CE 2025

>CE 2025
>UN scientists, working with CRISPR genome editing develop a retrovirus with near 100% mortality rate and multiple transmission vectors
>release infected prisoners/mental patients/homeless into major metro areas
>millions die over the course of a few years
>speculation about how this happened is rampant but nothing confirmed
>survivors live under martial law, more or less confined to their homes when they are not working
>Globalists use this to depopulate the planet and establish total dominance of the human race
>erase history and establish a new world order where jews are worshipped as the pharoahs once were

B-but muh guns will protect me from tyrants!!

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Can we make it kill niggers instead?

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someone better launch all the nukes by then
I'd rather destroy the Earth than let the kikes have it

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This guy makes a great point. Lets give up our guns

if you could kill 165 000 people every single day you could reduce the world population by 6billion in 100 years. This doesn't take into account new births.

As you can see culling the population without nuking major population centers will be a slow if not impossible ordeal.

Why will globalist gain if the world turns to shit? Who is going to maintain their air conditioning and grow their food?

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No wonder they want to kill all whites in South Africa.

My point is guns are not enough. Unless you at this point completely divest from the state and the globalist economy you are slowly empowering them to the point of total control. It is very nearly too late. Stop going to work. Stop paying taxes. Stop dickriding the police and military.

Automation is going to make you obsolete and they will keep enough brown slaves around ofc.

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>Be struggling white musicians
>"i might have an idea thats crazy enough to make us rich. Why don't we act like turbo niggers?"
>"lets give it a shot. Trying wont make us poorer"

Spanish flu killed a million people a week. A billion could be dead in around two decades at that rate. Genome editing is not a fucking game but cucks are too busy arguing about a cape shit movie to notice. The pandemic meme has been floating on the news consistently for years. The upheaval caused by the loss of even 100 million people (and btw you werent accounting for deaths by other causes i.e. nigs and naziboos fighting it out etc) would create a foundationally vulnerable populace. Cue UN peacekeepers and so on.

I think this is coming. The Jews are already rewriting history through Hollywood, printed media, and computer games. It's only a matter of time, before they will start portraying to the dumb, anti-Christian, goyim cattle, themselves as the Gods of mud people.

>raunchy dresser
>some reason
I think you answered yourself, user.

No retrovirus will ever be 100% fatal

On top of that, if it were 100% fatal, it wouldnt spread because it will just kill all its hosts

It killed so many because of our lack of medical knowledge

Spanish flu, even without vaccines, wpuld hardly hurt anyone today

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>if it were 100% fatal, it wouldnt spread because it will just kill all its hosts
You dont need a viral vector if everyone is dead.


Sup Forumsros it looks like the govt has already mapped it out for us ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27285851

That is why i said nearly midwit.
Just get on an SSRI and you won't ever feeled compelled to fap. Stop fucking around with pseudo spirituality and self help. It *will* fail you in the end

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Well firstly it wouldnt effect us today because we are descended from the survivors; secondly biological warfare does not operate under the same conditions as a disease people are actually trying to stop.

The cool thing is that it will really only need to kill ppl in the first world cunts to achieve the results so I and my fellow third worlders may get to watch the world burn without any risk for our lives.

Probably, yes.

Though I would personally suggest trying to make something which makes anyone with brown eyes infertile (I'll take one for the team).

>she's so trashy though
That's part of the fun.

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>Be struggling white musicians
>Have Jew agent that comes to you and says:
>"i might have an idea thats crazy enough to make you rich. Why don't you act like turbo niggers?"
>"lets give it a shot. Trying wont make us poorer"

Fixed it for ya.

Die Antwoord is the second worst thing to come from SA after that commie terrorist Mandela tbqh.