Italy/pol/ Roman Salutes Everywhere [Leftists BLASTATI Edition]]

Fascism and Roman salute are not outlawed anymore (Eng Translate)

Chief economist of Lega explain Minibots (new Italian currency)


Borghi (Lega): "Right wing coalition plan is to leave the euro"
Bonafè (PD): "This is the only European country where center-right moderates are allied with right-wing extremists.
Merkel refused to ally with ADF"
Borghi (Lega): "Well, Merkel isnt doing good anyway, so who cares"è-pd-nostro-programma-chiaro-devo-farle-un-disegnino-14-02-2018-234013

1/3 of Italians would like to expel all non-EU citizens from Italy
"32% say they would never want to get in touch with immigrants, either in the workplace and in the sphere of friendships" (Eng Translate)

As Elections Approach, Italy Shows Record Alienation from European Union (English)

Vast Majority of Under-35 Italians Oppose Mass Migration (English)

Swastikas on wall for a leftist association in Mestre (Eng Translate)

Militant of PaP (progressive party) stabbed in Perugia (Eng Translate)

Gunshots against refugees camp in Enna (Eng Translate)

Refugees hospitality center set on fire in province of Naples (Eng Translate)

Immigrants in Rome on suicide watch: "We are scared now" (Eng Translate)

Pamela poster #120dB Campaign
media.8ch dot net/file_store/922b235a5a8a1c169874ed5add3cdb1a7db03b6db8d67b2d61adcff3eb546fbf.pdf

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Nation Election Day: 4 March 2018

Forza Nuova [fascists] 0,3%

CasaPound [fascists] 1,9%

Right Wing Coalition: 37,6%
- Forza Italia [conservatives] 15,3%
- Lega [identitarians/nationalists] 14,8%
- Fratelli d'Italia [nationalists/fascists] 5,5%
- Noi con l'Italia [christian democrats] 2%

Globalist Coalition: 25,6%
- Partito Democratico [liberals/globalists] 21,9%
- Più Europa [globalists/progressives] 2,1%
- Insieme [greens/social democrats] 0,7%
- Civica Popolare [liberals] 0,5%
- SVP [South Tyrol identitarians] 0,4%

Movimento 5 Stelle [populists/greens/pirate party-esque] 26,8%

Liberi e Uguali [progressives/social democrats/SJWs] 5,3%

Potere al Popolo [progressives/SJWs] 1,5%

Partito Comunista Italiano [communists] 0,2%

CORSA DI CAVALLI CLANDESTINA (Ippodromo Du Papier Carbone)
(Third Illegal poll leak 21/02/2018)

Right Wing Coalition: 37%
- Forza Italia [conservatives] 16,1%
- Lega [identitarians/nationalists] 12,6%
- Fratelli d'Italia [nationalists/fascists] 6%
- Noi con l'Italia [christian democrats] 2,3%

Globalist Coalition: 25%
- Partito Democratico [liberals/globalists] 20,8%
- Più Europa [globalists/progressives] 3,3%
- Insieme [greens/social democrats] 0,5%
- Civica Popolare [liberals] 0,4%

Movimento 5 Stelle [populists/greens/pirate party-esque] 28,5%

Liberi e Uguali [progressives/social democrats/SJWs] 5,8%

1) The Iconoclast vid:
Right-Wing Leading In Italian Election 2018 (English)

2) Quick rundown on our last govt and Italian parties in this 2018 election


LGBT activists launched their agenda and Liberi e Uguali agreed in push it when they will be elected.

Their agenda:

>Marriage for everyone
Marriage is a religious ritual, atheists, faggots and dykes can have a private contract if they want to regulate their relationship.

>Give the option to fags and dykes to grow childrens
Kids need both a mom and a dad to grow up as sane persons. Absolutely degenerate.

>Laws agains homophobia and transphobia
The fuck this even means? The State decide who can I hate and who I cant? Nonsense, also this would be incostitutional.

>Artificial insemination law for lesbians
These people must be insane. Kids happens because penis in bagina, not because science magic tricks. You know this since 5 years old.

>Remove the transgender status of mental illness
So they wanna make me believe a dude who think he's a girl born in the wrong body isnt a mental retard? This is absolute nonsense.

Spread it like fire, we need Liberi e Uguali outside the parliament (under 3%). I dont want people who agree with these nonsense near any Istitutional building.

have a bump italbros! merkel and eu must be crashed

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So in Italy can parties form a government with less than 50%, and if not then how will the right coalition govern without cucking out?


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(((Why))) did MSM stop talking about all the Macerata happenings?

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You need 40% to have majority of seats and form a govt alone (or with your coalition).

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Checked, in pic related the answer.

I've no idea why regioni rosse are...rosse. Probably its some historical shit happened but i'm clueless about.

> and if not then how will the right coalition govern
If nobody reaches 40%, nobody governs until either they form a new coalition that has 40%, or somebody calls for another EU-led government, or fuck if we know anything can happen.


and if nobody reaches 40%?? What are the odds the right coalition can scratch up an extra 3% of the vote?

>So in Italy can parties form a government with less than 50%

yes, 40% is needed

>how will the right coalition govern without cucking out?
dunno, there is the possibility to ally with M5S who in theory are not right nor left.
Hopefully this won't be needed.

in italy

Another based af nonno, this time from Padova
>quei mandoloni grandi lì, potevano starsene a casa loro a mangiar banane, che ne hanno un sacco, di banane, da quelle parti


Worst case scenario they will miss around 20 seats to form a govt. Right wingers are already baiting M5S candidates that, due to party policy of "holier-than-thou" , are already expelled even before elected.

How accurate are these candestine polls?
Not looking good for the memelord.

Salvini will win

Fugg no digits :DDD

kek said that Berlusconi will win.

>Not looking good for the memelord.
what did you expect
he gets memed a lot here but he'll get 15% if lucky

It's inevitable

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Actually on the whole poll argument, I've no idea how asking at 1000 people something you can get an idea of what 60.000.000 are thinking on the subject.

Hopefully not accurate, I hope "USA 2016 elections"-tier (((inaccuracy)))

Nooo, I wanted the memelord

>mfw Trojka incoming

>or somebody calls for another EU-led government
this will happen
Screencap this

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They usually take into account how people voted previously + turn out + age group...

What happened to the fascist leader that got beat up?

Also to the guys beating him up.

Thread theme!

Thanks God he won't
There are no good options but Salvini is arguably worse than M5Shits

E' per prendere per il culo i fan di Mentana su Facebook.
E fatevela na risata ogni tanto.

Was a local candidate not the leader. Five antifa scum already arrested.

Either this or a PD win doing pacts with Silvio to keep the show running

Let's hope people in Emilia Romagna uncuck themselves


ayy check 'em

Good to hear!

They haven't the numbers to govern. PD is around 20% (if lucky)

who would you like to win?

m5s will win and finally berlusconi will commit sudoku before being arrested

>Macerata shooting happens
>"alert the (((MSM)))! this is a good chance to scare the masses into voting for left wing parties"
>"those fascists want to kill everyone who's not with them! we have to stop them! forget about that dead woman"
>check new polls
>what the fuck
>Lega gained votes?
>normies are actually sympathizing with the motives of the shooting
>Renzi: "stop talking about that shit you idiots, you're giving Lega more voters!"
>"oh shit, shut it down"

I am curious to see what the election results will be in all the eartquakes areas.

>M5S that high
I get people are deluded as fuck but their program is half bullshits and the other half impossible and retarded dreams
Also they won't last not even a year, they would implode and eaten alive by FI and PD.
Not like the rest has much different numbers
No one, we can't win.
It's just a matter of picking the less cancer

One of three thing will happen:

1) right-wing wins, but being that Berlusconi is pro-EU he will immediately change team, Mattarella gives the incarico to Gentiloni or we get cucked by EU with a new governo tecnico (tm)
2) PD wins, nothing changes
3) M5S wins, either EU gives us a governo tecnico (tm) due to "instability" or they let them govern and it turns out they will continue just what pro-EU globalist govs were doing.

Screencap this

Kill yourself.

Right wing coalition.

>Ala sinistra

Grazie a dio ho lasciato quel posto

>all those "I'm not racist but I'd kill'em all" moments from random people getting interviewed

>3) M5S wins, either EU gives us a governo tecnico (tm) due to "instability" or they let them govern and it turns out they will continue just what pro-EU globalist govs were doing.
I am more for EU governo tecnico(tm) in this scenario.
I just can't see M5S not fucking committing suicide short after getting the lead.

Lega will win.

Hi Sup Forums

1) Berlusconi cant do anything alone nor combined with PD

2) PD is around 20%, you need 40% to form a govt. Globalists coalition is around 24%

3) M5S cant win nor President will give them incarico esplorativo, because the electoral law allow coalition to win and right wingers are 10 points ahead of them.

>I've no idea how asking at 1000 people something you can get an idea of what 60.000.000 are thinking on the subject.
Da un punto di vista matematico, la % d'errore è indipendente dal numero totale dei votanti, dipende solo dal numero di persone intervistato (assumendo siano oneste). Quindi che tu stia facendo un sondaggio in una regione d'Italia o in Cina, e prendi 1000 persone, la % d'errore è sempre la stessa (circa il 3%).
Il problema sta nel fatto che ciò è valido solo se prendi le persone perfettamente a caso. Il che è impossibile. Cioè è ovvio che se vai a fare il poll alla Bocconi, la % la tiri fuori dalla finestra.

In Germania puoi accoltellare quasi mortalmente 3 negri senza conseguenze

ci meritiamo la merda come salvini, i molestatori sessuali e i fascisti al potere con una popolazione così insulsa

>Not seeing that a governo tecnico (tm) would kill you even faster
It's ok though, time will show what's right anyway.


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Però se parli contro gli immigrati su facebook ti arrestano.

1) I don't believe those (((polls)))
2)you're right in all three of your points, but that doesn't mean they won't do that just to, y'know, create the right premises for trojka. Also it's not like the PdR will concede the mandato to Slvini anyway


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>real life arent your memes kids
>Sam Hyde was on Italian TV a couple of days ago
Reasonably doubtful.

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