Look at this guy. You can feel the 65 IQ in his eyes.

You know she's gonna make a video complaining how all men are the same.

She lives in London. Poland is uncucked because they send all of their liberals to UK.

She's not in Poland though.

>cherrypicking this hard

kys foreigner scum if u think poland is anything but garbage

> 1 roastie out of like 30 million people

try harder shareblue on a vpn

Yeah cheers for that Poland.


Post a pic of the muttchild.

Polish girls love fucks foreigners, this is national fact. Especially the love southern europeans and arabs.

No, largest "conservative" pathology went to uk

Just come visit polan and go to any club or party. Polish gurls will literaly fuck you on street.



>Especially the love southern europeans
well then

>one filthy old cunt, literally hitting the wall, tries to feel young by following western pop culture

Wtf I hate Poland now!

U got plenty of them in warsaw


>Polish loberals
No such thing, Polish women are massive whores. If they don't have a big, shaved head with scars Pawel boyfriend they are immediately attracted to the darkest African and S American filth. Whenever I go to buy cheap 8% beer in Polish shops I can always see single moms with nigglets.

Pic related, a Russian with her nigglet at Lidl.

Some always to refuse.

She is not in Poland, she is one of coalburners sent to UK.

Polish girls are the biggest sluts and they love foreign men, including darker ones. Just look at how they behave in the West and as tourists, especially when they visit nonwhite countries.


a fact is you failed another false flag school shooting, everyone is starting to see how fake jewish media are, so you are giving us same bullshit as always trying to distract everyone from painfull truth that you are a pathetic faggot

>hurr durr stop talking about the reality, it's painful

Burying your head in the sand isn't going to make a problem go away, it's going to make it worse.

how insecure do you have to be to save pictures like that and to even post them here?

>A Kraut drove 100miles to a mcdonalds over the border just to post this

southern europeans you say

Krauts don't use "you're a slut" as an insult. They're too degenerate to see sluttiness as bad.

Maybe its a cheeky Ukrainian