Whoa. This tweet made me take a grinder to my ghost guns.

stop posting this

Except, the system institutionalizes for a decade atleast before they reach the real world. Jews and their shabbos goyim would never allow the youth to find their own way, they are corralled and they comply when they think its cool and unique, while they soak in the culture created by the rich and powerful.

Do these leftists really want to start a violent conflict? They would all die. Surely they can see that? Some of the smarter leftists know it, they're outmanned, outgunned, and outeverythinged.

>Ha, dumb adults struggling with complex problems when us kids have all the simple solutions!
>Fuck you dad!

Even if the left managed to abolish or narrow the second amendment and pass comprehensive federal gun control, there would still be 300 million guns in the United States and millions of rightwingers unwilling to part with them. I don't think the left really has a plan in that regard.

They just have a need to do something. They need something to fill their spiritual holes in times of crises and death, so they become evangelicals for the state

>biologically female
I'd fuck it ngl

Holy fuck I'm tired of hearing about these kids.
Children are meant to be seen not heard

When your Jews act like whites and then magically change back into Jews when it doesn't suit them you know tricks are coming.

I agree compare most of gen z to the retarded liberal "leaders" of western nations

Acting like a leader is grinning with glee like sociopaths at the deaths of your classmates because you can use it to advance and enrich yourself. Interesting.

so funny considering the history of all tory-whig conflicts. chomsky is a fucking retard, right-wingers hardly do street violence ever and there are no right-wing insurrections. But whatever we're commie so

The children are better at acting like leaders because they are paid actors


Is this message supposed to be celebrated, because the only change I see is a very bad one. Trump is the adult in the room, btw.

"Chomsky is a fucking retard"


Damn you stand out.

imagine unironically thinking posting closeups of your genitals on the internet is somehow making you look good in any light

They do say the next generation is the most conservative one yet. Leftists in vagina hats are the example they'd had to look up to.

The fall of the American empire will be the most influential and fascinating event of our lifetimes
Get comfy nonburgers


I told y'all south Florida was nothing but kikes and beaners, they cannot help but turn this thing into a cartoon. 500+ shot in Vegas? No prob. Christian Church shot to shit? Never heard of it. Kikes get kikes by their own purse puppies? Now we got a problem.

Gas the gulf

Wasn't there this story a day or two ago of the students crying while their plea for tougher gun laws got completely btfo? Did we ever get video of that?

Those tattooed knuckles offended me more than anything else in this video.

That was unexpected.

So the children are deceitful liars and the leaders are honest?

she presented herself for racist white males. Man these girls sure have some patrician fetishes.