Glad to see Hollywood figures fighting back against the evil establishment!

Glad to see Hollywood figures fighting back against the evil establishment!

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quick how do we twist this so it involves jews


Of course not. Such gracious generosity should never ever be questioned.


There wasn't even this much virtue signaling after Las Vegas or Pulse, or that shooter in Texas. Something is fishy because those were worse shootings

The school is 40% Jews who the fuck cares for their opinions.

it's back to school kids or "children" as the media refers to it, similar to after sandy hook

Read that as we love jews and shekels


ask who is Shrek. She alread mentioned the Jews

Close your eyes and imagine it's not jews. After a minute open them again, just to realize it's always been jews.

Too bad the NRA and Russia have already spent millions ans sewn the seeds of distrust

Agreed. Something is (((happening)))

its practically a jewish school. that's why there's so much interest in this. half the dead are jews. that's why they are getting attention and shekels from the media and entertainment kikes. filth tend to stick together.

What the fuck do they need money for?

Shrek's last name was originally Shrekel but he changed it to hide the Jewish

Every fucking person involved is some wealthy kike

glad these hard working young actors could get paid

How many deep state operations will slaughter our children before they take our guns for good? They'll do this a few more times this year and trot out some perfect spokespeople for it among the ranks of the traumatized.

All it takes it to find a basket case and push him a little further and look the other way at suspicious behavior


This is a happening and this is real

Reminder: @sarahcha_ used to be @chaddiedabaddie

>Do something about it
Ok stop giving psychiatric drugs to minors

Get it out of your system, you will not be allowed to use Twitter to spread these falsehoods. #TwitterLockOut

You're funny.


Throwing money at the frothing rabble to keep them off their backs. God bless rich kikes

those were goys that got shot in those shootings.

They also both donated to Hillary's campaign, so you know they only back winners.