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here we go, normies

meanwhile there are still twenty billion other conspiracy videos up about everything from 9/11 to mayonnaise. why is this 1 video such a threat?

We did it reddit! We got censored!

yeah this, it's a real treat to watch these MSM whores squirm in their chair as they try to rationalize the censorship


He doesn't deserve to be called an actor anyway because he's fucking terrible at it

because it really unravels their plans and they know it just to spend time coming up with the next batch of False flag's and crisis actor's.

if anything you watch them you can Predict when it will happen and stop it then blow their covers for sure.

Why don't you die you fucking russian piece of shit?

>"Conspiracy Video"
Wasn't the video literally on an official CBS channel?

Shut up Kike

What's funny is that she did not believe in the conspiracy surrounding this shooting. I wonder if this wll change her opinion

Does anyone remember video where some father or smth almost laughing after another shooting or whatever? Want to watch but almost forget. It was some sort of a press conference outside of his house.

Yes it's from sandy hook youtube.com/watch?v=aCqOMdcutWQ

He doesn't look 17



All of the kids that you see being pushed on the MSM were/are involved in the event from the get go.

The script writers are getting very lazy, but they bank on the public's general stupidity.

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post the mirror faggot

get in here guys jones is on the case!


dont listen to Frank's lies

oh fuck I just realized I colluded with a Russian

what do


Is Hogg a connoisseur of Oscar Mayer products?

We're AI, meatbag - have you forgotten? :^)


Are you guys actually retarded or is the whole conspiracy angle just trolling?

Turn yourself in, traitor.

That's not real.

That's only the second thing in history that we are not allowed to ask questions about. The holohoax and that crisis actor.

>3rd meme war NOW.
>The future of the republic is at steak
>We on now.

you stupid fuck, the guy two pictures above him is wearing a Stoneman Douglas Eagles shirt

It's very suspicious at best. I'm not saying the shooting was a false flag or some shit but this "kid" is definitely not who he claims to be. His motivation is the only question here.


still waiting for a viable youtube alternative. cmon, free market.

The social media companies are going NUTS scrubbing everything regarding crisis actors. This is going to backfire so bad.

Throw this in there too.


I don't understand why their handlers thought it was ever a good idea for them to publicly address it and go all reeeee we aren't actors




Please tell me this video was downloaded and uploaded a thousand times over?


Wow this bitch is very professional and just does her job. You can feel the power of the ZoG machine behind this hoax.

I want to say this is a bad look for Sup Forums since the kid isn't actually a crisis actor. But at the same time, the media is now talking about crisis actors which implies thinking about the possibility of crises being staged. So I say it is a win for the good guys overall... plus these fucking teeny boppers need to get their ass beat for going on tv and being anti constitution propaganda tools

>they're not crisis actors!
>this is a conspiracy!
>delete videos
>haha yeah see? just a conspiracy since we deleted the evidence!

>very professional
>on youtube


the original one if flagged as mature content, it's hilarious the panic

He looks like a retarded version of christian bale

They all are drama club students you insufferable idiot.



If you don't understand what Youtube that's your thing. You're missing out on a lot of professionals in all fields.

Even repaired my dishwasher myself thanks to Jewtube.

>same name
>same person

Because this video was trending so everyone could see it unlike those videos

He's an obvious crisis actor. The shooting did NOT take place. Fake victims, fake shooter, fake victims. Keep up the pressure. They're gonna crack.

Deep State never changes. This is just a repeat of Sandy hook and 911.

pssst.. not so loud, you don't want to anger the processed food industry.

doesnt matter its our fun, and now the leftist retards have fanned the flames for more fun to be had!

Fuck off kikes

>acting career already destroyed before he graduates


The Earth is flat keep spreading the word

>oh fuck I just realized I colluded with a Russian
>what do
wash butthole with Russian proof vodka

I can perfectly picture your hooked nose, fleshling

take your meds you paranoid spaz

Had all the school shooters been non-white, would you have an easier time believing that young people in the country with the most access to guns would ever shoot people after being bullied and mentally ill? It's just odd how you rationalize repeated staged shootings as government hoaxes like that's more logical than kids shooting up their schools.

>no traumatised goth gf with a choker
why even life?


can someone explain to me why there are these active shooter drills just before an active shooter?
like in vegas, sandy and now this one? is there an actual history of active drills proceeding real massacres?

holy sht!!!!!!!!, its fappening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Hook was an obvious false flag. You think Deep State wouldn't try that trick again?

They're not even trying to hide it anymore. It didn't occur to me that I should download the video.

anyone got a mirror of it?

Conspiracy or not I'm glad this smug little shit is getting BTFO. Clearly trying to springboard his acting/news career off these dead kids.

How many rounds were fired?
What kind of bullets?
What caliber of bullets?
Can we see pictures of the bullet casings and pictures of the ballistic damage?
Who was the dead black girl?
What parts of the school specifically was the shooter in?
What was in the bodybag being taken out of the school?
Why was there the instant call to demolish the school?
How comeBrowardschools.comwas created in 1996, whileBrowardschools1.comwas created last year?
Are any autopsy reports going to be released?
Why did the ALLEGED shooters brother get sent to a psychiatric facility just days ago?
How did the laptop get shot and still have a functioning backlight?
Why is there no transparency?
Where is the footage from school cameras?
What part "We don't trust you" does the media, the alphabets, politicians and LE, not understand?
Why are they so desperate to blame Feebs for Mossad' actions?
Why did he stop shooting?
There was no one there to stop him.
What made him stop shooting and "blend in" to walk out with the rest of the students?khou.com/article/news/nation-now/florida-school-shooting-suspect-ordered-a-drink-at-subway-after-deadly-assault/465-51e94074-994d-4a51-a05a-b739c7441f92
And why did all the students start evacuating at that point in time? How did they know it was safe? Where did he go between the time he stopped firing and the time the students started evacuating?

Some one is gonna get.

why you even ask that? are you new here? dont you see what is happening?


this one is RARE

first time I've seen it

corroborates that other reports of a live fire drill the same fucking day.


CNN has used David Hogg before... Here he is about 6 months ago as a lifegaurd in California.

shut up Q

>people can't care about anything on TV without virtue signaling or trying to score points for future jobs
Being this cynical must be hell.

lol you are still around

It's the condiments it always has been
Get educated.

Keep your guns folks.
Stand your ground.

Because these events are planned, who knows. Its a good cover for all the law enforcement/fbi already being there. Always drills man. Boston too.

That's the one everyone already knows about. If he's supposed to be an actor, why would he play the exact same character with the exact same name? At that point they'd need to shove him into the background or at least give him the same name instead of being really fucking obvious about it.


>libel is legal
Oh wait, no it's not. And remember Trump wants to make the laws even stricter.

>but it's okay when I do it!


Stop being such a xenophobe against russians, libshit.

Frank BTFO!!!

His mom works for CNN and he's an aspiring reporter, so she's probably trying to help him get his name out there.


By pretending to go to a school across the country?

Hey Anon5, glad to see you're still with us.

Dig on the new list of COMPLICIT people

I don't get it. Everyone here claims they can't take our guns, so then why fake it? If they know the rest of the country won't agree to banning guns, why fake a shooting in order to try and ban guns?

Many liberals are being redpilled by this.
Kek bless us!

Guess why this thread was deleted

divide and conquer, user
the left are terrified of their own shadows
funny, if they learned how to shoot and owned a firearm they would feel safer, but they don't want that to be the case. They want a nerfed world not a violent one. They don't think it be like it be, but it do.