Billy Graham Dead at 99

Goodnight, sweet prince.

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A great man.


Press F to Pay Respect


Press S to spit on grave

That's odd. I hadn't heard about him in years so i just randomly started looking him up and other preachers to see how old they are. Jimmy Swaggart is next.


I could've swore he died several years ago? Anyone else?

Burn in hell Zionist stooge

How many times is this fucker going to die?

I remember him dying in the 90s and then again a few years ago.

Are we on the final timeline yet?


Same. I distinctly remember him dying around 2013, and going to Wikipedia to look at his article because I thought he had died a few years previous to that.


Televangelist scum.

Kill yourself kike

>who will play him in the inevitable biopic

Honestly didn't realize he was still around... does American style Christianity go with him?

Same here....I thought he died a long time ago! He had a big ass funeral at a football stadium or some shit? My wife actually just texted me "So, Billy Graham just died again."


Hopefully he didn't go to hell for being a heretic.

Requiescat in pace

You're confusing him with John Hagee. Billy Graham was redpilled on the Jews and even talked with Presidents about the problem.

Hardly. He was one of the last big preachers whose aim was saving souls instead of raising cash.

I like very old people.
I am sure others do too.

I tip my fedora to him.



I thought he died a few years ago and his son took over. Must have been Falwell.

F for fighting degeneracy.

Yep I remember the funeral it was huge

My mom is gonna be freaking out about Jesus coming back....kill me

ITT: Religious nutcases who cling to their made up beliefs like a baby clings to a security blanket. Grow up, children.

Wait what? Didn't he die in like, 2013-2014?

No that was the Reverendo Franklin Graham.

I hope he likes the nonexistence of eternal void like we all will experience

One less christcunt


Mandela Effect to the max. It's happening

Meanwhile ancient biblical prophecies are being fulfilled right before your eyes. Your blindness is spiritual


he got dubbs

Isn´t he the one of the guys who made bible belt rednecks love kikes and Israel?

It was Dr. Gene Scott you may be thinking of. The only true prophet.

who is that faggot?

His son? He's still quite alive, offered a prayer on Trump's inauguration day.

*tips fedora*

Depends on which timeline you're from. Apparently we're merging timelines again.

>he got dubbs
>99 yo

well done faggot

>Billy Graham was redpilled on the Jews
Wrong. He said one thing skeptical of Jewish power and then later groveled before the kikes and apologized for questioning them, and he was a lifelong friend of Israel. He is a big reason that the right wing in America is nothing but a huge joke, since he helped create the "religious right," which has crippled the right wing for decades.

No, old people in America are subhuman. Everyone hates them.

One of the great ones.

the odds were pretty fucking out there

>Meanwhile ancient biblical prophecies are being fulfilled right before your eyes.
Wrong. Your false eschatology was created by Jews.

Wasnt there a fucking article just last night about "billy graham is STILL going around telling too much of the truth for we jews to be comfortable with"

Wasn't this guy a satanic pedo murderer.

Well shit, guess you're right. I could have sworn I watched his funeral like and a month or so later, listening to a marathon of his sermons.



Maybe he'll reincarnate as an actual jew, rather than just a jew worshipping pedo


Wrong. The prophecy's of the bible are right before your eyes. Every hermetic writing and 'serious religion' speaks of the same exact things. The bible excludes SOME of those prophecy's, just as the others exclude SOME. If you can not read past simple metaphor and ponder whether you know the correct definition of words then you are a fool and will never comprehend any of it as long as you remain a fool.


Some christcuck dies and you crypto jew cunts consider it worthy of a thread? Fuck Billy Graham. Whoever the fuck he was


Billy called Christanity at eternal war with communism, and state communism is the antichrist.

The prophecies of the bible already happened and have been fulfilled, except for those of apocalypse.

Kind of. But this was his mentor.


I wonder what Billy would say if you asked him how the early church lived.

uhhhhhhhh communally? .....

The fewer christfags the better


During a 1953 rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Graham tore down the ropes that organizers had erected to separate the audience into racial sections. He recounted in his memoirs that he told two ushers to leave the barriers down "or you can go on and have the revival without me." He warned a white audience, "we have been proud and thought we were better than any other race, any other people. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to stumble into hell because of our pride.



Spreading that religious mental disease everywhere he went , using it for fame influence and money.
Although if he actually believed that garbage then he is also a victim. Tragic and evil. He's dead and thankfully so is his evil religion that's on the way out. #mandelaeffect


Mandela effect. He died a long time ago


>Thread theme:


The Muslims in your country is making sure of that, yes.


Which, further to my point. You try to equate the seeking of ancient truths with the study of shit, you vile kike, but the very word eschatology.. from the word escheat. Meant the inheritance of wisdom and knowledge past down from elder to youth. And even with the definition of shit, you miss your mark, an organisms shit can tell us everything about that organism, and that shit is vital to the growth of tree's, shit is pure information, pure knowledge, even as you kikes kick and scream, it turns out that you misunderstood everything, the Creator does work in mysterious ways and the truth shall be revealed one shitpost at a time.

Old people are some of the most entitled motherfuckers on the face of the Earth. They think we owe them respect because they managed not to drop over for x amount of years, when really, they owe the rest of us for not putting them on ice floes and shoving them out to sea when their usefulness expired. Nasty, rude fuckers.


>stealing from the elderly and the dumb to make yourself rich under the guise of religion

Typical christcunt. I hope he gets reincarnated as a starving nigger in Sudan

well, hell isn't full yet... Satan waited a long time for this old fuck, but he is having fun now.

I wonder if he is going to make him pregnant full time by having him raped by his father twenty times a day and going through childbirth repeatedly?


The Queen spoke with him while he was in London during the 60s. A lot of people don’t know how deeply religious she is.

Time for your afternoon prayer, Mohammad.



Here's your (((you)))

>A lot of people don’t know how deeply religious she is.
Her being an adamant satanist isnt exactly a secret

One of the most impactful Christians of all time. He's gone to be with the father. F

>Depends on which timeline you're from. Apparently we're merging timelines again.

this. apparently i'm not the only one this happens too

RIP Billy. You did everything right except backing down on the Jews. The world will still know.

>A great man.
Goes to Russia to convert Christians to Christianity.

>not scoring 100

Well, at least he end off with doubles

Who gets his 'Founders-Crown' spot in Amway now ?

He's one of the worst pieces of garbage of he modern era

He was literally /ourguy/

that's not communism.
a family is a "commune" too.

I am fucking positive he already died and they built the billy graham library in his honor and his son took over. Seriously wtf.

So sad. Wonderful man


>Televangelist scum
Erm, the good rev had been active long before television was a thing.