

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>romans were never in Britain

Nice meme fag

delete this

Caesar invaded twice but failed after being ass raped by Cassivellaunus

Israel has no love for the British.

Ever hear of the King David Hotel?

Of course (((they))) hate britain because they sequestered british ancestry.

So it was anglos who killed jesus?
Makes sense.

Yank took the Alan Wilson pill? Nice.

We wuz kangz.

The next step is The Kolbrin ancient Text, I haven't quite swallowed that myself though.

Hey Frendo,

I've been a Christian Identitarian for a long time. I'm really surprised its not more common here.

Do you listen to andrew hitchcock?

Nice digits. Andrew Hitchcock is based

I cant believe I have never heard of the Kolbrin bible, I'm ordering it now.

This unironically doesn't surprise me.
We've been punished some of the hardest overall.
I originate 100% from these islands but Varg would look at me the same as a nigger from my colouring.

Romans were in Britain though lol, King Arthur the first fought them off in the 5th century though and defeated the western empire.


Note: Mosleys colouring.
Not white? I'ma stop you right there.

Don't be too hasty I'm still sussing out if it's a hoax, I believe a lot of it can be found online for free too. It is very expensive.


>anglos are kikes
no surprise there

It does explain the high IQ and propensity to cuck the world

We must spread the word

>cucks the third world
>proceeds to get cucked by the third world

The British Empire did spread out all over the world, bringing the gospel with it. I buy the idea that europeans are descendants of Joseph's two sons. Not that it matters today.