Be british

>be british
>colonize nations and cripple them for centuries at a time
>throw half the world into poverty

>ff to 2018
>ugly, virgin britcucks bitch on Sup Forums about immigration
>>muh muslim invasion
>>boo hoo losing white ethnostate

I hope every one of your whore women get raped thrice by these middle eastern savages. I hope your mothers get acid thrown in their faces. By 2050 you cunts will finally be invaded yourselves and become an islamic republic, after which your fuckall civilization can begin its inevitable decline.

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It'll take some time before the sleeping giants wake up, for now lets up the shit skins don't get their hands on nukes.








>>throw half the world into poverty
How? By making them realize that there were placed where people had running water instead of jugs carried to-and-from the river?

>the absolute state of american high schoolers

m8, pakistan, india and israel already have nukes.

They brought civilization to half the world

The brits crippled nobody. They brought civility and modernized billions.

>doesn't understand that colonialism leaves a country without productive institutions and a skilled work force

But sure, its because of their genes and the fact that they dont 'work hard enough'. Yes, keep believing this narrative, god forbid you have to face reality.

I honestly can't wait until China genocides the niggers

if you think the british did anything to their colonies except loot them and leave them without money, resources, skills and the courage to open up to trade then you're deluded.

the only niggers china is likely to genocide is the US, desu. They view Africa as an important strategic location, since its emerging and untapped by the west.

>they dont 'work hard enough'
You wut now?
Modern conveniences are because white people wanted to be lazy and invented things to allow them to be lazy
What productive institutions and skilled workforce existed in, say, South Africa before colonialism?

swallow your own teeth homo

Haha fuck off faggot we're leaving the EU and you're spiralling down the plughole.

The thing is that britain went through industrialisation before and during colonialism. Countries like India, South Africa and such would probably have gone through industrialisation during the same time as Europe (mid to late 19th century), but Britain's rule deprived them of this and they remained poor. You think Germany in 1800 was a paradise? No, it was a 'shithole' agricultural economy.

>hurr durr look we're leaving the only institution which might have kept us relevant in this century

you played yourselves britcucks

You know the EU is crashing right? They're currently begging Holland for funds to cover us leaving and Holland are saying 'lol no'.

>this is what britons actually believe

keep playing mental gymnastics to justify this blunder


>thinks that this is in any way an indication of the future.

>back-pedalling like a nigger on a stolen bike faced with an unexpected police cruiser

either kraut or poo

Kraut for def


at least follow the rules of the language you invented and spread like a cancer

Sorry Skullface

Britain's colonies literally went on to become some of the most successful nations in the world. Lmao at your retardation

>Be OP
MHhhHhHhrrrmmmMMmMpPPPGhhGHhgGGh *drool*

>>be british
>>colonize nations and cripple them for centuries at a time

>things that didn't happen

all colonized countries are better off because of it, this can and has been empirically shown. it was decolonization, and the ensuing power struggles that devastated africa. they were a bunch of stupid equalitarian communists that were wrong again, now they're blaming white people

They spread civilization you stupid cuck. They should be thanked not swarmed with turd worlders.

How can someone be so hateful? Just goes to show how mentally unhinged the autistic virgin betas of Sup Forums are.

>blaming modern day brits for something their ancestors did
It’s like beating up a child because their father bullied you in school. Any British person alive now has absolutely nothing to do with what their ancestors did and have no control over it, because spoiler alert, they weren’t alive back then. So there’s nothing they could’ve possibly done to reverse what happened. It’s like blaming Americans now for slavery when they had nothing to do with it. Fuck off.

they did it to themselves for joining with the jew
and bringing about the WW's
fuck them for being
suck cucks
maybe if they stopped sucking jew cock
for 5 seconds they could stop the invasion
but they stole arab land
and now arabs will just take it from them in the UK
your only out is against the law
and you have no guns
you fucked yourselves
defend yourselves
take your neighborhoods back

>I hope every one of your whore women get raped thrice by these middle eastern savages. I hope your mothers get acid thrown in their faces. By 2050 you cunts will finally be invaded yourselves and become an islamic republic, after which your fuckall civilization can begin its inevitable decline.

t. mudslime

why doesn't he shave the unibrow?

i hope by now, u realize that the only reason y they 'colonized', is b.c they wanted 2 share the pleasures of what a 'civilization' gives

& b.c of ppl like u, im going 2 influence them in evry way i can 2 make sure they utilize their technology 2 get rid of primitives like urself who only learn just enough 2 take advantage of others, instead of helping another

Why is that people keep abusing the colonization strawman? It was war of conquest: I attack you, you can defend yourself, if you win I fuck off (like Italians in Adua, they wanted shit and got their shit pushed in), if I win your shit is mine.

Now we're in a police state, we see that niggers are invading but we can't take out guns and force them out, because police is WITH them. Can't you sense how fucking stupid you sound?

>colonize nations
>and cripple them

>Low IQ ethnik detected

Hello there, Paki. Now get the fuck out of Britain and back into the islamic shithole which you stemmed from.


trying to lite a fire
under your
lazy asses
when was the last
time you
anything but
rock n roll
MARS fantasies?

>cripple them
A Negro Ethnostate in Africa would have been even worse for Blacks. Half of whites in Europe can't understand what democracy is, do you think the Blacks would have understood that's concept better than Europeans?
Apartheid was a necessary evil. Ask a Black in South Africa who isn't a Marxist how great the country is nowadays after the British left. Spoiler Alert: Blacks can't run countries.
It took the Europeans centuries to even come to the conclusion that democracy is good, you are telling me that the Blacks would have just embraced democracy instantly?
Also the British occupation of Africa was due to religious reasons firstly, civilizational uplifting of the Blacks secondly and economic exploitation thirdly.
If we could have colonialism back I'd be happy.

Yes burger weren't you aware that dragging the poor oppressed shitskins kicking and screaming out of ignorance, disease, tyranny and the vicissitudes of nature you are crippling them. BIGET!

not a MAD arsenal.

you forgot the chinks.